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  1. Dancing in the Moonlight is the ultimate crowd pleaser. It’s scientifically proven.
  2. Cam91

    2020 headliners

    This been posted anywhere? Paul’s ‘big surprise’? sorry for mentioning supergroups...
  3. Cam91

    The Strokes?

    The Strokes on a Saturday night at the Roundhouse would be awesome
  4. Cam91

    The Strokes?

    What date is Roundhouse supposed to be? still the 22nd?
  5. Surprised Killers are subbing anyone - but will be lots of caveats in their stage chat i imagine about being 'honoured' and the like. Libertines will surely turn up in some way, playing anywhere that will have them it seems.
  6. Yeah true, I meant more sets much earlier on than people would normally play. But would need to be on an open stage not a tent... may basically confine them to the Park.
  7. Could just bill them differently? Foals secret set last year wasn't very secret, just not on the poster.
  8. Solid points, I would personally imagine its some sort of day festival based on this and allegedly doing 'their own thing' Did APE last summer so wont be there, BST ruled out (I believe) - Finsbury Park too similar by location also? If not Finbsury Park, I would bet on something similar. Basically a (predominantly) one stage open air gig that is a festival in name only, that they don't need to cart around their own stuff for too much... cant really think of many in the UK off the top of my head but if they start not being announced things like that, it might be a good sign.
  9. thanks for the responses guys - appreciate it! will see what time they want to leave, if they want to get there at around 5am (it will be like a 3-4 hour drive) will give them to them, any later we will probably take all the tents.
  10. Thanks for the response - to try remove more variables: hypothetically say they go to gate D, no diversion and we camp in park home/Pennards (obviously furthest from Coach gate) get there before 6am we would stand a good chance of being in-sync? or would it be best if one group took the tents of the others and the others took the bags - in which instance sounds like us on the coach should take the tents?
  11. So 4 of our group have a coach ticket from London Victoria at 5 am (allegedly gets there at 8.30am) Then 10 others by car. I've been told that the coach queue is shorter to get in once your there, because of all the people in the car queue Tuesday night etc. Is this the case and if so how much? i know things change year on year but as a rough guide what time should our car lot aim to get to the queue to get in at roughly the same time? or will one be drastically quicker than the other if they got there super early or a bit later on? any info on this is helpful!
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