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  1. 5th Glasto in a row and definitely my least favourite. It's the only one where if I could take the £450ish that I spent on it back and not have gone, I think I would. It definitely seemed more busy to me. Especially on Thursday. It was just relentlessly rammed anywhere you went. I used to go into the common area at 9ish and there wouldn't be that many people around. This year we weren't even allowed in the SE Corner at 10ish because it was too busy. Never had an issues like that on Thursday at that time before. The heat ruined me on Saturday. We just had to scramble around for available shady spots and wait around for 5 hours until it cooled down. My back was also really bad, for some reason, which meant I couldn't watch as many things from near the front. I don't particularly enjoy watching sets from far away as it feels like you're not really involved. I liked the line up after scouting out new things but they pretty much clashed everything I wanted to see in groups of 3 or 4 half the time and then had lots of slots with things I thought 'guess I may as well go and see them' to. Sunday was by far the best day for me. My back wasn't as bad, it was cooler so I could do some day drinking, and there were lots of things I wanted to see. I enjoyed the streets headline set a lot but the sound quality was dodgy, which was a shame because he killed it. Stormzy was the major highlight. Think he absolutely killed it. If next year is a similar experience for me, I think I'll be hanging up my Glasto boots for a while. I'm sure it won't be though!
  2. I usually watch every single game of the men's world cup and I remember them putting out a statement before 2014 saying they won't be showing any matches, even if England play. As it turned out we didn't get that far anyway. I've watched a lot of the women's world cup this time too and obviously see the merits in them showing it because I love football but I wouldn't say it's an act of inequality if they don't show it, considering they actively said they wouldn't show matches in the last men's tournament.
  3. DefLeppard


    I've got the bus quite a few times and brought a crate with me each time. It's never been a problem. The only issue is the aching arms from carrying it but if you can take that then you'll be fine!
  4. DefLeppard


    I've only ever arrived on the Wednesday but never actually got round to seeing the fire and fireworks. Is it horrendously busy to get anywhere near the stone circle or is it fine?
  5. Will definitely be trying some of those bars out this time! Probably about time I treated myself to some draught beer at the festival to break up the warm cans and Squadka consumption.
  6. DefLeppard

    The Streets

    Woops. I've been rumbled! Just looked him up. Thanks!
  7. DefLeppard

    The Streets

    Really excited now! Looking like he's in good form at the moment and the band and backing singer sound good.
  8. That brings me onto another point... I'm much more of a beer and lager man. I know that ME supposedly favours cider and so doesn't put much effort behind varieties of beer and lager but sureeeeeeely there must be somewhere in the hoards of traders that serve something other than the official festival lager. Carlsberg is a slight upgrade from tuborg at least so that's something.
  9. Thanks everyone! I think bringing the long life stuff and a bucket for water is a good shout. I'll buy some of the extortionate ice as well to double up as a beer cooler.
  10. DefLeppard

    Lost ticket

  11. In previous years I've brought a box of cereal to Glasto and got fresh milk every morning. I won't let anything deny me my morning bran flakes... Anyway, my girlfriend is coming for the first time this year and she's lactose intolerant. Wondering if places sell refrigerated dairy-free milks? (preferably oat milk but also almond, soy, rice etc.) I also actually now prefer oat milk with my cereal to normal milk so would also benefit from this.
  12. Friday - Stormzy. I like him and it could be amazing but I could also see the crowd being terrible. Nothing else is grabbing me anyway so we shall see. Saturday - Chemical Brothers. Watched The Who last time (which I actually really enjoyed, despite the general consensus). Excited to see them for the first time. Sunday - The Streets. 3 other acts on Sunday I'd probably watch as my Friday slot but oh well, such is Glastonbury! Never seen a JPT headliner!
  13. Anyone want to buy any heroin?
  14. When was Rod Stewart and what was the issue? Seems like he still has a good voice. Just an off day or something?
  15. Downvoted to bring you back down to the round 1000. It's the most loving downvote I've ever dished out.
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