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  1. Best place to buy a waterproof tent in Bristol? Unable to travel with one there.
  2. Can anyone recommend a 2 man tent for less than £80 available in a high street shop? I need one for this weekend and heavy rain is forecast on at least 1 day.
  3. Atmosphere for Robyn , Years & Years and Lizzo was great. Enjoyed bits of Weezer and Kylie, brilliant to here the Cure's 'lullaby'. Ibibio sound machine and Brockhampton very fun. Crowd for Muse was terrible, I was the only person singing or jumping as far as I could see in any direction. During the whole set I made sure not to bump into people but once I ever so slightly bumped into someone and got daggers. It's a rock show, do f**k off. Forgot how many hits P!nk has, very impressive setlist. Macklemore sounded like an arsehole talking to the crowd. Had to leave Mumford, not for me at all . Saturday was the hottest I've ever felt. Didn't find it hard to find shade or at a push take a seat in an unoccupied Klub C/barn. The only queues were the water stations and leaving the arena. So easy to get to airport,Leuven and get shuttle. While 2017 had vastly superior line up,still really enjoyed this year's experience and will return! Oh yeah and I had to go to A&E and I'm on crutches following an accident shortly after landing back home. Maybe the weekend caught up with me haha
  4. Right, which drink is easiest to have when it's 30 degrees and can't keep anything cold in the campsite 😄
  5. Each festival ticket entitles you to 1 free and personal train ticket for a return journey in 2nd class from the Belgian train station of your choice to Rock Werchter and your campsite. The ticket allows you to travel to the train station of Leuven or Aarschot. Transfers by extra bus of De Lijn are included. The train ticket can be downloaded from sncb.be/rockwerchter using your unique SNCB code you'll be able to download on www.ticketmaster.be/rw from 5 June 2019.
  6. Inspired by previous years, time for this year's loner thread 😊 I'll be flying from Ireland on the Thursday morning, got a pre-pitched Hive MySpace tent.
  7. I think Jimmerz95 was involved in whatsapp groups at previous additions?
  8. Lineup doesn't grab me like 2017 but there's enough to keep me interested and I haven't taken much time to listen to acts unknown to me. Do they still have screens/ speakers outside klub c / the barn if it's full? Could be a nightmare trying to get there early enough. Has anyone set up a loner attendee group this year yet?
  9. With alcohol limited is there any real advantage of eurostar over flying?
  10. I was just unlucky as it was pretty much just the first day getting into the arena! Hard to see signs for segregation for searches too. No problem at bars, food or toilets though, big plus for this festival.
  11. Missed most of their set due to the queues! Discovered Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes that year and see they're still touring this summer so would love to have them back again
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