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  1. VCK


    Their album has charted at number 4. That's at least 3rd down on the Pyramid, right?
  2. Surely it's time the promoters stopped booking The Vaccines to play 3rd down and actually gave that slot to an artist who has done notable things more recently than 2012.
  3. VCK

    2020 headliners

    There are plenty of musicians who aren't white, male or play guitar, or a combination of all three, that are way more talented than the current crop of pop artists.
  4. VCK


    The music press right now really has a thing for slamming rock music whilst promoting boring pop music. It's weird.
  5. VCK


    Danny Carey is a god, these super complex and technical beats are like nature to him.
  6. VCK


    Even at the peak of their commercial popularity when alternative metal was all the rage they were still very niche and cult-y.
  7. Arctic Monkeys at Leeds in 2009. Never understood the hero worship of Alex Turner because he has all the charisma and stage presence of a dustbin.
  8. VCK


    It wouldn't surprise me if they then disappeared again for over a decade now the album is out. Metallica went down very well in 2014 and as far as metal goes, Tool aren't really that much less accessible than Metallica compared to some metal acts out there. Turned out to be bullshit made up by some 28 year old man on Twitter.
  9. VCK


    Download this year was hands down one of the best live performances I've ever witnessed. The new album is superb, Invincible is an instant classic and 7empest is maybe Maynard's best vocal performance since The Grudge. It would be a shame if they didn't come to the UK for a festival next year, but where would they fit in? Reading and Leeds perhaps, but they'd only headline, and I'm not sure how well that would go down with the crowd there. Glasto getting them would be a masterstroke. Fuck it. Book them as Other headliners and pay them however much they demand, Eavii.
  10. He's long overdue an appearance at R&L I think.
  11. To be honest Slipknot would be a very welcome booking. Fall Out Boy last year aside (for all the wrong reasons) when was the last time the festival booked a headliner which made people think "I wouldn't have expected them to headline Reading and Leeds"? The Cure in 2012?
  12. Did anyone catch The Chats? How did those c**ts get on?
  13. Not a fan of Stormzy but it's beyond question now if he's headline sized or not.
  14. They do owe R&L after 2008. Could they headline R&L outright like they have been at Download? Maybe a co-headline slot with someone like BMTH. Or Tool.
  15. If their new album reaches number 1 like their first two, how about Royal Blood as headliners? No less suitable of a choice than Muse or Biffy Clyro have been.
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