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  1. There's a very good chance that Leeds could be Rage's first show of this tour, which would make it all the more special.
  2. Yep. He's one of those acts who could put out dud album after dud album for the rest of his career but would still be a huge, huge draw wherever he plays because of the legacy he has established for himself. He's the biggest name of his genre, to a lot of people, also the greatest of that genre, and people who aren't even fans of that genre are still fans of him.
  3. Let's be honest, the MSE headliners are the actual headliners. The "two main stages, six headliners!" thing is a bit of a marketing gimmick. As I said earlier in this topic, MSW is equivalent to Glasto's other stage. MSE still gets the bigger acts than MSW and is the Main Stage as we all know it.
  4. Eminem has been past his best for about 20 years now, but he is a name that will always draw a huge crowd and sell day tickets. Dave is maybe the biggest name in UK music right now but he doesn't have quite the outreach that Em has.
  5. The 1975 / Yungblud Sam Fender / Beabadoobee The Weeknd / Tyler, The Creator Foals / All Time Low The Killers / Courteeners Doja Cat / Anderson .Paak
  6. MSW is basically the Other Stage of R&L, whereas the NME tent was the John Peel.
  7. The Killers are a good shout actually. Long, long overdue a return and they're always a real crowd pleaser. Them with one of The 1975, My Chemical Romance, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish or Muse is a very solid set of MSE headliners.
  8. Here's a curveball - how about Slipknot for MSW?
  9. There will barely be a fraction of the energy the crowd in this video has when they play.
  10. I hope so. They are a bucket list act. Even just a one off show in Sheffield would be great. The two Roses singles were underwhelming I thought, they sounded like a band trying to sound like the Roses. Also there's some bangers on the second half of Second Coming. Good Times, Tears, Begging You and, of course, Love Spreads. Hugely underappreciated album, I've always thought, though I'll agree the first half is stronger.
  11. I think that Cure booking was the last time the organisers really thought outside the box. We've had some fantastic bookings for headliners since, but none of them have been particularly surprising. Even RATM, who are to a lot on here the most exciting name in years, have a pretty big history with the festival and it was fairly obvious R&L were at least going to go for them as soon as they announced their reunion. I didn't go in 2012 but I can imagine they didn't draw too big of a crowd either, at least in comparison to the two other headliners that year. I made the mistake of assuming that Pulp will stick around like Blur and the Roses did after their reunion so the fact I didn't get a day ticket in 2011 or see them in Sheffield the following year (low funds) will live with me forever. But I respect the manner in which they chose to bow out. We Love Life is the perfect conclusion to their discography and any new material would just ruin that. I'm also glad the Roses didn't go ahead with this third album they supposedly had in the pipeline. Going by the two new songs, it was going to be a disappointment.
  12. Interesting. As immense as they were in 2009 the crowd wasn't the liveliest and quite a lot of people I spoke to weren't too fussed about them playing, and that was back when that sort of music was a lot more popular with the R&L audience, so imagine if they were booked to play in this day and age. I wonder if other acts like The Cure and Pulp have a similar attitude towards the idea of playing again.
  13. Wasn't that just one guy? Considering how alt right types seem to find "political agendas" in everything, even Christmas adverts, surely they can all identify that Rage are quite obviously a far left band without doing much thinking about it.
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