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  1. Saw Biffy tonight in Sheffield. The perfect mix of old and new for me. Some glaring misses from the setlist, but probably a solid 8 out of 10 setlist for me. Looked similar to Cambridge’s setlist. Man, after having tickets for that gig for roughly a year, felt good to see them. First time seeing them, and definitely won’t be the last.
  2. Saw Don Broco last night. Third time seeing them, they just get better each time. New stuff goes off live. Get them a healthy spot next year please FR.
  3. Been obsessed with Damned If I Do Ya, Damned If I Don’t by All Time Low recently. Would love to see them make a return. Sold out UK tour recently, would think they are a safe bet. New album wasn’t half bad either. Headline set in The Pit against a rap act would go lovely for me
  4. Silverstein are a great booking, they were my highlight of 2019, delighted to see them back. For a massive Emo like me, it’s genuinely fantastic
  5. Gorillaz playing festivals in June, July and now August next year. Shout for a wild card headliner? Saw them at The O2 in August, were well good, proper feel good (no pun intended) live act. Feel like they could have featured acts on songs (like slowthai and Slaves and Little Simz) on the undercard too.
  6. Snoop Dogg likely to rock up for a secret appearance at Reading similar to Drake? Break from touring on the Sunday, with a London date two days after
  7. I think they’ll still come. Everyone in 2020 was convinced they weren’t doing Europe, and then bang, that US Tour turned into a world tour
  8. His daughter was granted a restraining order against him recently. He’s a top class musician, and I love QOTSA, but he comes across as a bellend
  9. Would have been a killer tour in the UK. Still think ADTR will do their own standalone shows, but this makes Bring Me more likely I think
  10. Good to hear. Honestly nothing personal, but the guy is fucking horrendous
  11. If they can’t ply the actual festival due to commitments to other festivals, possible standalone dates at the sites similar to ADTR? Can imagine it selling well, their TOYC Tour completely sold out if I recall
  12. Always liked YMAS, and SNS is a fantastic album. Probably my second favourite behind TOYC. Fantastic if true, and could sway me to buy a ticket
  13. Second this. They’d absolutely kill it man, I don’t want to hear this argument that they aren’t ‘real metal’. Needs to happen
  14. Don’t know anything by Alexisonfire other than This Could Be Anywhere In The World, but god damn it is an unreal song, been on repeat lately. Any recommendations by them people?
  15. Will never happen, but a ‘political’ rockish themed day consisting of Rise Against, Frank Carter, Enter Shikari and RATM would be ace
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