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  1. Best: Metallica 2008 Worst: Arctic Monkeys 2009
  2. This is probably the worst era in history for British rock right now, so he stands out more than he would if he came out 10-15 years ago. Couple that with the "working class Northern lad" thing people seem to love in guitar acts and there you go.
  3. Only times I've ever watched Biffy at R&L were 2005 and 2008, and didn't think they were anything spectacular either time. They strike me as the sort of act whose live show loses a lot when they're playing in broad daylight.
  4. Wilcox has previous for pulling our collective leg. Not long before the big 2020 announcement he told us we'd be getting Eminem and a Biffy/BMTH co-headline.
  5. That would be very strong indeed, especially if, like someone said, they're aiming to return to have a more rock oriented line-up next year. I would have Lil Nas X and IDLES in higher slots though.
  6. Would be a solid choice for the "Indie band long past their commercial peak because we can't find any currently relevant rock bands to play" high main stage slot that seems to occur every year.
  7. I'm not sure but she's a good Qatarist.
  8. They had a good crowd at Download in 2019. Very good atmosphere where I was, and I wasn't even too close to the front. But yeah, like I say it won't happen. I can dream though.
  9. Was no fan of Trump and glad he's in no position of power any more. But good lord, Biden is terrible. But then this is what you get when you vote for a neolib in the primaries.
  10. Tool would be a perfect choice for MSW headliner. Too big to sub but too obscure among the average R&L crowd to outright headline the festival. Too bad it will never happen because the MSW headline slot is made for them.
  11. Any subreddit with 'circlejerk' in the name is a subreddit designed to parody a fanbase of a particular musical artist, film, TV show, etc. That /r/amcirclejerk drawing means nothing.
  12. The days when we had to wait until after the new year for any news about possible headliners.
  13. For some reason I was certain this meant SOAD, only for it to be Kasabian.
  14. If not Arctic Monkeys then what about The Strokes? Or did I see they were ruled out? If not, I wonder if they could still pull off a full on main stage headline slot. Also it's now 20 years since Is This It? (good lord I feel old) so it'd be nice if they had plans to do it in full.
  15. Wait, The Lathums had a number one album? IDLES have been one of the most talked about British acts of the past few years, a sub slot for them wouldn't be too extraordinary.
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