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  1. Right - Took a self-inflating roll mat which made for a much better sleep than our old airbed and didn't have to be reinflated. Drank plenty of water throughout the day whilst drinking and therefore didn't end up rough during the whole festival. Didn't take too much stuff which meant it wasn't a struggle getting from coach to campsite. Wrong - Should have applied more suncream to face/hairline. I look like I have some kind of terrible skin disorder now due to awful peeling skin.
  2. AmyShambles

    Post festival flu

    I am suffering. Coughing up shite off my chest, runny nose, sore and tickly throat. Everybody in the office must have been pissed off with my constant coughing/sniffling today.
  3. AmyShambles

    I left no trace

    It was probably me. I didn't shout or anything, just said that everybody is told not to pee on the land so why not use the toilets when they were right there. It really irritated me, and being so bloody hot and sunburnt didn't help!
  4. AmyShambles

    I left no trace

    Put everything in the bins provided and our camping area was spotless when we left. Squashed cans during sets and just kept them in my bag or pocket until afterwards. I find the laziness and lack of respect of some people quite baffling. The state of the hill on Wednesday evening was atrocious. Also spotted a few people pissing in bushes including a group of girls at the back of the Pyramid field, a stones throw from the long drops. I gave them a piece of my mind and just got gawped at like I was an idiot.
  5. Did Leftfield and Rabbit Hole. Was in the tent at WG but had to leave because it was too hot, nearly collapsed.
  6. No more festivals this year unfortunately but looking forward to: Mattiel tomorrow night in Manchester, Meatraffle in London on Saturday, Fontaines DC in November, The Libertines in December. Also going to the States in November for 9 nights. Start off in Miami on the Flogging Molly cruise then onto New York for a few nights after it. Can't fucking wait for that now.
  7. IDLES - Park Fontaines DC - Leftfield The Turbans - West Holts That was really tough.
  8. Just finished work. Need to get a water carrier this afternoon and pack my stuff. Excitement levels are now at a ridiculously high level. Safe travels everyone.
  9. I booked half a day. No idea why I didn't just take the morning off as well as I have done absolutely feck all. 1 hour and 21 minutes to go.
  10. On the 08:15 National Express from Bolton on Wednesday. I haven't received anything.
  11. AmyShambles

    Out of office

    Mine is already written and set to automatically kick in at 12 on Tuesday. Still got tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday morning. Also signed up to do an Undergraduate Open Day on Saturday for some stupid reason, it is time and a half though so can I buy even more pints next week.
  12. Barney's reaction to the ups and downs of this thread.
  13. Absolutely battering it down just outside Manchester, just got soaked going for the bus. It's depressing stuff.
  14. Bought some biodegradable baby wipes and new earplugs from Amazon. Just need to get booze this weekend then I think we are all done. Also booked half a day on Tuesday, I doubt I'll do more than 30 minutes work that morning though to be honest. Proper excited now.
  15. I'm sick of reading this thread now but I can't help myself. I don't care if the weather is shit in 2 weeks time, I have got a coat to keep me warm, waterproofs to keep me dry and cider to get pissed. It's the best place on Earth; rain, shine or mud. Still going to be praying to the sun Gods though.
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