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  1. Brilliant thank you. I will stay safe this year then and wait till I’ve upgraded to an official one. I’m still young enough for camping not to be a problem thanks for your advice
  2. Thanks for this, I’ve already seen this on the official website but was just wondering peoples experiences with the strictness of these rules. As I say it has a bed and is definitely lived in but it doesn’t have a fixed cooker or wash facilities. I’m assuming that means it’s a no officially x
  3. I have recently purchased a new van. It has a rock n roll bed in and not much room for anything else. It does have two windows in the back though. My question is how strict are they on campers being fully classified as a camper as By DVLA standards it isn’t a camper. However I would like the option of maybe taking it one year.
  4. I’m saying announcement at 20:20 tonight:)
  5. I’m by no means a Glastonbury veteran (this will be my 5th time) but I think I’ve now experienced both ends of the weather spectrum. In my head a wet Glastonbury would be loads worse but after last years extreme heat where I just didn’t wanna move incase I caught fire or melted I think hot is worst! is it just me that hates the heat?
  6. Lewis Capaldi Marti Pellow The Mavericks
  7. Cheers mate, sad I missed it but I did see how full the crows nest was but there was no indication that anything was happening. probably wouldn't have heard it anyway. Thanks
  8. Can someone please help. It's a little late now but where is it? I wanted to see Brett Anderson on Saturday morning and the EE app said it was on the Park Stage. Perfect I thought, I'll catch the TBA on the Park then go to the free Uni. Looked at where it should be on the map near sweet charity. Nothing and no room for it to be anywhere. Asked one of the stewards he said it was up by the crowes nest. Climbed the hill and looked.... Nothing. Asked a steward up there, he said it was in the healing fields! Pretty much ran to the healing fields looking for it but couldn't see it. Asked
  9. It has to be today. It's the day I've started preparing my feet for glastonbury. The walking boots are out and in use for the first time since I took them off at the end of the last glasto
  10. 6 PAID FOR 2 RETURNED My sister is getting married and moving house so she can't go. Who needs love and somewhere to live when you have Glasto! She must be mad
  11. I had a similar problem. The bank tagged it as fraud (because i never spend that much money haha) and I had 10 minutes of panic too. I feel your pain :)
  12. Would love to see Thunder at Glastonbury, they are a great festival band. But probably not big enough for the Pyramid
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