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  1. Festivals will charge you to use their electricity as part of the pitch fee, or through metering useage. The bigger barrier is serving alcohol. Festivals have their own bar contractors, as a general policy will not have any other vendors offering alcohol in general trading and food outlets... Smaller, grassroots events may like the idea of something a bit different/nichey.
  2. Now cancelled. Announced on twitter and fb about 20 minutes ago.
  3. Well at least you’re not leaving it ‘til the last minute. Poor answer options on multichoice and very broad definition questions.
  4. Budget of £150,000, that doesn’t go far these days. Totally unrealistic to get anything like the line-ups they’ve been putting on in recent years with that. But they won’t draw the numbers they have been getting with any less than a line-up of a similar status, which means their food and drink rake, merch sales and car parking fees will be less as well. Must put future years in doubt. Simple way would be to follow Bingley Live’s approach and sell bargain basement tickets to recoup some cost. If they maintained the kind of line up they’ve become known for, and charged £20-£25/day, they sho
  5. Why would you put that line-up out and not put tickets on sale until March?
  6. I was at Paul Simon. I hated it, was just too big. Had a feeling it wouldn’t be his last show when I bought the tickets on the day they went on sale, and so it proved to be. Fortunately I am going to the final New York show. I thought James Taylor was perfect for the early evening sunshine, though the set was samey throughout.
  7. Rowdy energetic teens? That must be a different festival you’re thinking of!
  8. Do you want me to write your dissertation for you as well?
  9. I see many impossibly shit surveys this time of year by desperate studes who post and then disappear. This one is right up there in the impossibly shit stakes.
  10. Forgot it had moved weekends this year so Blossoms are possible.
  11. Is there any significantly sized festival this summer where either NG or LG isn’t playing?
  12. It’s dissertation season. Unable to answer due to incoherent questioning.
  13. Yeah I knew about Truck - and of course, Y-Not, which was even worse, with the Sunday cancelled.
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