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  1. Chewie

    BBC Glastonbury

    Get BBC4 on for the 2010 highlights!
  2. Chewie

    BBC Glastonbury

    That move from Radio 1 to Apple radio really didn't pay off 😂
  3. Yeah it basically has to be Biffy at this point
  4. If we've already said it there's no harm repeating us
  5. Couldn't see a thread for this so thought I'd start one Looks like a great, chilled festival to go to. Anyone heard any rumours on who is playing this year?
  6. I keep getting the same dodgy advert which auto redirects me away. Similar text to the ones people have posted above Using Chrome for Android Link is https://abnegatealcade.club/?swim=phelps&brand=Generic&model=Android 4.0&td=track.PeacefulMountainNews.com&data2=wirfocva2caupq1s1jomu8eg&cep=HOf6lWB1HY2jZErIZedKu23xe65vl55qz-V7qTCr8WnKUnE_5OVgXT0USXrp-ADxYCL0fWHdcayPA0Z_Ic94rO1K4bNtA3SQtaA_CNTjZw7mU1Qs376m0uOvVenZbRoNAWgR8ftpoH36ASQu7OtlI26nGhQfbZbeMU4j-1bBCbsv227QIKoYHSKjScjmx29chqL0yKARmFtM5vCT2n8OxWCC1heRt2euJ0hCk9JnnppsV6z3T3WrsSCiFGXIpUDD-4qVu0EHXeevii76y
  7. MCR teasing UK tour dates on their Facebook, so don't rule them out yet
  8. Are they not playing MK Bowl? That's what I heard after they re-formed (note this is purely from the rumour mill not ITK)
  9. Amex offering the pre sale from 10am Tuesday 19 November until 9.30am Friday 22 November 2019 Just got an email about it. Guess it'll be the same for each show
  10. MCR have the same management company as the people who put on APE, which is the main basis of the rumour There was a poster here who had heard they were playing through an ITK
  11. Finally! He's normally everywhere and after no one mentioned seeing him I was beginning to get worried
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