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  1. Agreed, it kind of doesn’t make sense 🤔
  2. Ah interesting insights! Not being upfront with their prices feels to me like the prices will be a movable feast depending on demand....it just feels a little dishonest. However, if we do manage tickets in the resale we’ll probably still Give it a go!
  3. We really wanted to stay at the love fields this year purely for convenience (didn’t get tickets but travelling from Aussie) but the huge hike in prices this year has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth...most of it is price on application which just feels a little shady to me?
  4. Definitely very curious as to what this is going to involve!
  5. iloveglasto2020

    Resale help

    I’d love some help...we were a group of 4 this time around, but probably down to 2 by April. This site has genuinely restored my faith in humanity after a (totally unrelated) really shitty last few days.....THIS is the true spirit of Glastonbury and THIS is why I love it 💖💖💖
  6. We also missed out, so gutted, but we’ll give the ballot and the resales a shot. I’m in NZ, there’s two of us so happy to help everyone else too 😊 we’ve been so excited about this, a trip to look forward to after a tough few years for both of us, back to our old stomping ground full of the best memories we’ll ever have, knew getting tickets was a long shot, but the disappoint is intense 😭
  7. How do you go about wrist banding jobs? we’ve missed out this year and are so gutted 🙁
  8. If anyone who got tickets this time around wants to help us out in April I’d be extremely grateful!! Drinks on me for sure.... Even through the extreme feeling of devestation I still feel like we’re going
  9. Me in NZ and 3 in Aussie.... no tickets 🙁 to say I’m devestated is an understatement...it makes making travel plans hard but we’ll still try for April
  10. Is this the same thing everyone is seeing at this stage? Im assuming that when the tickets actually go on sake the link will take you to the see website?
  11. Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but in order to buy tickets are we going through the see website, or are we going through the Glastonbury websites link to the see website? been a few years since I’ve been and things have changed a little!
  12. I'm a kiwi! Lived in London for the naughties, did 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 glastos. Coincidental that it just happens to be this year that I can make it back to glasto as well as it being the 50th anniversary. I feel in my bones that I'm going but I don't know if that is because I am or if it is pure hope and optimism! I'm trying not to overthink it, but I'm hanging out for 9.30pm tomorrow night, by which time my fate will be known Either way, I have a bit of ticket anxiety happening!! Good luck everyone
  13. I dont know the answer to this question, but I'm interested!
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