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  1. lemons

    2021 New Music

    Not strictly a new song but new version. Touring UK in November
  2. Got tickets for the Sunday. Happy to just go see Chem Bros but could make a day of it. Check out Declan McKenna and a couple of others. We're late 20s, is Trnsmt a mixed crowd or full of kids?
  3. This was one of my hypothetical future "when gigs are back" must sees at a time when nothing seemed hopeful. Gonna get tickets for my niece for Xmas (90% for me let's be honest 😁)
  4. lemons

    How do you feel?

    Sending love to forum users going through hard times xx . Grateful this forum has been a little escape for me through a range of emotions.
  5. Might be looking a ticket for the Monday
  6. Tested negative since. Had the sense to book extra day off work to sleep but other than that pretty good festival recovery and only really had Friday as a sad day
  7. Layton Williams from Bad Education and Everybody's talking about Jamie was beside me at the bar. I only know this as the bar staff talked about it after so I'm not sure if that counts as famous haha
  8. Incredibly naive for anyone to go thinking it'd be "safe" or it was a test event in anything but name only. No requirement to actually do a test, double vaccinated and children can have covid , even if you avoided crowds you were sharing toilet facilites? No real follow up, no real tracking of whether attendees were vaccinated or showed test . What can be learned from it ? I went knowing it was absolutely a gamble and was I willing to isolate /get ill afterwards. After seeing double vaccinated people in my life get symptomatic covid likely from a restaurant meal, weighed up that covid is going anywhere and I don't want to shut myself in forever.
  9. Unless I've misunderstood, in line with prevalence in general population few hundred at latitude were likely to have had covid?
  10. Lynks was great fun as an opener. Interesting test how I felt about crowds. Didn't bother me at all tbh. Kept more distant with less dense crowds. Shame I couldn't find their late night set. Acts I hadn't really heard before I enjoyed- The Staves , Dream Wife,Lola Young, Longest Johns (not normally my kinna thing but I got a bit emotional seeing families dancing and having fun, maybe sleep deprivation kicking in then πŸ˜‰ haha) Acts I knew - CMAT, Cherym, Just Mustard & Orla Gartland. Sunrise was a lovely wee area. Nicer toilets, shorter bar queue, shade. Trekked there rather than wait on main stage queues. Highlights- Hot Chip was right in amongst it, took a bit of a fuck it risk but what a release . Dancing in the dark cover was euphoric. Chem bros were amazing, didn't stop dancing . Was ready to stop as my feet aching but started up again for the encore. Gonna try and go see them at trnsmt (I'll stand at the back and go late to avoid the kids but that convinced me it'd be worth it.) Bombay bicycle club were my 2nd last gig and I was really quite sad when I saw them so had a great time singing along and dancing to a well-paced set πŸ™‚ Honourable mentions to Club de fromage , discoshed picking me up when I was ready to leave and abba disco for just being fun and an atmosphere that everyone just wanted to squeeze everything out of this weekend and why not!
  11. Right sorry to bring this up again but what purpose does the retest serve ? 'Bring spare lateral flow tests with you if you’re not using the NHS Covid Pass to access the festival. Lateral flow test results are valid for 48 hours, please retest after this time and report your result to the GOV.UK website; no need to return to the festival gates. If you receive a positive result please attend an on-site medical area immediately.'
  12. 8am London Coach, 1pm Lynks main stage and I'm in standard camping. Reckon I've any chance of making it on time?
  13. Good shout but my best hoody Iwas gonna take is my hot chip one. Nightmare clashes what a beautiful problem to have πŸ˜‰
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