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  1. It's a shame because I'd love to have them back. Arguably their popularity in the UK increased off the back of that 2010 headline set. They certainly became a more familiar name to normie types, even if it's just them actually being able to say they've heard of them!
  2. I'm sure Yungblud is a nice guy but good lord, if he isn't immensely irritating.
  3. Arctics were atrocious that night. When you're headlining a festival there's more expectation to deliver than if you're playing a daytime main stage slot and Arctics failed to meet those expectations. Slow, boring and unlively. Yeah but it was that performance that led them to decide to call it a day. There is a video of a press conference a few hours before they took to the stage where they spoke about the plans they had for the future of the band.
  4. I know that, I was just mentioning that even during the Roses glorious comeback, his vocals were still poor.
  5. The Stone Roses at Heaton Park still remains the greatest live performance I've ever seen by any act, but he was definitely the weak link that night. Being surrounded by three absolutely immense musicians and a loud crowd singing along to every word, and him being a confident frontman/showman, got him off the hook really. I mean, him being a terrible singer live was the straw that broke the camel's back that led to the Roses splitting to begin with - at Reading no less.
  6. Ian Brown was pretty dull that year and would have been much better headlining the tent rather than playing the Main Stage in broad daylight. However, he wasn't even the worst act on that stage on that day. Arctic Monkeys were dogshit. RHCP 2007, QOTSA 2008 and Kings of Leon 2009 were all poor too.
  7. Metallica in 2008 and Radiohead in 2009 are the two that stand out the most in my memory banks.
  8. Take Biffy out and it's probably not much better tbf
  9. He's not, he's 3rd down on that poster.
  10. Massive, and Sam will draw a bigger and livelier crowd than Paolo. Paolo Nutini is TRNSMT's Fall Out Boy in 2018 moment.
  11. That Saturday looks tasty - Strokes, Foals and Fontaines. Very surprised however, that in 2022 Sam Fender is subbing Paolo Nutini.
  12. SAM FENDER / IDLES / Aitch / Rex Orange County / Lady Leshurr TYLER, THE CREATOR / KSI / The Vaccines DUA LIPA / Dababy / Anne Marie / Sea Girls / Jxdn FOALS / London Grammar / 100gecs THE KILLERS / Yungblud / Dermott Kennedy / Beabadoobee / Creeper ROYAL BLOOD / Architects / Tyga
  13. Does anyone still listen to 30STM in 2022? All of their fanbase from 10-15 years ago must now be in their late 20s/30s and moved on?
  14. Got my Gaslight ticket for Manchester. Standing has already sold out. If they are booked to play surely they would get a fairly high placing on MSE? Maybe slotted in between Maneskin and Pale Waves?
  15. Sam Fender / SZA Dua Lipa / Foals The Killers / Royal Blood
  16. Normies seem to love Maneskin at the moment. No doubt they'll fade out in a couple of years time but they will draw a big crowd at R&L.
  17. Also QOTSA that year started in daylight too but IIRC the headliners they and Bloc Party were subbing (Rage and The Killers) had the same set length time. I think bank holiday weekend that year was earlier than usual which may explain.
  18. Death, taxes, and Frank Turner, Frank Carter and Enter Shikari all making an appearance at R&L in some capacity.
  19. I remember the days when subheadliners would play in pitch darkness all throughout their set.
  20. Indeed. Like I said, he's very marketable to the young 'uns. Though I'm surprised there aren't many people complaining about him being Yet Another White Male With A Guitar™️ .
  21. Musically he's not bad, his music does feel authentic, and it is always nice to see the young 'uns get really into an artist who started from the ground up instead of the usual industry plants they love so much. But he's yet another hyped up, safe sounding radio friendly artist. Also the message in his songs has been done to death thousands of times throughout music. There's plenty of great rock artists around at the moment who the media are overlooking in favour of the likes of Sam Fender and there's a reason for that - because he's simply more marketable.
  22. Circle pits at a Sam Fender concert 😆
  23. The drumbeat in that song is very similar to typical hardcore punk beats. Like I said, there is a hint of an influence there rather than an overt replication.
  24. Touche but at their core they are a punk rock band and there are even hints of a hardcore influence in songs like Great Expectations. More so punk than the likes of Catfish and Pale Waves are.
  25. Yeah, like their original day in 2020 there's not many acts who complement them all that well. Surely in terms of rock they can do better than Maneskin and Pale Waves who lean a lot further to the indie side of the spectrum. EDIT: I suppose Willow leans into hard rock but I was thinking of someone who is a little less Gen Z than her.
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