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  1. System…..Meltdown is one of the best openings to an album ever
  2. Take Off Your Colours - You Me At Six
  3. That’s The Spirit - Bring Me The Horizon
  4. What Seperates Me From You - A Day To Remember
  5. Pray For The Wicked - Panic! At The Disco
  6. From Under The Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy The greatest album of all time and no one will tell me otherwise
  7. Inhaler supporting AM on their dates next Summer. Pretty likely to make an appearance as well?
  8. I wonder if Dan is sat there grinning and stroking a cat like a Bond villain watching us scurry about
  9. Paramore secret set, calling it. Headline 2024
  10. Pit/Lock Up: Rise Against, Sleeping With Sirens, Bullet For My Valentine, The Hives, Fever 333, Mayday Parade, Neck Deep, NOISY, Good Charlotte, Pierce The Veil Arguably could all headline the stage (apart from NOISY, but they were brilliant supporting Don Broco), but I’m just shooting names out there I’d like to see announced
  11. Relieved to hear someone else enjoyed them! People slate them on here, which makes me very sad to see, haha. Thought the setlist was absolutely solid, and seeing my favourite band headline a festival I’d dreamed of going to was pretty special
  12. Gonna go years I’ve been to Leeds, so… 2019 - Replacing The 1975 with The Killers (weird one I know, don’t actually mind The 1975, but I can’t stand Matty Healy, and The Killers could have some festivals in 2019 and then a proper tour in 2020, if a certain virus hadn’t occurred…) 2018 - Replacing Kings of Leon with Arctic Monkeys
  13. At Leeds, but got to be the toilets Crowd at Bowling For Soup in 2019 was also full of some of the biggest c*nts I’ve ever come across at a gig/festival. Not to me personally, but just absolute arseholes
  14. Best: Fall Out Boy 2018 (don’t cry people, they’re my favourite band) or Foo Fighters 2019 Worst: Kings of Leon 2018
  15. Did they go down well in 2016 do you know?
  16. Five Finger Death Punch and Hollywood Undead just announced for a festival in July. Could see Hollywood Undead returning, their Pit headline set was quite busy I remember. FFDP are unlikely admittedly, but subbing BMTH potentially?
  17. If I had to guess a day this week I’d go Thursday
  18. While I don’t mind their newer stuff, their older stuff is where it’s at. I wish they would play more of it, especially at festivals. Save It For The Bedroom goes off everytime. It was Hold Me Down in full you saw wasn’t it? Great album
  19. Much as I’d love it to happen (big ADTR fan, loved them in 2019), nah, I can’t see them ever going back to R+L Surely they could headline Download though
  20. I must stress that my brackets section attached to The Fratellis was intended for Yungblud
  21. The Sunday was almost unbearable I seem to remember. Water never tasted so good
  22. To echo what previous people have been saying, seeing Enter Shikari to kick off the day, and then that run of Frank Carter > A Day To Remember > Foo Fighters was phenomenal. Loved every second of it. Would like something similar for Bring Me, but I can’t see it happening. Why they didn’t do something similar for the RATM day is beyond me
  23. I genuinely still think Kasabian will headline and Yungblud will just be billed as a ‘Very Special Guest’, similar to Capaldi, I just can’t see him headlining… .…..or maybe I’m just in denial over the fact he actually will
  24. MSE - Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa, Kings of Leon (I’ve accepted Rage aren’t there 😩), Bastille, Don Broco, Yungblud MSW - Bring Me The Horizon, Kasabian, Dave, The Fratellis (think he’ll be there but won’t headline, billed as Very Special Guest), You Me At Six, Nova Twins The Pit/Lockup - Sleeping With Sirens, Deaf Havana, Fever 333
  25. I can't stand Yungblud, but people complain about every act to be honest. He'll get a big crowd I think. Hell, there'll be people complaining about AM. The amount of "wHer'E's tRaViS?" comments will be overwhelming
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