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  1. Anyone know how much standing tickets for Gorillaz are? Planning to go for standing with a mate, but just wanted to see ticket prices first. If anyone could post all ticket prices for the O2, it would be appreciated, cheers.
  2. Late to the party, but yeah, I love it. Album of the year for me for sure, genuinely sensational. I never want to hear the argument that they aren’t big enough to headline ever again, they don’t have the material, or “bUT tHeY dIdN’t sELl oUt tHEiR dAy aT aPe”. They would absolutely smash a headline set, and R+L should be ashamed of themselves for not giving them the chance next year. Kingslayer is hectic, best song off the album for sure. My god, I am crossing everything for Babymetal supporting them on their arena tour. That would be so fucking good live. Some of those songs are going to go off. The weakest song does have to be One Day The Only..., the only one I wasn’t really blown away by. Good, but not brilliant. Solid solid 9 out of 10.
  3. Glasgow seems to be running low, only a few seating and standing tickets left. London has only seating left. However my friend, I do think you'll see quite a few people reselling tickets as time goes on. Hope you do end up at one of the two though man!
  4. I totally do get that, haha. Saw a Tik Tok a few weeks ago of him and Oli, and much as I love Oli, it was just really, REALLY cringe. Could tell it was Yungblud's idea as well, and Oli kinda just seemed to be going along with it, which seemed to make it that little bit more cringey. Oh really? Didn't know that, that's quite interesting. I remember hearing about him a few years ago playing the O2 Academy 2 in Newcastle, and his fans just seemed to have that vibe of....fanatical, for lack of a better word. Very similar to fans of Black Veil Brides and Palaye Royale. The die hard ones anyway. Kinda always thought he would explode in popularity as time went on. Not sure how him into Queens will go to be honest, let alone him into Biffy Clyro for their Glasgow show. The latter really strikes me as an odd choice.
  5. Yeah, looks like Gorillaz are out. Surprising, thought they were nailed on for sure.
  6. Can't say I'm a fan of his music (just not my thing, although I did really like his feature on that MGK and BMTH song), but he does seem like a genuinely nice guy who cares about his fans. I see he's playing some big venues on his next tour, good on him.
  7. I honestly can’t shake the feeling that Babymetal will support them. Have a song with them on the new album, and Bring Me recently supported them on their Japanese tour I believe.
  8. Would have been very happy with Queens, a band I've always wanted to see. I'm prepared to go on my own for the day to see them next year if need be. Post Malone, while I like him, I think it would have been a very boring booking, just with him having been there quite recently. Disclosure are an unknown to me though, so wouldn't have been thrilled with that booking.
  9. No worries fella, you gave me a mini heart attack with your original post, they are one of my favourites!
  10. This sums it up perfectly, I nearly laughed out loud at your comment, haha
  11. Queens did indeed in 2017. It seemed like last year was really lacking in the secret sets though. Was pissed beyond belief when I heard BFMV were Reading only.
  12. They already did a secret set in 2018, I can't see them doing another one. That being said, I wouldn't have thought they would have someone be a headline act two years in a row (Post Malone, since 2020 didn't happen)
  13. Yeah, I've just heard that new Bring Me song. I'm not the biggest Yungblud fan, but damn, it's really good. It would go off live. They've dropped a clanger not booking them as a headline act. If it isn't in the next two years, I don't think they ever will headline unfortunately. The fact that Yungblud has just been announced as well adds to the "What if...?" scenario... In before "bUt tHeY dIdN't sElL oUt tHeIr dAy aT aPE". They would absolutely smash a headline set, and that argument will not convince me otherwise. They deserved a chance this year at the very least.
  14. Quite sad looking at the reaction to this set of headliners compared to when Rage was announced. Actually quite staggering to be honest. For Queens, definitely give Songs for the Deaf a listen, some great songs on that album. Stand out singles from other albums for me would have to be 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer', 'Little Sister', 'I Sat By The Ocean', and 'The Way You Used To Do'. Hopefully you enjoy!
  15. I know there has been some weird shouts for headliners, but Miley Cyrus? Come on now people, let's just all relax a bit
  16. Whether is is (hopefully) a UK show next year or R+L 2022 (hopefully), it will happen someday my friend. I'll volunteer to take the kick as tribute.
  17. Yep, not impressed. I don't even dislike Post Malone, LG and Catfish, but they are REALLY dull bookings (Post not so much, it's just he only recently headlined that it's dull). The fact that we lost Rage is an absolute travesty, it really is. Festival Republic better break the bank to get them in 2022, I swear to God. Queens are the highlight though, and a day ticket will have to be considered for them. I'll see you all in the pit for a bit of "C--C-C-C-C-COCAINE!"
  18. LG seems to have self confirmed again, so it seems like he will be there. The rest of them are just guesses. Melvin has said in an interview with NME that all 6 of the headliners have never headlined before.
  19. Wow, looks like I've missed a lot! Finally caught up though (some amusing comments along the way) Obviously absolutely gutted Rage aren't returning, but I'm intrigued to see this announcement. Mega mega fuming that Liam Gallagher is back though (probably) Billie Eilish // Liam Gallagher // Bring Me The Horizon // Dua Lipa // Travis Scott // Halsey
  20. Liam Gallagher Bring Me The Horizon Dua Lipa Billie Eilish Halsey Travis Scott
  21. You're lying if you're saying you wouldn't belt out "YOU PUSH THE BUTTON AND WE'LL DO THE REST" along with hundreds of others. In all seriousness, would recommend you catch them when you can. I'm in the minority that liked Tranquility Base, but they still have enough classics in the setlist to keep people happy. When you're watching them, you'll have a blast, I promise. You don't even really care if the songs are playing at a slightly slower tempo. Granted, I was absolutely hammered when I saw them, so that definitely helped!
  22. Hopefully The Used won't try and bail again. In all seriousness, good to see them and Billy Talent are coming back. Billy Talent have been on the wish list for a while.
  23. New You Me At Six is great, going back to a heavier sound. Would be good to see them pop up again at Download.
  24. Was just about to say, new You Me At Six is great. Fan of all of their stuff, but I'm getting heavy Sinners Never Sleep vibes. Really really good. Doubt we'll see them back at R+L next year, but 2022 is a possibility.
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