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  1. DefLeppard

    day and stage

    Fair play, that's cool :). Haha you'll have to start leaving subliminal messages around the house and playing Galvanize on loop whilst she sleeps.
  2. DefLeppard

    day and stage

    Surely 17 is old enough to just send her on her way to enjoy the killers and meet up after?
  3. DefLeppard

    Coma Songs

    Do people hate Celine Dion because of her music or is she a bell end? Genuine question because I actually like some of her songs but don't know anything about her.
  4. DefLeppard

    Coma Songs

    Song that puts me into a coma - Anything by Arcade Fire song that will wake me up so I can go on a killing spree - Cheerleader - Omi Song that would give me the will to wake up just for a boogie - Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones
  5. 17 paid, 1 returned (inconsiderate wedding planning...)
  6. I think you're right, unfortunately. I guess all we can do is try and converge towards equality right up until we cease to exist.
  7. A silly example but I remember in year 5 our teacher put a tally on the board and went round asking everyone which their favourite neapolitan ice cream flavour was. By the time it got round to me chocolate was winning resoundingly and everyone was chanting for chocolate to get another vote each time. I hated chocolate ice cream and it was by far my least favourite of the three. What did I pick? Chocolate. To your point, Megatron, I'm an adult now and if that happened again I would clearly say strawberry and not give a shit what people said. No harm done. But what if the situation had been: You're only allowed to eat one of these ice creams again for the rest of your life. Choose now. Again, as much as an inability to eat strawberry cheesecake haagen dazs ever again would punch a hole right through my heart, I could still (almost) live the life I want to. What about if you apply that to more important decisions or thoughts that are constantly developing as we grow up. Sure, there are plenty of chocolate ice cream tally stories we can all tell that make no difference in the grand scheme of things but surely you can see that being that impressionable and afraid to go against what's expected as a child can have more serious, long-term, ramifications. And don't say 'the ones who aren't afraid to go against the grain should be rewarded' or anything along those lines because, as long as it's not hurting anyone else, I have no qualms doing whatever I want now but as a 10 year old I most certainly did.
  8. Yeah sorry didn't mean to get pedantic. Saw that and wondered whether it was true and then it just sent me off on a rant about people claiming that there's any rational basis behind the gender pay gap.
  9. I may have not put across my point properly. I'm using that as an example of why it's terrible that the gender pay gap exists. I'm saying everyone is naturally equally terrible and brilliant across all demographics and any strides towards equality need to be celebrated.
  10. Is that true? Genuine question as I haven't seen anything to suggest that. I don't agree with any of the points that megatron is making. It's abundantly clear that there's a problem and strides towards improvement can only be a good thing but I've personally experienced plenty of men and plenty of women who are terrible at their jobs and bullshit their way into positions which they are then shit at. As soon as we start saying that women are smarter than men we open up the floor to suggestions like 'men are more practical than women' etc. which clearly isn't true either. Some men are morons. Some men are clever. Some women are morons. Some women are clever. There may well be scientific research which finds that women are more pre-disposed to natural intelligence than men, in which case I apologise for questioning you on this but in general I think the sooner everyone realises the obvious truth that we're a product of the environment within which we've been placed and there are good and bad people at everything imaginable in every gender, race, sexual orientation etc. demographic, the sooner I can stop watching the news and wondering what the hell is wrong with everyone!! Ps. The ranting part of this message was not aimed at you hfuhruhurr because obviously you weren't suggesting anything sinister. I just went off on one and it was tied to the same message.
  11. Could Snow Patrol open the other? Or are they too big?
  12. He'd be great for the legends slot one year.
  13. I must say, I really enjoyed Rudimental on the Other in 2015. I was destroyed though so that may have played a part.
  14. Yeah, I'm excited about Lauryn Hill. I just have a sneaky feeling that she might be one of those special sets that blows you away if she headlines West Holts. Will be decent on the pyramid and worth a watch but not so sure it would be special.
  15. Of the artists you've seen on the poster, which produced the best performance? I haven't actually seen many of them this year, which excites me. Stormzy would take the win but he's not fighting off much competition!
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