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  1. Alanis morrisett end of the month, Pulp, Space and Cast in December. Its like 1996 again in my world.
  2. Bestival, van Morrison in November Liverpool and Pulp in Sheffield in December
  3. they are recording new songs now! - and all really happy to be doing so. Thier FB page here https://www.facebook.com/#!/spacetheband is regualry updated, and you can see loads of footage of that reunion gig on there too. (almost a full setlist i think now?)
  4. I saw Space at the reunion gig in december - was really brilliant actually!!. Going to see John Power/cast in March - saw him resently and he was excellent even thogh he only played 3 songs.
  5. Next Friday im going to the Justic tonight gig in Liverpool to see Mick Jones, Pete Wylie and The Farm plus special guests.
  6. Hey Rachie... you're my first friend on here so thank you! x

  7. hi i missed the video - what was it?

  8. Im happy about the painting ive almost finished. Its a painting of the pyramid at glasto. not long now!
  9. hello rachie,

    i saw your festival fotos - how great!

    what do you think to share one in this video AS WELL?

    greetings tomas, germany


  10. Going on holiday in 1 week!! first abroad holiday without my parents! im almost 27! - i haven't been away for 10 years. Me and my man are having a very romantic holiday in Egypt, all inclusive 5 star hotel!! can not WAIT!!
  11. ive got my first 2 driving lessons this week
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