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  1. On the flip side, sometimes that can lead to them becoming actual fans of the artist. I myself have done that. Gone to see an artist at a festival who I don't really know much of besides the famous songs, or even that I'm not a fan of, and ended up really getting into them afterwards.
  2. VCK

    2023 Headliners

    Dua would only be Pyramid headliner now.
  3. How dare people prefer certain other artists to mainstream pop singers!
  4. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    I've made it clear that "male rock" isn't the only genre I like. For one, I admire how Stormzy worked hard to get where he is. His first single, Shut Up, has a video of just him in the park with his mates, and look at him now. One of my favourite bands from recent years are Skating Polly who are as good as any male rock act. To call me prejudiced for pointing out that someone like Olivia Rodrigo didn't have to work as hard as other musical artists to achieve her level of fame is such a cop out. Your second point just proves mine. So she was already a fairly well established actress before becoming an overnight pop sensation.
  5. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Yes, Justin Timblerlake is a perfect example of an industry plant, as were 90s boybands in general. People in LA get noticed when they have industry connections. Let's just assume that you're not making a sweeping generalisation based on little else other than what you've read online (you are), is there proof that everyone who does this is a white male? You'll be surprised to hear that not liking a particular music artist has literally nothing to do with skin colour. And if/when we get three female headliners every year, will the lack of diversity be an issue still?
  6. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    IIRC it was just a certain Noel Gallagher who complained about there being rap at Glastonbury. At the time a lot of people thought it was a masterstroke booking him. I'm just saying, the art feels a lot less sincere when it's not even made by the artist. I'll use the McDonald's analogy again. When you eat a McDonald's, it might taste delicious, and food is food, but at the same time, you think it's not really hearty or nutritious compared to other meals, because it's processed and basically microwaved.
  7. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Do any white men think they "own" rock? I'm pretty sure your average rock fan couldn't care less the race or gender of whoever is making the music and most will admit it was derived from the blues. It's people who hate rock who like to portray rock fans as these insular, backward, narrow minded bigots which is a baseless stereotype, and it's just basically people moral posturing over the fact that they don't like a genre that straight white men™ have had a huge presence in. Olivia was a teen actress; she's had her foot in the door for some years. Again, if her music is your thing then fine, but let's not pretend she hasn't had a whole team of people behind her "art". Daniel Nigro wrote most of her album too. Also political activism is very popular among the demographic that Olivia's music is marketed at right now. That's why pop singers all of a sudden have a political conscience where a good number didn't 10+ years ago. It is just about the music, you're right, but in recent years people, for some reason, push the notion that mainstream corporate pop is just as authentic as artists who have started at the bottom when the reality is that these pop artists are just marketing tools for big companies.
  8. VCK

    BBC Coverage 2022

    But then they still have enough songs with references to dicks and fisting themselves! I'm still waiting for them to include Lateralus in their setlists again.
  9. VCK

    BBC Coverage 2022

    You could say the same when Tool play songs from Lateralus live😉
  10. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    And pop music is dominated by women. Hip hop is dominated by black people. Is that just as "problematic" or perhaps does none of this actually matter in the grand scheme of things, just the music?
  11. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    It's a very redundant criticism of an artist, completely irrelevant to the music. It's funny how these same people don't complain when a white male artist they actually like is booked to play Glasto.
  12. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    By that then, should a lot of people on here judge guitar bands on their art and not on the fact they're white males? No person's music taste is superior and indeed there are some pop songs I like, but claiming that the likes of Olivia Rodridgo have artistic merit is like claiming that a McDonald's meal has nutritional value. Enjoy it for what it is I guess.
  13. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    I'm into all kinds of music, not just Indie or rock. I'm a huge hip hop afficionado, which is certainly not a "white male fronted guitar" genre (not sure why this assumption gets made whenever someone says they're not a fan of the latest flavour of the month pop act, as if there's only two types of music in the world). I thought Kendrick looked superb last night and the only flaw was that he didn't do Poetic Justice. But pop is a genre that has always had big money backing it. Olivia Rodrigo is hardly a rags to riches story.
  14. VCK

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Meh. Industry plant marketed to teenagers.
  15. VCK

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I could listen to Jarvis read from, and sing the contents of, the phonebook. Still holding out hope that I'll finally get the chance to see Pulp in my lifetime.
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