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  1. Flysheet

    Glasto Food

    We had our own Hare Krishna curry using the recipe off their fb page, plus the obligatory nighttime pancakes
  2. It was 1989 ffs I genuinely don’t remember!
  3. Flysheet

    BBC Glastonbury

    Watching The Streets that I missed last year, well impressed I’ve never seen the Metallica set till today, how good was that? Foos were as awesome as I remember and wish I’d seen XX and Black Keys at some point
  4. Unbelievable innit...would have been three crackers on the run
  5. Sat with my feet up having packed the car ready for the run down tomorrow to join the Festaff crew...
  6. MultiBillion pound global outfit, they’ll spend that on a dinner for the bosses
  7. Let’s hope they do!
  8. I have. Won’t save them any money, they’d have to pay me all my notice anyway but would make me more money! Not sure that’s right though given it’s taxpayer £
  9. I’m kind of on Furlough but actually on gardening leave as I was made redundant days before this all kicked off... Trying to get a job at the level I’m used to was looking ok a couple of weeks ago but the recruitment world has fallen off a cliff! We should be ok through the summer and was kind of looking forward to lots of festy volunteering, fingers crossed eh!
  10. I and many many others had a flu bug with identical symptoms in December. Knocked me flying for weeks.
  11. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2020

    Festaff rolling over
  12. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2020

    Just for reference on Festaff, if you are on the waiting list you are getting your deposit back and will have to reapply next I'm not sure about those who were booked in, not heard yet.
  13. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2020

    I’ve also had the Water Aid email but not sure what means either. I’m in a really strange situation at the mo. I hedged my bets with Oxfam when I didn’t get a campaigner spot and booked up a second to get 2021 priority, this was before I got my Festaff spot as well and I was doing three for them so would be guaranteed a Glasto 21 spot via them as well! As I said above, the WA thing is confusing and might mean I have three spots for next year! At least that means two for others back in the pot!
  14. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2020

    Well done! care to share your video?
  15. Flysheet

    Volunteering 2020

    I know, I know, just clutching at straws lol My Festaff spot is secure anyways
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