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  1. The below reads to me like we’re getting the individual area announcements in the same way as recent years
  2. jdb026

    Wolf Alice

    Last night was an absolute belter! What a band. Ellie’s voice is something else
  3. jdb026

    Wolf Alice

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EkaBwQJT-2Y&list=RDEkaBwQJT-2Y&start_radio=1 This is a lovely watch 🙂
  4. jdb026

    Wolf Alice

    Lovely stuff - cheers 👍
  5. jdb026

    Wolf Alice

    Excellent, thank you - much appreciated!
  6. jdb026

    Wolf Alice

    Managed to grab a ticket to cheese and grain as well - can’t wait! Just to confirm as I’ve got visions of turning up and my guest being turned away 😂 I turn up with my one ticket, my guest and a lottery ticket - my guest gets in for free. That right?
  7. Hi! Long time lurker on these boards, first time poster here 😄 Quick question on potential clashes for the Foals day. I seem to recall a bit of a rush from Lorde to the xx a few years ago at APE. Is it likely Bombay will be on the second stage for this and there will be a similar rush to Foals towards the end of the set do we think?
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