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  1. Hope we gonna have some names before Wednesday!
  2. Special announcement on June 17th 6pm. Maybe they'll announce the second weekend. Many French newspapers announced this again (24-25-26 June with Metallica to close the festival). The Mets could do a first European Tour with especially stadiums or a very few festivals (Hellfest + Rock Werchter or Werchter Boutique). Then a proper festivals run in 2023 with Download, Rock Am Ring, etc.
  3. There 2 main reasons I think. First, waiting the official text from the government about how they can organize the festivals. They were supposed to have a new meeting this week about this. Second, waiting more informations about the Covid Safe Pass (or Covid Passeport, there are many names for the same stuff) and see if they can allow visitors from other countries.
  4. New names: 102 Boyz | Baroness | Code Orange | Ego Kill Talent | Mastodon | Myles Kennedy | RIN | Schimmerling | Tempt | The Pretty Reckless
  5. A bit sad Placebo are not on the RW line-up for 2022 (I'm not a fan of Nick Cave). Yesterday, both TW Classic and Rock Werchter updated their profile picture on Facebook. RW also announced that the small shows announced yesterday morning (or Monday) are the last ones. Can we expect an announcement on Friday for RW 2022 now? Would be great!
  6. Good question... Rock Werchter: 88k Spa Francorchamps(Formula 1): 70k/90k (depends of the source) Tomorrowland: 70k Pukkelpop: 66k
  7. Once again, the government doesn't care about cultural events. Another meeting is planned for next week to speak more major events like festivals. It's 75k per day indeed. People allowed at these events if they're fully vaccinated (means got the full vaccine since 2 weeks), got a PCR Test max 3 days before or got a fast test. That's what they announced a few weeks ago. BUT they didn't officially give more informations today... Not sure if festivals will make announcement next week then.
  8. Press conference at 6.15 to announce the new informations for outdoor events this Summer in Belgium (and other stuff). The last informations leaked in the medias 30 minutes ago said maximum capacity for the event could be 75k. But it doesn't mention if it's per day or for the whole event counting days-tickets. I guess Live Nation and other festivals waited until today to know exactly how they can organize major events this Summer. The last government reunion was not as clear as expected (as always in Belgium). I guess we could have some announcements - finally - next week from the festivals.
  9. I think lot of bands could be interested to play on this festival, even if they had to get a lower fee than usual. Be back on stage, try new songs, etc. I saw Skindred mentioned but I doubt they'll play there as they're sub-headliner at Bloodstock in August. Same for While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow, Don Broco because of the Slam Dunk early September. Anyway. Really looking forward to see the line-up on Friday!
  10. Zegut announced it's 100% sure there gonna be 2 Hellfest in 2022 with the second one headlined by Metallica. Anyone heard about this recently? If Metallica come in Europe next Summer, they won't be playing lot of festivals, more stadium I guess. Maybe Rock Am Ring (one headliner missing) and Rock Werchter / Werchter Boutique?
  11. They are not allowed to do bigger than that until July 30th. These events will have 2500 people (still more than 400 people last Summer). And it's not just 4 days. It's gonna be 4-5 days of shows each week with sometimes 2 shows per day: one in the afternoon and one during the evening. Maybe something bigger is coming in August... If other festival announce it, I guess RW/Pukkel will do the same.
  12. Another Belgian festival, Alcatraz, confirms today the festival will take place as usual on 13-14-15 August. Without any restrictions on the field : no distance between people and no masks. You'll have to show a proof of vaccine, a PCR Test made in the 2 days before the festival or make a quick test on the day of the festival. It seems so unreal and not logic. Weird at least. Restrictions everywhere until August 13th. Enjoy some major events without any restrictions. Then go back to events with restriction after that. The Covid Safe Ticket like they said (Covid Passeport) will be effective from August 13th to September 30th. Then what? It's hard to imagine 100% of people got the vaccine in Belgium in the next 4.5 months...
  13. I know. I saw the poster leaked by Billy Talent but still have some hope to have something better than a classic Volbeat there! Maybe RHCP for the Ring?
  14. I guess the missing headliner is the same is the same as Nova Rock. Metallica ?
  15. There are rumors for 2 weekends of Hellfest since 2020 (at least)...
  16. About money, yes. But their communication with the sector is still really bad. And how they manage the situation. But that's another debate. And as usual, the Flemish part made it a bit better then the French part. With that being said, I really hope some shows will happen during the Summer (big or not). And if not, let's go to other countries if they allow us...
  17. The Belgian government doesn't care at all about the cultural sector. It was already the case before this crisis but now more than ever. They said last Friday was an important reunion for the cultural/musical sector. They gave some tips for what could be doable in June. But nothing about festivals or big events. Officially, they haven't said yet that major festivals like Pukkelpop or Rock Werchter even in August could happen. From this Friday, some cultural events will happen in Belgium (Still Stand For Culture) with small events like a few concerts, a few expos, some cinemas open as well. All with a limited capacity and hygienes rules of course. If we wait something from the government, we'll still be at the same point in 2022...
  18. The Government announced last Friday that outdoor events could happen again in June... with 200 people max with social distance. It's hard to imagine a festival with a few thousands of people in August.
  19. Judas Priest confirmed they'll play Hellfest on Sunday 19 June when they announced their whole tour earlier this month.
  20. Big part of Southside/Hurricane line-up announced: Kings Of Leon, Twenty One Pilots and The Killers are some of the headliners. Jimmy Eat World, Foals, Fontaines D.C., The Hives announced too. Some possibilities for RW 2022.
  21. The plan for Kiss since the beginning is to play at the SportPaleis. I guess they'll still do it in 2022. Volbeat on Friday seems the more logical choice.
  22. Aerosmith confirmed as headliner for the Sunday. Not a surprise. So we only miss the Friday's headliner. And I guess Korn as co-headline for Saturday with Judas Priest.
  23. Could we have some infos tomorrow (Friday as usual)? I guess we'll need to wait at least until the next Government reunion next week. Seems more logical.
  24. Seems SOAD only tour during 2 weeks when they come in Europe. In 2020, they were supposed to play the second part of June / early July. With Rock Werchter per example. And they played at Resurrection Fest. In 2021, they moved to the first part of June so they were available for Graspop instead of Rock Werchter and the Resurrection Fest moved from early July to early June to make sure they keep them on the line-up. For 2022, Resurrection Fest haven't confirmed their dates yet. I guess it gonna depend again on SOAD schedule.
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