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  1. I had to keep tethering off my mate. Wasn't great.
  2. We watched from up on the hill - it was amazingly good fun.
  3. Good shout - my phone has dual sim functionality ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!
  4. I'm on o2 - the signal was terrible. Missed lots of friend meet ups as a direct result. I'm going to get an EE sim for next year
  5. One of my first jobs was in a call centre for a mobile phone company. When we got arsehole customers we used to do all sorts to them. Changing their diverts to Battersea Dogs Home, porn lines the lot.
  6. Driving there - via a stop off in Oxford to drop the 6 year old off! It's not a bad journey, I tend to do the a46 all the way (pretty much!) - the whole a42/m6/m5 thing is a proper boring drive, especially if the traffic is terrible around Brum.
  7. That sounds like an absolute mission. I'm driving from Notts too - but not until the Thurs ๐Ÿ˜ž
  8. Oh for sure, getting it on a coach wouldn't usually be possible. Good luck in your quest!
  9. I would go for a Garden trolley over one of those IMO. I've had mine for about a decade - it's down many, many festivals. It could become an absolute quagmire - it all depends on the weather!
  10. We've just been given one - completely out of the blue. I intend to absolutely wax the lot.
  11. I think they might be away at the moment anyhow.
  12. Same here - Not getting it for a while but useful to have it to draw down on! I don't suppose you work in HE?
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