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  1. I had to keep tethering off my mate. Wasn't great.
  2. We watched from up on the hill - it was amazingly good fun.
  3. Good shout - my phone has dual sim functionality 🙂 Thanks!
  4. I'm on o2 - the signal was terrible. Missed lots of friend meet ups as a direct result. I'm going to get an EE sim for next year
  5. One of my first jobs was in a call centre for a mobile phone company. When we got arsehole customers we used to do all sorts to them. Changing their diverts to Battersea Dogs Home, porn lines the lot.
  6. Driving there - via a stop off in Oxford to drop the 6 year old off! It's not a bad journey, I tend to do the a46 all the way (pretty much!) - the whole a42/m6/m5 thing is a proper boring drive, especially if the traffic is terrible around Brum.
  7. That sounds like an absolute mission. I'm driving from Notts too - but not until the Thurs 😞
  8. Oh for sure, getting it on a coach wouldn't usually be possible. Good luck in your quest!
  9. I would go for a Garden trolley over one of those IMO. I've had mine for about a decade - it's down many, many festivals. It could become an absolute quagmire - it all depends on the weather!
  10. We've just been given one - completely out of the blue. I intend to absolutely wax the lot.
  11. I think they might be away at the moment anyhow.
  12. Same here - Not getting it for a while but useful to have it to draw down on! I don't suppose you work in HE?
  13. This is a very sensible suggestion.
  14. Definitely. I've a feeling, if anything, it'll be Kidzfield.
  15. The sacrifice of the cargo shorts - Thursday 7pm Green Fields.
  16. I wear jeans and take two pairs of very good, breathable waterproof trousers. Has worked for me!
  17. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/isothermal-backpack-30l-nh-ice-compact-100/_/R-p-309970?mc=8560647&c=GREY That's the 30L size. It's not too big (I was worried it will be!)
  18. The implication in your post is that there are female acts that, in your view, shouldn't have been booked - and only have been to make up a quota. So it's been put to you to provide examples of the acts. I think that's a pretty fair and reasonable question.
  19. I've just bought this too!
  20. https://camplight.co.uk/events-booking/glastonbury-pop-up-province/
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