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  1. If this poster is true, Volbeat will headline the MS2 and play after Iron Maiden for sure. But Volbeat are not the real "headliner" of the day, so they're not "headlining". It's the same situation as 2018 when Avenged Sevenfold were booked on the same day as Iron Maiden. They could be headliner alone but they don't have the same statut as Maiden. Other important information: there are now 30 bands on Thursday, not 18-19 like 2020/2021 so it gonna be (almost) a full day as the other days have in general 32-33 acts. If they do a Main Stage 1 with Avenged Sevenfold - A Day To Remember - Heaven Shall Burn - Bullet For My Valentine - Stick To Your Guns - Jinjer, it could be a fun one. Very young. And an old one on the other Main Stage with Faith No More - Whitesnake - Megadeth - Steel Panther - Black Label Society - Beyond The Black.
  2. Fake or not?! Seems realistic. I know a few of the smallest bands are indeed confirmed so it let me think it's true. Really surprised to see Volbeat on it.
  3. The website is working here... if something is coming, it's well hidden now!
  4. The Script and Interpol both confirmed show in June in Belgium so they should be out for Rock Werchter. Not a big surprise either. Especially for The Script. And I guess we could have Kasabian on the line-up as they are around (announced in Zagreb)!
  5. I don't think so! We just got the news indoor shows may happen again from September 1st. People will be focus on that, on the near future, not on festivals in 10 months. And Graspop is always so slow, they haven't said a word since 2 months or so. I'm we won't have any news before October (at least)!
  6. You bought early bird tickets or something like that I guess? I see 109€ on the website. Which is still pretty cheap!
  7. Foo Fighters just announced a short run of UK shows for Summer 2022: 25th June in Manchester, 27th in Birminghan, 30th and July 2nd in London. So they're def. out for Rock Werchter!
  8. Not a surprise. People are in holidays, at some festivals (Alcatraz is the only real festival happening in Belgium I think) and the situation is unclear. With the next government meeting on August 16th, they could make announcements for indoor shows in Fall. I think it's more the priority of people right now! At least, it's mine honestly.
  9. You have less chance to catch/spread it but you can still. Just people think "vaccine = protection" so if I'm fully vaccinated, I don't have to take care of the Covid anhymore. Unfortunately, it's not true. But we may notice that, in Belgium, 96% of people sicked of the Covid are non-vaccinated. Until next Summer, so many things may happen. Back to normal life, too many new variants, another virus.. who knows.
  10. It's way too early to have informations about the Covid situation in 11 months... It's already hard to know what will happen in 1 month. The situation right now is to except a back to normal life. But who knows...
  11. As we spoke about it in this topic, I share it the good news: we won't need to quarantine anymore to travel in UK if we are fully vaccinated! Waiting official confirmation and the date when it's gonna be on. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-57999362
  12. This would be such an excellent news! The newspaper announces it would be the last change of travel restrictions before October. On the good way for EU as we have a Digital Passeport Covid but less for the US as seems they work especially on paper... The US don't allow travel to the UK right now and won't delete this rule before the end of the Summer (read on the Standard that mentions the Financial Times). Fingers crossed for a good news at the end of this week then... https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/uk-relaxing-travel-restrictions-eu-us-covid-b947805.html https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/britons-holiday-us-this-summer-amber-list-uk-travel-b947741.html
  13. Which is so stupid. I had to go to the UK in 2 weeks. I'm fully vaccinated + 14 days with a vaccine used in UK (Moderna) but stil have to do a quarantine. It's possible to make a PCR Test on day 5 of the quarantine to end it earlier but the tests cost so much (like 60£ minimum). And in the opposite, same thing for British fully vaccinated coming in Mainland Europe. Just because both UK/EU don't reckon the Covid Passport of each other. More than countries own rules, it's also because of the Brexit.
  14. Do you have a link for this open letter please?
  15. We had 2 Werchter Boutique last year. We could have 2 TW Classics this year. One with Nick Cave and one with The Stones then.
  16. It seems short. But why not then!
  17. I don't think The War On Drugs will be there as they've announce a big show in Antwerp (SportPaleis) for 23 April 2022. A bit short to play at RW about 2 months later!
  18. They could still play at TW Classic or Werchter Boutique like The Killers were on the TW line-up with Makka in 2020... but I'd really enjoy a duo RHCP / Imagine Dragons at Rock Werchter 🙂
  19. Paris - Hippodrome Longschamps Saturday 16th: Imagine Dragons Sunday 17th: Pearl Jam
  20. Didn't except new names now with all the new restrictions around (France, Netherlands...) New names: Stromzy, Paul Kalkbrenner, The Hives, Antoon and Rare Akuma !
  21. I guess lot of people are disappointed by the line-up as the festival is not soldout yet... It's a surprise, based on how tickets sold fast (or they lied).
  22. Not a surprise. They change their Facebook profile picture for the football match tonight. If they announce names during the period the festival, it gonna be tomorrow or Sunday. I'd say tomorrow.
  23. Editors are playing on Saturday, they're the biggest act with Balthazar right now. The co-headliner missing - based on the actual website like I said - is for the Sunday. Marshmello is the closing act and they need one more before. With all the cancellations or the non-announced acts, no idea who it could be...
  24. A few nice names would be enough for me 🙂
  25. Based on the line-up section on Pukkelpop wesbsite, I'd say: - 1 coheadliner for Sunday - 3 important acts for Saturday - 3 important acts for Sunday
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