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  1. I'd be surprised too, but their output is increasingly good! developing with each record!
  2. 42 hours spent with Prince, and treasured every second! 😍
  3. Totally in agreement with this. Count yourself lucky every day you're at the festival, and cherish the experiences forever!
  4. Do you think they'll bring Neil Young with them?
  5. Can't wait to hear this, and to see it live. She was amazing on the PS a few years ago!
  6. I'd like to hear more about the zombie please!
  7. Haha I would completely agree with you there!
  8. I like this thinking! Might try and score mine
  9. Got tickets this morning for the Friday! Would love to see him on the farm too. Think he played a few years ago?
  10. Anything from McCartney II please!
  11. Me too man!! fingers crossed
  12. It's easy to forget which year is which!
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