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  1. No. I saw them in the old days and then saw them on the reunion , it was my last pre Covid gig in March 2020. They are excellent live and have an awesome catalogue of songs.
  2. 0898 was the first tour I saw them on. I guess Im older than you 😄
  3. Paul and Jaqui played the Acoustic Stage a few years ago. We went about half way through the set (skipping stages to cram stuff in) and got to a decent position easily enough. Id love to see them, but have seen the Beautiful South and P&J various times over the years, so they might get skipped. Shame.
  4. I see Ed Sheeran has pulled one of his Sunderland dates due to 'scheduling' issues and fans with tickets have been offered the chance to go on the other nights. So hes not enough selling tickets, right?
  5. I've spent hours and hours pretty much next to it/under it and it can squeak like mad! Drives you crazy 😄
  6. You probably have this much, but anyway … https://www.instagram.com/p/4UGiuXlRdf/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. I can get tickets to see PP in Cheltenham too but part of the Glastonbury thing, for me, is seeing a load of acts over the weekend meaning I’m not shelling out constantly on individual gig tickets, especially so close to the festival. It is what it is, just a shame, and as mentioned, I fear PP’s crowd will be badly affected.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Yes it’s gonna clash. I’ve seen PP A before so I’ll watch Di Ro but that’s an awful clash. Damn.
  9. PP Arnold says she’s playing Sunday afternoon between 3.20 & 4.20 … is that going to clash with Diana Ross? I can’t remember when the legend slot is.
  10. Odd concept that despite the timeline of buying tickets months before the poster drops, as The Courteeners are announced a load of bucket hat clad, dark fruits drinking northern lads all secure tickets. I like the band and will be happy to see them play again.
  11. Yeah, it was fine. It was the £7 they charged for the horse watchers I was thinking about.
  12. Just revisiting this post. I went to a gig at Cheltenham Racecourse on Friday night, Standard bar price for pint of Guinness was £5.50. Quite the price hike for a capacity captive audience at the races ...
  13. This. And going to see Keane to please my wife in 2010. We had to stand outside and noise bleed meant we couldn’t hear anyway. Oh, and missed Ray flippin’ Davies. Ah, well. 🙂
  14. ClementsMike

    Wet Leg

    Decent fun album. I’ll try and catch them this year as they’ll be nowhere next year onwards. Enjoy them while they’re hot.
  15. Saw Weller in Cheltenham last night. Great set and I know no one here will give a hoot 😄
  16. We did this in 2016 - the muddy one - so yeah, it took forever due to the conditions. We were based in Williams Green too, so that was a trek with all her stuff. One thing to remember is they may ask for back up id if you leave site, such as a driving licence. I remember having to let my wife go on alone to B&W from the gate as I didn't have anything on me to show.
  17. Saw Johnny Marr in Gloucester last night. Excellent. 5x Smiths 1x Electronic Rest solo.
  18. Saw The Stone Foundation at an instore at Rough Trade in Bristol last night. Excellent set. Could be getting a Top 10 album this week.
  19. I saw an East Camper ticket pop up, but it was gone just as fast.
  20. Get the the trader to ask for them. I used to work on a stall so had trade passes and we got a camper pass issued individually.
  21. I see Johnny Marr has just announced some small dates. I cant think he wont be there, not least with Bille Eilish and maybe a return with PSB's?
  22. I dunno in reality, just something hat has been mentioned. 🙂
  23. Elbow playing Bristol Sounds on June 24th, ruining the theory that there is no crossover between there and Glastonbury.
  24. Dexys have just cancelled the Too Rye Aye tour for later this year due to Kevin Rowland needing time to recover from what must be a serious motorcycle accident. Have to say, the bands Twitter feed recently had dulled my enthusiasm for it.
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