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  1. Lol Did he say what he was like? And was this early or late 80s? Wondering if this was around the whole legendary thing with Jarvis falling out the window trying to impress a girl or something.
  2. Pulp - We Love Life - 2001 full album: Also has great outtakes, some of which are available on YouTube, too.
  3. It's a gorgeous album. Horribly underrated.
  4. What are they like and who here has seen them play live?
  5. Oh my God that is absolutely priceless! He sleeps all proper, too. LOL!
  6. Jarvis has done better collabs this past couple of years but yup, heard this before. Its decent. Wasn't very familiar with Baxter prior to it, though. I believe they're good friends, too.
  7. One of his new songs just got released this week for a soundtrack.
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