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  1. I really loved Patience too! Preferred it to Borderline even, especially the first version!
  2. haha ok man I hear you, I'll look out for it!
  3. Love this! These things even appeal to younger ones too!
  4. Hey JoeyT, What @Quark said about putting all your stuff out ready is spot on! I think it's really important to form good habits and get a routine going, especially with working out early as it's always tempting to stay in bed instead. Consistent bed times and alarm times are really important and it will all soon become routine - you just got to push through the first few weeks and drag yourself out of bed!
  5. Couldn't be more into this!!!
  6. true true. new album is great, and he's playing APE too. But would be great to have him on the farm !
  7. Clarence Clemons

    Iggy Pop

    Has Iggy got a good chance of appearing at Glastonbury this year?
  8. I thought it was a fantastic set!
  9. Happy new year everyone! Love and happiness to all for 2020. Respect to those back in work today! ☺️
  10. Like it! I'm listening to some Grateful Dead this morning!
  11. I'm staying locked in then, exciting! ?
  12. Is Admin in danger of being blocked by Admin?
  13. Wow and that floorplan tune is great!
  14. absolutely hearing @lukethekid with the Caribou recommendation above, that's a must...
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