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  1. pigital

    Shangri La

    Joy (anonymous) & friends, best to be there
  2. pigital

    Shangri La

    Biggest spreader of people at that moment could be a big TBA slot at Arcadia of some capacity right before Joy with some hints that'll be Fred the coming weeks. Something after which he can still pop-up at Joy's set at Nowhere. Pretty sure organizers know it would be a stupid idea to announce like that and expect anything less than a complete shutdown of Shangri La the hours before Joy's set.
  3. Is there a definition of headliners on Glastonbury? Do we consider Pyramid + Other + Legend Slot?
  4. pigital

    2024 Headliners

    Dua Lipa, Coldplay, Beyoncé, Shania (increasing my mates odds for resale tickets)
  5. pigital

    2024 Headliners

    From what I read seems to be an exclusive one-off but one can hope!
  6. You don't wait for the auto-refresh? You inhuman disgrace! I bet you pee on the land too!
  7. I think we'll stick to what we did last year. Arrive Tuesday night around 00:00, overnight in the car until morning. Then either wait for the queue to calm down or just give it a crack and go ahead and queue with everyone at PGA or PGD. Will for sure still aim for Bushy, had a nice spot close to water and toilets, not too busy and most of the times we ended up at Silver Hayes or Arcadia as a close.
  8. Romy doesn’t even sing in her own sets, I’d be amazed if she’d do it for Fred’s
  9. Try to think of outcomes and not just output.
  10. None of the above give anyone the right to kick off against so many people even if you have created the community. Communities don't revolve around a person, they are about the community itself. Actual good leaders would know that 🙂 In any case, as a first-timer I'm quite shocked by all of this but will go to the "Unofficial, organized by Crazyfool on the tradition of the forum created by neil, meetup of eFestival people & fans".
  11. pigital


    Cranes, cars and people around the pyramid this morning! Is today the day?
  12. Hi! First year for me as my mates secretly organized this as a bachelor-party/pre-wedding gift. Looking forward after reading a lot of pages so far, seems like it's going to be quite the experience!
  13. I do agree that part of them never being too good in Werchter or Pukkelpop is simply because we’re not fully their type of audience here in Belgium. It’s like Herman Schueremans said, Belgians ease into the concert slowly but when you have them they give you all. Bands that need the energy more to bring energy into a crowd (AM for example) will always have a harder time in Belgium than bands that feed energy and then enjoy together (Coldplay for example). For the first type of band it’s always hit or miss at Belgian festivals, of which Gorillaz was another example this summer. With other crowds I indeed see this happening less, of which Sziget is a nice example.
  14. And they were terribly boring at Pukkelpop too. Lots of people leaving, Alex was definitely not in the mood which happens more often than not. Also didn’t sell their day out on a smaller festival than Werchter. For me they don’t have to be there at all as it won’t be a convincing name for many who saw them at Werchter or Pukkelpop already.
  15. But also to find 😉 looking nearby the bars sometimes can do wonders
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