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  1. Anyone seen the recent Jarvis festivals?
  2. His show at the Primavera Festival yesterday is up on YouTube. Not all the songs, though. And lots of pics and footage on Instagram. Looks like it was a huge hit!
  3. Loads of video and clips from his live gig at the All Points East festival this weekend on Instagram. He even crowd surfed! He posted about it on his Instagram, too.
  4. The new jarvis song that premiered this week! And hes got a great interview in the latest Observer magazine just out today: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/may/19/jarvis-cocker-i-have-lived-in-my-head-for-most-of-my-life?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  5. I agree to a degree but sometimes...most times..it immensely changes the music to some and ends up feeling like a lie or tainted, when the artist behind it turns out to be pure evil and or done some very very sickening things completely and utterly contradictory to their music.
  6. MJ was atrocious. Jarvis saved the day.
  7. He turned his arse towards the crowd and waved fake farts with his hands via his arse. As which MJ was being on stage: an arse. Lol
  8. This is him actually doing a concert with his new band Jarv Is. Which have been doing shows on and off for the past year and a half. The new stuff is pretty good. He's still DJing, too. But havent heard of any plans for him to do so at Glasto this year, though. About the bingo thing..yeah. Haha. There were clips online of that. Was priceless comedy. His quips and all.
  9. https://discoverthebluedot.com/ Jarvis, Kraftwerk, Hot Chip, 808 State, New Order, among many other big names will be playing the Blue Dot festival this summer.
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