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  1. To be fair, would prefer to be at the front for a Pendulum show. Wouldn’t be the same energy on the outskirts, so makes me feel a little better about it
  2. Eh, just looked at the clashfinder now! I was convinced that Papa Roach clashed with Pendulum at the time. Granted, I did watch all of Panic’s set, so that ran into Pendulum by about 20 minutes, but still! Annoys me more now knowing I could have realistically caught some of Pendulum’s set at least 😆 I don’t know why I thought Papa Roach clashed. Mind you, me and my group had consumed a LARGE volume of alcohol that day. Might explain the confusion, none of us were any the wiser…
  3. Exactly what I was thinking mind. Radio 1 just had that intimate feel about it, especially when you were seeing a band far too big for that stage
  4. Selfishly, I just don’t like his music 😉 Nothing against the fella at all, but yeah
  5. Muse’s new album comes out on the first day of the festival. Were they advertised as an exclusive for IOW? Would be a corker of a secret set to coincide with a new album release. Can’t see it, but one can dream
  6. Chose Papa Roach over Pendulum in 2018, and the fact the former toured in 2019 made me regret my decision a little bit Also picked Bowling For Soup over The 1975 in 2019, and the crowd at BFS was full of absolute knob heads. So much so I almost wished I’d seen The 1975 (plus I heard they put on a great show)
  7. Spied on Twitter that Wargasm seemingly confirmed they won’t be here this year, but would like to be back next year. Would have fit well on that day though
  8. That last point is bang on mind, seems to be the case with a lot of rap and ‘chav’ acts these days (obviously there are probably a few exceptions). Pushed and pushed via TikTok and socials, and given freakishly high slots at festivals (I’m still not quite over Aitch’s positioning last year. Loads of bands have been grinding for years to work their way up the lineup, and he gets dropped in a very healthy spot in his first (?) year). I get it’s what most popular with the youth these days, but still
  9. Will unfortunately never happen, but a Shikari headline set finishing off with those fireworks would be nothing short of euphoric
  10. Hmm… MSE: Paramore, Billie Eilish, The Killers MSW: AJ Tracey, Sam Fender, YUNGBLUD I don’t want YUNGBLUD to ever headline that festival, but it’s gonna happen sooner rather than later
  11. Rage have been going since, what, ‘91, and are STILL arguably as relevant worldwide, and still easily headline any festival they play. I don’t think you can argue that they’re not ‘relevant’. Demand to see them is still massive
  12. True. Although I imagine they’d want to include this date on the end or beginning of this tour. Likely London
  13. Hope it’s not a sign of that Killers tour being postponed again. Been holding onto those tickets for ages now
  14. No doubt Alex will drag Miles Kane out for 505 or something Rob Kellas said it best…how is Alex’s back not hurting from carrying that man’s career
  15. Well. I got 1. What a terrible announcement
  16. Echoing other people, but I cannot get over how butchered that RATM day is. What the f*ck were they thinking
  17. Pretty disappointing. Some absolutely bizarre placings (Frank Carter on the Dave stage is just weird), and barely any of the obvious bigger names that would have fit so well They’ve well and truly spunked their budget on the headliners
  18. D Block Europe, Nova Twins, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Orla Gartland, The Wombats for just a random selection of names I think will be there
  19. I do hope you’re right! They’re one of the best live bands I’ve seen, and would be a fine addition to any day Were also the first band I ever saw at Leeds Festival, so will always have a place in my heart
  20. They did say their Royal Albert Hall show would be their last UK show for a while, so part of me is doubtful
  21. A bonus one, but I would fucking love The Hives to be there. RATM day please. Thanks Melvin
  22. Feel like R+L will take after RES and put Frank Carter on the RATM stage (hopefully anyway)
  23. Oh God, if MGK is there too…we’re going to have to listen to that Emo Girl song, aren’t we?
  24. Arrdee has been confirmed for the main stage via R+L TikTok … I must confess, I haven’t a clue who he is. And I know he’s already been announced. But my goodness. Slow day
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