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  1. was the first set of the weekend which brought me to tears. sublime stuff
  2. Clarence Clemons


    absolute legend. yet to meet you @crazyfool1. hopefully soon!
  3. playing the mirror ball album in its entirety !? 😍
  4. fuck me this setlist! I'd be all over a NY return to glastonbury, especially with crazy horse - although feel it unlikely
  5. this is one of my favourite threads to read 😂 just love hearing from all those coming from far and wide! safe travels everyone
  6. I want to hear more about the Saturday night!
  7. its a track on the amazing captain fantastic album, 1975 baby!
  8. welcome Al, and so pleased your posting! all the best god bless x
  9. I’m remaining confident man
  10. is it chem bros live set or DJ? assuming the latter
  11. disco freaks playing 3 sets across the weekend, one of them late. Check the a-z artist list on official webiste
  12. thank you! am I right that it only features the main stages at the moment?
  13. found it 😂 - had to click 'show your highlights' near the top! (small text)
  14. does anyone have a link to the clashfinder where you can highlight the acts? It doesn't seem to work for me, maybe I've got it in a different format?...
  15. epic photo. giving MJ thriller vibes
  16. loud and clear! some good selections ! ☝️
  17. hoping we get both, would be a shame to see genosys in its 'classic' edition have to go!
  18. it was a joke... I bloody love Block9
  19. that's why there's more fade haircuts and bum bags at GF each year 😂
  20. Have a belter guys. heading there on Saturday for the horrors, fat whites, Alex Cameron, primal scream etc. Will be a great Glastonbury warmup
  21. yeh that was definitely happening during the chem bros at 11pm!... right by the flares! in all seriousness we had a few disapproving looks from families during the day times...
  22. do you live in Yorkshire?
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