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  1. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    GORDON Seems appropriate at I'm off to see them this weekend at Hobofest
  2. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    Flash OAP rock rolls on
  3. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    Shine A bit of a convoluted link - I went via Nil's 'No Mercy' to this, which is a stunning display of beautiful guitar work.
  4. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    AMNESTY Amnesty because this is a clip from the 1988 Amnesty International Tour to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. It was am amazing benefit tour that covered sixteen countries in six weeks.
  5. grumpyhack

    Pre-1950 Music

    Dig into early blues from 1940s ownwards. A voyage of exploration in its own right with people like Leadbelly and Lightnin Hopkins. Laid the foundations for much of what was to come with people from The Stones to Hendrix.
  6. grumpyhack

    Best Concert You've Been Too?

    Leonard Cohen, 2013 Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff. Saw him the year before at Glastonbury and was blown away so booked tickets for friends and family for his tour and saw possibly the finest performance I've ever seen in many years of music going. Van Morrison, Kings Hotel, Newport 1992. He was on stage for over five hours in a shakedown for a world tour and had no setlist but broke into different songs to see what worked and his band just had to try to follow him. Pink Floyd, first ever live performance of Atom Heart Mother, Shepton Mallet festival in 1969. I lay back under a starry sky as the amazing music floated over. Bill Bailey, Wychwood Festival 2016. The 1812 Overture on the bicycle horn was magnificent. Any performance by The Who, particularly at Glastonbury - never failed.
  7. grumpyhack

    Things that annoy you ?

    Agreed. We bought two friends of ours, who'd never been to a match before, tickets for Wales v Italy a couple of years ago. We met them afterwards in an Italian restaurant in the centre of Cardiff. The place was rammed with Welsh and Italian supporters all happily singing along together. Great atmosphere regardless of the result.
  8. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    RIVER Not too much of a rage here (although RR worked on the soundtrack of Raging Bull) but a lovely chilled back sunny afternoon song. If you don't know it, The Last Waltz is one of the great concert films of all time.
  9. grumpyhack

    Green Man Festival 2018

    I must have gone to a different festival - or certainly parked in a different area. I took a big caravan and had no problems towing in or back out.
  10. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    STORM Sadly a couple more Grumpy Gonners
  11. grumpyhack

    Things that annoy you ?

    Consider it kicked :-) Good news and confusing news today. When I towed my caravan to Wychwood the brake lights and winkers wouldn't work - which was a bit of a worry when doing right turns. The problem was with my car electrics, and was sorted today. But I tried to do some work on my caravan with my mate, who knows about these things. On electric hook up (i.e 240 volts incoming) all the 3 pin power sockets worked in the caravan but the interior lights wouldn't work. On the 12 volt leisure battery the interior lights were fine. Checked every fuse I could find but couldn't sort it - so that's one for my caravan service man to address. Next fest (Hobofest) will be leisure battery only (no hook ups) so not really an issue, except I'd like to have it fixed. But at least I'll be street legal when towing - and will have room for guests in the van. Off tonight to boules for a knockout cup match. Given we haven't won a league game this season, I suspect we'll be out of the cup by 9pm.
  12. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    CLOUD Said to be the biggest concert of all time with an audience of 1.5 million. And the OAPS are still touring.
  13. grumpyhack

    Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart

    Well Wychwooders, what did you make of it? It was so scorchio that running for cover and keeping cool almost dominated. I was a bit disappointed this year - a couple of good bands for me like Shed Seven at the end and I enjoyed the Gypsy Kings though some others didn't. Likewise I felt Baxter Drury was a bit flat, though some others liked him. The crowd felt pretty thin at times though the late night cabaret was pretty packed.
  14. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    LIVEAID So many great performances from this day, and most people think Queen took it. But a duet from two people with great stage presence.
  15. grumpyhack

    Word Association Game

    DOCTOR Seeing this lot at my first fest of the season this weekend.