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  1. Emily just said she hopes Macca will be there next year. And me.
  2. Shout out to the PCS Union that rejected a three year pay deal for us earlier this year.
  3. I'm obvs happy to be going in 2021 but, Imagine losing Macca or DiRo, and then getting Reg instead? Gutted!
  4. The See Tickets page has changed now, I just checked to see if the chance to buy an East Campervan ticket had arisen, but its just a registration page again now.
  5. I think a set playing some of Andy Weatheralls best known produced tracks will be smashing.
  6. And they are monitoring public health advice. These statements are meaningless at this stage.
  7. Seems weird eh? I cant imagine she'd have any connections whatsoever?
  8. After they did Pilton the year before last, it was always going to happen. They are playing around that weekend, so are pretty certain.
  9. If the festival isn’t cancelled though event restrictions, if the pandemic is still ‘on’ its most unlikely that rich pensioners are going to be flying into Europe surely? i reckon Foals could get the call!
  10. I went to that too! Historic gig
  11. Depeche Mode April 1986, followed by The Smiths in October 1986.
  12. Can’t imagine why Madness would do a secret set. They may just play but I’d have thought they’d want the publicity.
  13. ClementsMike

    The Who?

    I enjoyed The Who but I cant think there's anything in it for anyone if they return now.
  14. He said there was a rule that meant you can’t do two years in a row. We know that’s not a thing , so, I’m hoping he was doing a really poor bluff. I’m disappointed if he’s not there though.
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