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  1. Hope it’s not a sign of that Killers tour being postponed again. Been holding onto those tickets for ages now
  2. No doubt Alex will drag Miles Kane out for 505 or something Rob Kellas said it best…how is Alex’s back not hurting from carrying that man’s career
  3. Well. I got 1. What a terrible announcement
  4. Echoing other people, but I cannot get over how butchered that RATM day is. What the f*ck were they thinking
  5. Pretty disappointing. Some absolutely bizarre placings (Frank Carter on the Dave stage is just weird), and barely any of the obvious bigger names that would have fit so well They’ve well and truly spunked their budget on the headliners
  6. D Block Europe, Nova Twins, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Orla Gartland, The Wombats for just a random selection of names I think will be there
  7. I do hope you’re right! They’re one of the best live bands I’ve seen, and would be a fine addition to any day Were also the first band I ever saw at Leeds Festival, so will always have a place in my heart
  8. They did say their Royal Albert Hall show would be their last UK show for a while, so part of me is doubtful
  9. A bonus one, but I would fucking love The Hives to be there. RATM day please. Thanks Melvin
  10. Feel like R+L will take after RES and put Frank Carter on the RATM stage (hopefully anyway)
  11. Oh God, if MGK is there too…we’re going to have to listen to that Emo Girl song, aren’t we?
  12. Arrdee has been confirmed for the main stage via R+L TikTok … I must confess, I haven’t a clue who he is. And I know he’s already been announced. But my goodness. Slow day
  13. 1. Don Broco 2. Limp Bizkit 3. The Wombats 4. Bullet For My Valentine 5. You Me At Six 6. Anne Marie 7. Dodie 8. The Kooks 9. Orla Gartland 10. Machine Gun Kelly 11. Bad Boy Chiller Crew 12. The Snuts 13. Feeder 14. The Fratellis 15. Maisie Peters 16. Nova Twins 17. Wargasm 18. Noisy 19. Example 20. Nathan Dawe
  14. The Prodigy are back with a UK tour in July. Surely they couldn’t show up at R+L…could they?
  15. Genuinely don’t even know enough there to list 5, so if anyone has any suggestions for artists/bands to listen to for the Friday, please let me know
  16. Only going Leeds Friday, so at the moment…. 1. Rage Against The Machine 2. Bastille 3. Run The Jewels Hoping for more rock added!
  17. It’s depressing to see the absolute drop in quality in DL, honestly. A festival that’s been on my bucket list since I was a teen, but now that I’m older, lineups just do nothing at all for me. The Sunday is the only day I have SOME interest in, and even that doesn’t seem worth the price. Would have killed to go in 2014…. Awesome, thanks!
  18. I’ve been seeing good things about Spiritbox, can anyone recommend me a few songs by them to get a feel?
  19. Cool new poster design, but just very…eh Skindred have got quite a high slot I thought, surprisingly
  20. The amount of people I’ve suddenly seen listing their tickets on Twickets for events at the O2 Arena. God loves a trier
  21. Was just thinking that. Definitely thrown a spanner in the works of every event upcoming in the coming weeks (maybe months?) at the O2. Scary
  22. Probably won’t be back this year, but Neck Deep were absolutely sick the other night. Genuinely wasn’t expecting it to be as fun as it was. Be good to see them on a Pop Punk themed day or something
  23. Caught Neck Deep the other night. Fuck me, they were brilliant. Was disappointed by them at Slam Dunk 2019, but wow, insane pits, crowd well up for it, great first gig of the year. Feel like their performance this year at SD will go off.
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