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  1. Sorry, but I completely disagree. Wellies were not necessary on Friday or on Sunday. In fact, had I not made the mistake of going out in my comfy Skechers on Friday instead of my waterproof ones (which I had with me), I could probably have done Saturday in trainers too. Though by Sunday my comfy trainers had dried and were completely fine to wear again (after I scraped the dried mud off with a knife). So, just Saturday in wellies for me and that was only necessary because I put the wrong trainers on Saturday. And, yes, trainers are far more comfy than wellies!
  2. Yeah, bem here since 1pm and it seems to be working fine.
  3. I'm sorry, I'm not having it! The rain can fuck right off, I want blazing sunshine each and every day and will settle for no less!
  4. My take on this is, whether or not this system is "easy", it is completely out of order that it was only announced a month before the festival. However, it is happening, so there is no point in further dissent.
  5. Thanks, I will. This is what you see once you connect tickets:
  6. Got my tickets today and this is not true. You get an extra fiver for topping up £100, or a tenner for £150.
  7. This is obviously a unanimously hated idea, which had been sprung on everyone at the last minute. Really disappointing.
  8. Lots for veggies and vegans then? ?
  9. Ok thanks. Sorry missed it earlier.
  10. I did contact them, but they were evasive and did not answer my question. So, if people reading this thread have taken a campervan, how strict are they about pitch size? And are they marked pitches?
  11. Hope no-one minds me bumping this, but I'm quite concerned as my van and awning is slightly more than 6 metres.
  12. Going to Bluedot for 1st time this year and have bought a campervan ticket. On the info page, though, it says the pitch is 6 x 4 metres. I don't think this will be big enough for my van and awning. Does anyone know if this is strictly enforced? Are they marked pitches?
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