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  1. Biffy Clyro can come open the main if they want. 3rd highest spot on the main would make absolutely zero sense in Belgium and specifically on Rock Werchter.
  2. We're going to Untold Festival in Romania. Went on a big European festival discovery tour on Google after Pukkelpop cancelled. A bit like Exit combined with Tomorrowland and Sziget from what we've seen but have never been there before. A mix of dance, techno, drum & bass, pop etc. Not 100% my kind of festival, but seems like quite the party!
  3. Geez, totally missing the point. I’ve been going to RW for over 10 years now and go because of the fact it was always so diverse and not “because the name says rock”. Going from stage to stage and ending up at the main with a nice and different closer of the day. Just said that with the names already announced, the names at Primavera and Mad Cool, Werchter should stay diverse and go for other headliners than GNR and Elton John to also give big names to another audience that they also cater too. Tame Impala, Jamie XX, Flume, Jorja Smith, Disclosure, Tyler The Creator, Lorde, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Kendrick and many more can and are clearly able to take these spots worldwide. Rock Werchter is a festival that showcases relevant mainstream music from now and the past across generations and genres. And it won’t lose it in the next years because their booking is (mostly) spot on. I just really really don’t understand why we want more of the same old when music is so diverse nowadays. So yes. My place is at RW and I’ll for sure stand for that diverse festival it is and will be in the future.
  4. Jan Jambon doesn’t see any issue with festivals happening in Belgium following the guidelines of full vaccination or testing. End of July 80 percent of Flemish residents will be fully vaccinated so he does not see a problem with festivals like PKP happening. A bit of light in the dark tunnel that is currently the Netherlands and their festivals, which apparently isn’t going to have a big impact on PKP. PKP spokesperson also said a possible cancellation of Lowlands or DTRH has “no impact on PKP”. I believe he means no impact for it happening, but obv could have impact on artists and line up.
  5. Yes. Nobody says they don’t deserve a spot. What we say is: you already have plenty of old bands, just for the sake of diversity take other bands that appeal to the big audience you’re catering too with RW. Bands like Rolling Stones, GNR, Elton John fit on TW Classic, since they are as you mentioned music history. But they simply do not contribute anymore to the headliners already presented in the 22 line up. so yes, taking all this into consideration I do not believe the audience that hasn’t been served yet is waiting for Elton John or GNR or even the Stones. Which means that a combo of other acts like the ones I’ve mentioned will be better for the festival line up. (Evidence for that is the great welcome to the Primavera names) edit: also nobody is comparing anything. We’re putting a line up together and that doesn’t mean that by taking one band you’re saying the other is shit.
  6. Elton John? GNR? Is this some kind of sarcasm I’m not understanding? Starting to feel like the bands are not the only old thing on RW anymore. I really don’t get how you consciously could still ask for more old bands/artists. Either I’m too young for RW or everyone else is not open for new music on the top off the bill. But damn, GNR and Elton John when Tame Impala, Kendrick (possibly), Dua Lipa, Lorde, Tyler the Creator, Billie Eilish and more are touring just totally blows my mind.
  7. I’d transfer 250 more euros to PKP if they make this happen
  8. @Ken19Is it like cancellation bad? Or smaller festival bad? Or just terrible line-up bad? It’s taking a bit too long now so would be great if they’d start communicating.
  9. Let's give some other audience a headliner too. I think with FNM, PJ & Metallica that the "heavier" /rock is well presented on top of the bill. And that's 3/4 of the current names.
  10. There will be exceptions, but the total package of this measure is not clear yet. At least not to me or on news channels maybe someone else has more insights.
  11. In other sad news, people from 27 countries with high virus circulation banned from traveling to Belgium this summer. Including UK.
  12. Different cities, different period (not when schools have started), different audience (trying for Belgian only).
  13. Tickets are on name and address 🙂 better to then purchase through PKP market or connect with someone to transfer the ticket to your name for a fee (I believe it was 25 euro's before)
  14. They've communicated on specific news channels about it, see Dutch version below:
  15. Pukkelpop is selling tickets without names for a festival that starts in 2 months. I'm not surprised by anything anymore!
  16. At this point they should go for a full mystery festival and never reveal anything unless you're in front of one of the stages.
  17. Also known as guy that played the guitar for Kanye West and Rihanna.
  18. They're aiming to give everyone their first shot before 11th of July. If you use the "When will I get the vax"-tool, 18 year olds will be vaccinated in the week of the 5th of July, which results in a second shot around the week of 9th of August. So normally everyone that wants to get vaccinated will be vaccinated how I understand it. (knocks on wood, throw a rabits foot over shoulder, caresses his four-leafed clover and prays quickly)
  19. Would like to clarify this a tiny bit. They only legally extended them until end of march (6 weeks) because the rules require a legal refresher to last 6 weeks. If on the 22nd of jan the government decides to ease the pressure (which they won't), it's perfectly possible. The messaging from the past days about this "IT LASTS UNTIL MARCH NOW" is totally crazy and it just means that in the upcoming days and weeks we don't fall without a legal basis for the rules that are currently already in place. It's not that it's already set in stone the rules will remain the same until march. (See tweet from Minister of Internal Affairs)
  20. One day into 2021 and already shattered all my hopes and dreams, Ken! 😉 Jokes aside, if they book them on Friday then so be it. As long as RW happens it’ll be a great party and I won’t complain! Will there be a co/subheadliner on any of the other days that is a bit more pop/hiphoppy?
  21. Exactly the same feeling. No hard feelings against those names they’re always fun to see. But my god the headliners giving me a big yawny feeling. Hope they pack Metallica on the Sunday with RHCP and Friday gets a bit groovier with some newer headline material (any guesses?) anyhow, not sure if after years of going we’re that representative seeing that probably for a lot of people they haven’t seen them yet and would be a bit more enthousiastic than we are 😉 forum people are a tough crowd to please I guess!
  22. Of course they aren’t. But for those that like to listen to older rock bands, I think they are already pleased. Now let’s try to please the others by bringing some new stuff and not add any more for the audience you’re already reaching with the names announced already. hence; get some empathy for more than what you like yourself and defending it because the parts of the younger audience likes it as well.
  23. Imagine this: Pearl Jam, Metallica, Gorillaz and RHCP. I know that vintage is getting back in again. But that feels very 2000s and don’t think even hipsters think that vintage from 2000s is hip again. Please don’t RW. Let at least show a bit of renewal. And to all the ones saying AC/DC, Guns n Roses and even Aerosmith. Please get out of your tiny old fashioned cocoon and embrace the fact that all RW still needs is headliners that are a bit more, how to say it, mainstream? Future-proof? Innovative? to all people that say that younger people drink less and therefore should not be taken into account for a line up that appeases them, a sincere middle finger for being so small minded. All that means is that drinks got too expensive for younger people. Not that they don’t have the right to enjoy the biggest mainstream festival in Belgium. a little bit of empathy would really suit a lot of you
  24. None of your comments make any sense in this situation. People are just gutted that they bought a ticket anticipating Kendrick on Werchter in 2020/2021. Kendrick is not there. End of discussion. It's not about RW having to change or just going to another festival it's just that people expected something and don't get it now. Ofcourse it's normal for them to rebook to another band if Kendrick cancelled, but don't blame people for being gutted about it since it was finally a new headliner for RW 🙂
  25. Some people are really underestimating the reach of Rock Werchter and the total difference in type of audience they have to cater to, specifically for their headliners. Foo Fighters, Metallica, Rammstein sound like the only true contenders in that field if it has to be a headliner act. Personally for me I'd rather see some more alternative or mainstream headliners (Tame Impala, Stromae, The Strokes, Billie Eilish, ...) added but any artist will do fine as long as we have a 2021 festival.
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