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  1. Yeah it basically has to be Biffy at this point
  2. If we've already said it there's no harm repeating us
  3. I assume it'll sell out almost instantly
  4. Couldn't see a thread for this so thought I'd start one Looks like a great, chilled festival to go to. Anyone heard any rumours on who is playing this year?
  5. I keep getting the same dodgy advert which auto redirects me away. Similar text to the ones people have posted above Using Chrome for Android Link is https://abnegatealcade.club/?swim=phelps&brand=Generic&model=Android 4.0&td=track.PeacefulMountainNews.com&data2=wirfocva2caupq1s1jomu8eg&cep=HOf6lWB1HY2jZErIZedKu23xe65vl55qz-V7qTCr8WnKUnE_5OVgXT0USXrp-ADxYCL0fWHdcayPA0Z_Ic94rO1K4bNtA3SQtaA_CNTjZw7mU1Qs376m0uOvVenZbRoNAWgR8ftpoH36ASQu7OtlI26nGhQfbZbeMU4j-1bBCbsv227QIKoYHSKjScjmx29chqL0yKARmFtM5vCT2n8OxWCC1heRt2euJ0hCk9JnnppsV6z3T3WrsSCiFGXIpUDD-4qVu0EHXeevii76yWrfjAOdsQiCZq_khY9XeHKn1qxy-B_Kx8ndS_-LV7d4VLUL6eCuELH_wlFFqJq13UMIrc8rTImhrF1azq5PBD0ctV8n3LL0kDG3rz7rBvDrd2sVYHeFxFjjm63cwdVpkpxKFbDfaidK1A6cAeUc40mNK_VwXdIo5JVBdUIaypoblI7TjBYAOqisjPEeUGj86h-M5g&lptoken=156678a5390a55364672#
  6. MCR teasing UK tour dates on their Facebook, so don't rule them out yet
  7. Are they not playing MK Bowl? That's what I heard after they re-formed (note this is purely from the rumour mill not ITK)
  8. Amex offering the pre sale from 10am Tuesday 19 November until 9.30am Friday 22 November 2019 Just got an email about it. Guess it'll be the same for each show
  9. MCR have the same management company as the people who put on APE, which is the main basis of the rumour There was a poster here who had heard they were playing through an ITK
  10. Finally! He's normally everywhere and after no one mentioned seeing him I was beginning to get worried
  11. Chewie


    Fair play to the guy. Could have been awful but he did a good job. Imagine his first day back to work? 'So Alex, how was Glastonbury?' 'Yeah was alright. Got on stage with my idol and rapped in front of thousands of people'
  12. According to the Glasto Twitter page the reason they do this is because the metal cups are a slightly different size to the paper ones and under the weights and measures act they aren't allowed to pour directly into the metal cup as it wouldn't be a full pint and that can affect their licence in the future or something like that. I'm sure someone who actually works at a bar will be able to give a better explaination. You would have thought that they would have thought of that when they designed the metal cups...
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