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  1. I just don’t get the Rage day at all. They structured the Foo’s day perfectly in 2019 in terms of rock music. Honestly like they didn’t even try to cater something special for Rage fans
  2. After Slam Dunk, PLEASE get Alexisonfire there somewhere
  3. I’m convinced on A Day To Remember. Would go down well, and like you said, feel like they owe them. Could see Rise Against there as well (big enough to headline?) Noticed Yellowcard are back together, could definitely see them trying to get them in as well
  4. Last minute decision with a mate to go to this, and boy, glad we did. First festival since COVID, good to be back! Silverstein the highlight for me, loved those guys since school, was well impressed with Beartooth as well. 3OH!3 were harmless, daft fun, and managed to catch my favourite Alexisonfire song. All in all, success. Baking heat! A Day To Remember and Rise Against for next year please
  5. Looks like The Killers are playing at the O2 Academy Sheffield. 17th May. Not sure if there’s any other dates
  6. PVRIS final act I saw in the tent. Again, really wish I’d known at the time
  7. Bring Me’s secret set was insane in the Radio 1. The buzz around the place when they took to the stage and started MANTRA was something else Don Broco in 2018 were the first ever band I saw at Leeds Festival in the tent, loved every second of it. So yeah, that tent will always hold a special place in my heart. Bring it back
  8. Leeds Festival in 2019 remains one of my favourite performances ever. Taylor absolutely owned the stage during Under Pressure. Just went back and watched it on YouTube now. Great drummer, even better person
  9. I may have underestimated their popularity…I scoffed at their placement at R+L this year. I know Eurovision gave them massive appeal, and their streaming numbers are impressive, but will this sell well? Or are they just a flash in the pan? No hate, just genuinely curious
  10. Reading completely sold out now. Out of curiosity, what’s the fastest the festival has sold out? Anyone know?
  11. Tbf, I watched Panic which ate into Pendulum’s set, so I would have been nowhere near the action for it. I have no idea why our group at the time though Papa Roach and Pendulum clashed though 😆 Again, blame the alcohol BFS and The 1975 did for the the large majority clash though? And to be fair, I was watching The Maine beforehand as well
  12. To be fair, would prefer to be at the front for a Pendulum show. Wouldn’t be the same energy on the outskirts, so makes me feel a little better about it
  13. Eh, just looked at the clashfinder now! I was convinced that Papa Roach clashed with Pendulum at the time. Granted, I did watch all of Panic’s set, so that ran into Pendulum by about 20 minutes, but still! Annoys me more now knowing I could have realistically caught some of Pendulum’s set at least 😆 I don’t know why I thought Papa Roach clashed. Mind you, me and my group had consumed a LARGE volume of alcohol that day. Might explain the confusion, none of us were any the wiser…
  14. Exactly what I was thinking mind. Radio 1 just had that intimate feel about it, especially when you were seeing a band far too big for that stage
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