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  1. Silly thought maybe, but would the festival being postponed until sometime in September be realistic?
  2. VCK


    Sadly, these views of his are nothing new, he's always had them. His music still slaps though. Same with the artist in my avatar, who is very open about being a Trump supporter.
  3. On a serious note, this would actually be a decent shout. Courteeners into Foals would work better than Courteeners into Rage too. Stick in IDLES where RTJ were booked. If Migos pull out I can just see Capaldi getting bumped up as he is definitely sub sized anyway, though they might get someone in for that 3rd slot.
  4. If Download gets cancelled I wonder if they'd snag one of their headliners. SOAD perhaps? Four piece alt metal band from LA with politically charged lyrics after all.
  5. If Rage pull out hopefully they'll bring someone in to replace them rather than - god help us all - bumping The Courteeners up to headline.
  6. Back in the day they used to hold the final day at Leeds on a Monday.
  7. Their last album was one of their worst but Liverpool Revisited and International Blue were still bangers. Also Rewind The Film was great, and Futurology had some interesting ideas. They'll never match their early to mid 90s output but they're still very much capable of putting out some good stuff.
  8. Same as when I saw them the last time they played Leeds arena, although the two times before then including the Everything Must Go 20th Anniversary tour it was a better crowd. I agree they're not really an arena band any more, but the fact they consistently release top three albums shows they're still popular in this country, and have had higher charting albums in recent years than certain acts who have been booked to sub R&L. But yeah, they'll probably never play the festival again.
  9. The Manics are long overdue a return to R&L. Don't know where they'd fit in these days though. By all rights they're pretty much a sub sized band (last two albums charted at number 2 and it's rare they release an album that doesn't chart outside the top 2) but whenever they play UK festivals they're given lowly slots that don't do them justice.
  10. It's time someone creates a festival that is similar to how R&L used to be. In terms of rock festivals, TRNSMT leans a little too much towards just Indie, Download leans a little too much towards metal. R&L used to book bands from across the board. It doesn't even necessarily have to just be rock; get some dance and hip hop in too. As in, the actual good stuff from those genres and not flavour of the month type stuff.
  11. Rock isn't dead, it's just not as popular in the mainstream as it was 15 years ago. There's still good bands out there, just not many who you can see being bumped up to headliners in the next few years. But watch Royal Blood's performance from last year and take note of the reaction to them from the mostly young crowd. There is still very much a market for the genre among youngsters.
  12. I think Rage are the only band in the world that Tool would humbly accept a subheadline slot to. A lot of history between the two bands.
  13. There was that year Morrissey and Radiohead headlined. QOTSA, Placebo and Pixies have all played there too. They even had Sonic Youth play in 2005, when they've not done Reading since the 90s. It was only the past ten years or so that it really became the pop festival it's been known for. Before then there was a lot of alternative rock type bands on the bill year in, year out.
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