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  1. Kill

    The Strokes

    Please please please!
  2. So your touting a ticket when they are still available at face value.... Fking idiot
  3. Kill


    regret not asking name/number of a lovely girl i was sat next to on the train travelling backk
  4. anywhere to buy online?
  5. Kill

    Why is Everyone Moaning

    2010 was my first glasto, having been to about seven different festivals previous. Had the most amazing time of my life, the atmosphere was simply amazing and the site out of this world. No idea what all the moaning is about tbh, but us brits love a moan i guess
  6. Yeah pissing near a fence in a field should result in eviction from the festival.. IDIOT
  7. you wern't traveling to york on the train today were you? The lass I was sat next to was on about doing her dissertation on glastonbury
  8. Kill

    'Celeb' Spotting

    prince charles and michael eavis in green peace, and could have sworn I seen johnny marr
  9. Kill


  10. Really considering joining your triangle as previously stated! Few concerns though, not really a regular poster so a little worried most people are all fairly well acquainted? Also I will be like a headless chicken trying to navigate glasto!!
  11. Kill


    sorry its late lol
  12. Kill


    weather forecast looks great, so am I right in thinking I can forget about the wellies? Much love
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