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  1. 30 cans of Stella for £16.50 with Subscribe and Save. What's the worst that could happen... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/stella-artois-premium-lager-3-packs-of-10-for-ps21-or-less-with-subscribe-and-save-3940775
  2. It's not the easiest to read, but quite a few announcements here.
  3. I have not met Jarvis, but this thread did remind me of the surreal moment when I was watching the Japanese kawaii metal band Baby Metal at the Other Stage in 2019. I looked to my right and saw Phil Jupitus and Mark Steel who seemed to be wearing his work shirt 😂
  4. Trying to justify one of these... 🤣 https://www.cheeseswirl.com/products/disco-ball-helmet-with-retractable-visor
  5. I also never had to wait more than ten minutes. I was a little skeptical before the festival and was glad they proved me wrong. Not many companies get stuff like this right, but they really seemed to nail it.
  6. The Co-Op offering near real world prices was a big positive. But the ability to fill a flask with ice and enjoy cold drinks on an incredibly hot day was a real game changer. What other positive changes did you guys and dolls encounter this year?
  7. The weather Gods have sent us a tiny bit of rain to help our tent pegs go in a little easier. Every cloud See you on the other side gang.
  8. Hair cut, got the tent out of the loft, put it up to make sure everything is ok and remind myself how do it. Now charging my mobile chargers. Let's do this gang
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