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  1. Things are changing so quickly with this thing, maybe they still had a bit of hope 🤷‍♀️
  2. Is nurse Lycra an ICU nurse? I’m an ICU nurse in NZ...we’re bracing and waiting, but hoping we manage to keep numbers low...8 cases and tight border restrictions now 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  3. I’m an ICU nurse, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’m in NZ, we’ve only had 5 cases so far but we’re well and truly f*cked if we have have a big outbreak. Ive been truely worried about this since it first started coming out in the news - you really can’t grasp the gravity of looking after these people unless you’ve done it...obviously I’ve not looked after a Coronavirus patient (yet) but I’ve looked after plenty of ARDS patients and it’s a complicated, long process that requires A LOT of resources ... staff, equipment, drugs .... at times multiple nurses to manage one patient .... Delaying the onslaught is imperative, as I said before, this is what everyone has a social responsibility to be doing for the greater good of everyone
  4. This really sucks, I’m sorry...bloody Coronavirus - ruining lives since 2019! Fingers crossed that this is enough of a worry for people that EVERYONE takes some responsibility to try and slow down the spread of this, we’re all in it together that’s for sure
  5. Yeah I think this is going to be affecting us as a human race for many months to come unfortunately. The doctors I work with are level headed and not known for dramatics, and they are all very, very worried. on the plus side, maybe we’ll manage to change the mind of some anti vaxxers?
  6. China managed to hit its peak with extreme measures, I’m not sure people would stand for being welded into their homes or being forced out of their homes into quarantine in the UK. Also, the numbers that have come out of China will be hugely inaccurate, they won’t have been completely honest and even if they were they can’t have possibly tested everyone. This is 100% bigger than you think it is
  7. Correct...also they’ve controlled their outbreak by literally welding people into their homes and, well, it’s China - there’s zero chance we have the actual facts. I don’t think we can model anything on how China has dealt with this
  8. I’m an ICU nurse, I absolutely agree with this article....I feel so annoyed at the constant ‘it’s a mild disease’ for most arguement.....there is SO much more to this, and this article pretty much sums it up. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this planet has a role to play in this, we all need to be doing our best to reduce the spread....if you are young and healthy and low risk, think about those that are not....think about those who have to give up a lot to look after those who will get gravely ill.... think about families who are losing loved ones, think about people who are losing jobs and livelihoods. I think the UK are on the precipice 🙁
  9. Agreed, it kind of doesn’t make sense ?
  10. Ah interesting insights! Not being upfront with their prices feels to me like the prices will be a movable feast depending on demand....it just feels a little dishonest. However, if we do manage tickets in the resale we’ll probably still Give it a go!
  11. We really wanted to stay at the love fields this year purely for convenience (didn’t get tickets but travelling from Aussie) but the huge hike in prices this year has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth...most of it is price on application which just feels a little shady to me?
  12. Definitely very curious as to what this is going to involve!
  13. iloveglasto2020

    Resale help

    I’d love some help...we were a group of 4 this time around, but probably down to 2 by April. This site has genuinely restored my faith in humanity after a (totally unrelated) really shitty last few days.....THIS is the true spirit of Glastonbury and THIS is why I love it ???
  14. We also missed out, so gutted, but we’ll give the ballot and the resales a shot. I’m in NZ, there’s two of us so happy to help everyone else too ? we’ve been so excited about this, a trip to look forward to after a tough few years for both of us, back to our old stomping ground full of the best memories we’ll ever have, knew getting tickets was a long shot, but the disappoint is intense ?
  15. How do you go about wrist banding jobs? we’ve missed out this year and are so gutted ?
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