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  1. Pretty sure you wrote my favourite ever comment on a forum when you said something about drop kicking someone to Bullet In The Head (pretty sure that was you?) You may have just surpassed it with that one. Bravo.
  2. I think 30 Seconds To Mars will call it a day sooner rather than later to be honest. While I dislike Jared Leto, This Is War is a fantastic album, and I really like some of their earlier stuff. I wish they would return to that style. Might be for the best they call it quits though. I saw them a couple of years ago and while it was okay, it did feel like the Jared Leto show. They are borderline cultish now. They would accept no less than headline, and I don't think R+L would ever give them that platform.
  3. Aye, me and my brother are trying for Sheffield. Praying for a miracle!
  4. Their new stuff is good. Homesick as someone mentioned already is fantastic. You should definitely check out What Separates Me From You as well. Would love to see ADTR make a return to R+L, don't think it will be for a little while again though.
  5. Yep, Biffy's album is fantastic. Some of those songs are going to go off at Donington if it goes ahead. Deserved headliners and I hope that full UK tour goes ahead at some point.
  6. Just finished listening to the new Biffy album, unreal. Wasn't an album I was particularly excited for, but wow, really good stuff. Wasn't sold on 'Instant History' the first time I heard it, but have to say it's my favourite off the new album. 'Tiny Indoor Firework', 'Cop Syrup', 'Space' and 'North Of No South' are standouts as well, glad I didn't listen to any of the singles apart from 'Instant History' in the buildup to the album so I could hear them as part of the album experience for the first time. Not buying into this nonsense that they've past their prime, they would absolutely smash another headline set at R+L, some of those songs would go off. Make it happen in 2022 Festival Republic.
  7. Amazing what a couple of additions and removals did for my opinion on the lineup. ADTR, Biffy and Rise Against are fantastic inclusions, and a weekend ticket may have to be considered (although I may likely just opt for a Sunday day ticket). Frank Carter > ADTR will be great, was cool at Leeds last year.
  8. Honestly think Rage are more likely than Guns N' Roses to be honest. Wouldn't mind seeing GNR purely to say I've seen them, plus the fact that it's the 'classic' lineup. But it seems completely random what GNR are going to turn up. Heard they were good at Download, but really poor last time they did R+L (which admittedly, was a while ago.
  9. 2022 seems the most realistic shout for MCR. Would shift tickets, and they would draw a crowd. Would love to see it happen.
  10. Yeah man, that first statement was an absolute disgrace. I won't even bother to look at the second statement (didn't know there was one until you mentioned it). They were on such a high horse in that first statement trying to be high and mighty, and the comment section (rightly) ripped them apart. It's such a shame to see this happening in more and more bands, but don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's all coming out. The bassist of Simple Plan left last week as well due to similar allegations, and the former bassist of Black Veil Brides (a band I loved in my high school emo phase) has also been accused by numerous girls regarding sexual abuse. It's sickening this is going on.
  11. Jokes aside, truth be told, I can't see it ever happening myself. Absolutely no chance they deserve to either in my honest opinion. There is always a slight worry in the back of my mind that FR might give them the chance however.....
  12. Does that not make them more likely? Finishing off their US tour on the 20th August, before coming over for R+L, and then moving onto Europe for September dates sounds like it could work. I will hold onto the hope they will be there until that damn 2021 poster with the Courteeners headlining appears, I swear to God.
  13. The addition of Rise Against, Billy Talent, BMTH and BFMV would make me very, very happy. God I love Rise Against, absolutely unreal band.
  14. I'm very reserved about buying any gig/festival tickets for next year at the moment truth be told. Definitely want to go to as many as I can, just really unsure when is the right time to start sinking money into them again.
  15. Buzzing that Sum 41 and Don Broco are back, hopefully get Billy Talent on board as well.
  16. Can't see it, far more likely to do Download instead (they were booked for that this year, can see them being booked next year). First band I ever saw actually (not counting supports), way back in 2011.
  17. Main Stage: Fall Out Boy (2018)/Foo Fighters (2019) Honourable Mentions: A Day To Remember (2019), Panic! At The Disco (2018), Billie Eilish (2019) NME/Radio 1: Bring Me The Horizon (2018) Honourable Mentions: Don Broco (2018) The Pit/Lock-Up: Papa Roach (2018) Honourable Mentions: Bowling For Soup (2019) Dance Stage: - Festival Republic: - 1xtra: --- Introducing: - I'm far from a Leeds Festival veteran, but I've had a blast both times I've went, and most of my time has been spent at the main stage. Had a feeling Rage would have been one of the best things I'd ever witnessed this year! Fingers crossed for next year though. Dance Stage and the 1xtra Stage just aren't my thing, although I could see myself possibly checking out the Introducing or the FR Stage at some point.
  18. Was listening to a bit of Rage on the bus from work today. It's making me sadder and sadder given that they might not even be at Leeds next year. Surely with their American tour ending before R+L there is a chance? Give me hope people.
  19. The Sunday was the only day that really appealed to me, although there were a couple of good bands sprinkled on the other days. Much as I like SOAD, I think they are a boring booking however. Would still like to see them one day. The main change will be who replaces Maiden. A really good one could convince me to go for the weekend (Foo Fighters/BMTH/Biffy). But agreed, I thought this years lineup was disappointing (saying that, I personally thought 2019 was a poor lineup too, which is a shame, because I thought 2018 was unreal).
  20. Profile Picture and Cover Photo updated on Facebook. Maybe looking into it too much, but I reckon an announcement is not too far off at all.
  21. Ah yeah, should have been more clear sorry, I meant headlining the thing. It was 2014 (my favourite ever Download lineup actually!).
  22. Echoing what other people have said, get me Rage and I will be there for the day. They were literally the only reason I bought a Friday ticket this year. Other good headliners and acts would be a massive bonus and might sway me into a weekend ticket, but Rage are just one of those bands I have to see no matter what.
  23. Royal Blood's debut album was bloody magnificent (follow up was good and all), would absolutely love it if they got the chance to headline one year. 2022/23 might be for them though, can't see it being next year.
  24. I seem to recall Simon Neil saying that Biffy Clyro would jump at the chance to support the Foo Fighters a while back mind. Is it completely out of the question that they might accept a sub role to the Foo's, if Foo's were to headline? Biffy > Foo's would be magnificent like.
  25. Kiss, Foo Fighters, System of a Down. Biffy Clyro if not Foo Fighters.
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