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  1. Rage Against The Machine (30)Stormzy (20)Post Malone (20)The 1975 (40) Foo Fighters (30) (+5)Twenty One Pilots (25)Kendrick Lamar (15) (-5)Panic! at the Disco (25)Kings of Leon (0) (-5)Fall Out Boy (25) (+5)Kasabian (25)Eminem (20)Muse (25) Disclosure (20)Foals (40)Biffy Clyro (25) Red Hot Chilli Peppers (20)The Libertines (15) Metallica (25) Mumford & Sons (10)Arctic Monkeys (25)Blink-182 (5) Paramore (20)Queens of the Stone Age (25) Green Day (20)The Cure (25) My Chemical Romance (25) The Strokes (20)Pulp (20)Guns 'N' Roses (5) Arcade Fire (35)
  2. Were Bury Tomorrow not headlining a stage?
  3. Was going to say, this is worrying. No updates on the website either. I'm still holding out hope until I see confirmation it's off, which will probably be for the best.
  4. I can't get that image out of my head of Rise Against being there (think someone made a poster of it which had them on it). Unlikely, but let me dream that they'll be the replacement for Bury Tomorrow....if this even goes ahead!
  5. Bloody magnificent! If only it could be anywhere near as good as this!
  6. Panic! At The Disco are an option as mentioned previously, would personally love if they got the chance to headline outright. Haven't listened to Dua's new album, but she was good in 2018. Don't see her headlining though, but I think she will return. Potential sub to Panic?
  7. Pure and utter joy at Rage Against The Machine being announced, to complete and utter despair that it all might have been for nothing due to this damn virus. That's pretty much it 😉
  8. Granted, it's probably the festival that has the most chance of going ahead. With Slam Dunk rescheduling to early September, it's not all bad. Fingers, toes, arms and everything crossed this situation is better by then.
  9. With Download and IOW off, feel like it's a near certainty at this point this will be called off/postponed. Gutting. So much excitement for the reunion down the drain for now.
  10. Damn, really gutting to see. Much as I'm ever the optimist, I do feel less confident it will go ahead now. Damn damn damn. That's my Killers date definitely off then as well, gutting. What a bloody year, eh?
  11. As @Jericode mentioned earlier, new All Time Low stuff is brilliant. Genuinely think it's some of the best stuff they've done. Feel for them that they aren't in a higher slot. Surely they could do a cracking Radio 1 Tent headline slot? I'm aware they aren't really the ideal band for the 'target audience', but they are more than deserving enough, surely.
  12. Dance Gavin Dance and Issues can’t make the new dates. Wonder if any artists from R+L would potentially stick around to perform at SD given the chance?
  13. Absolutely if I'm wrong I'm wrong, just calling it how I see it right now.
  14. Yes, there are people still thinking like this. When you see events like This is Tomorrow and Slam Dunk being moved to August and September respectively, why is it so out of the realms of possibility that TRNSMT (a festival in July) could go ahead? I'm not saying it's right that certain festivals go ahead (the safest thing to do would be cancelling everything), but I can't see that happening.
  15. Surprised they haven't said anything yet about ADTR rescheduling. Potential signs that they are planning to move Slam Dunk to fit in with ADTR's new date, like you said @moams?
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