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  1. Thank you. We are all pretty sad about it too, maybe 2020?
  2. We usually work with Olive In A Bus in Williams Green, but not this year
  3. ClementsMike

    Other Stage

    Mass appeal is a largely a thing of the past now, especially regarding Glastonbury, indeed, there is the Radio 1 Big Weekend & Radio 2’s Party in the Park (?) for mass appeal.
  4. ClementsMike

    Other Stage

    Courteeners are a massive live band. I didn’t appreciate quite what a fan base they have, but they do. Could headline the Other Stage easily. It won't please the pop lovers or the beard strokers, but there you go.
  5. Yeah, Stormzy and Rag n Bone Lad also had huge crowds alongside LG. Stormzy now headlines and I guess Rag Lad could at some point? LG and his Oasis benefits though , he gets to sub The Killers
  6. I get the genre difference, and opportunity to promote acts, but if Stormzy can headline then I reckon LG might be able to pull it off.
  7. AM’s confirmed for the Brits. its not over yet ...
  8. I saw the Killers a few years ago in the Birmingham Arena. The most soulless gig I’ve ever seen I think, hopefully it’s the venue and crowd and a Glastonbury headline set will be a greater thing.
  9. ClementsMike

    Other Stage

    Specials stock must be rising now. Turned 2 nights in Coventry into 4 and sold out all other dates. Number 1 album and universal praise. Takes them to sub level easy I’d say.
  10. ClementsMike

    Other Stage

    I’m hoping they’ll be there. Seems a shoe in to me. New albums great.
  11. My point exactly. One Direction never played either did they?
  12. Having someone like the Spice Girls would be an ironic fun gesture - mid afternoon slot. No chance would they waste a headline slot on it. And crucially, the new dates are all about the money. Debts to pay.
  13. A Monkeys to win best British band at the Brit awards and announce they are headlining?
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