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  1. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Prob wouldnt go see Bicep again but Glue real moment to just go off in your own world
  2. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Olly on top of the piano for that cover version, great
  3. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Mate a huge beatles and paul fan from their childhood but despises ob la di , brought a smile to my face. Would the Sunday legends slot have been an option or if he plays, he has to headline?
  4. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    First time on stage since the death?
  5. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Based purely on watching at home on tv haha. Saw Megan couple of weeks ago without knowing much about her. Didnt stop moving , great entertainment. Saw Brian Wilson at a fest and while its nice to hear such classic tunes ,kinna have to make allowances for them not being able to sing anymore.
  6. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Megan smashing it. Some energy at Primavera
  7. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Caught off guard by Happier than Ever !
  8. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Carbon copy of own show but the transition when cutting songs short is jarring.
  9. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Falling a bit flat? Was phenomenal few weeks ago but something off. Backing track doing too much work? Oxytocin should go off. She'll still get to show her the vocals towards end of set
  10. lemons

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Watching some of the womens football international matches ahead of the Euros. Ordered a takeaway and will have a few beers later catching up on todays sets . Hope Billie Eilish goes well. Was blown away at the atmosphere at her show recently. Sigrid was an act I watched footage off early days of lockdown and finally going to see her end of this year, that'll be a nice moment.
  11. Did I see the sign for shuttle buses was translated as 'pitchers'?
  12. I was stressed and anxious for days running up to festival, probably with life in general but also hearing about festival disorganisation didnt help. 4th time (W2) and i loved it, saw everyone i really wanted to, timed taking it easy and going hard well. Saw people i knew , think only queued long once for a drink during Gorillaz. Drank the free bottles of water when I could and kept a couple of caps for emergency water in bag with emergency sneaked in tinnie... I'd no real desire to be close to main stages tbh so as long as I could hear i was happy enough to be further back, the side by side stages aided this in a way if you were the opposite side still had room to dance. Saw about 20 acts , a majority women I reckon. Dua Lipa was fun if not a bit boring? But so many hits, had room to dance with friends so passed the time well. Megan Thee Stallion came at the right time, unexpected great energy after catching end of Jessie Ware. Thought I was gonna go through the ground during 'body.' Nice set up for end of festival dancing at rayban after. Yyys just great, welled up during Maps, came out of crowd a sweaty mess after Date with the night. Tame Impala I finally actually watched after being in the vicinity eating when they're been on twice before lol. Wow, took some time by myself and just enjoyed that set in my own world CMAT crowd showed up for the early trek to Tous. Goosebumps at 'I wanna Be a Cowboy baby' crowd singing video taken from the stage. Lorde was fantastic, well paced set. Green light was something I'd wanted to see live since i spent a lot of lockdown watching concert footage so that was a real moment for me (as was what's your pleasure JW) Amyl & the Sniffers surprised the crowd sang so much round me. However it was the first act I saw and I sweat buckets haha. Thought I was gonna be in trouble rest of weekend but adjusted! Bits was a real trek but I really liked the area, had a different feel to it. Open the bridge at least 1 way and it'd be a winner . Wore really supportive running shoes and delighted my back is fine. My thighs struggled with the final few steps up from Cupra though on the last day haha. Enjoyed the first half of Strokes set, decided to eat and sit down at the back but head bopped to the nostalgic classics and adults are talking. Mostly ended up preparing own food and with the heat didnt drink as much as i thought so have actually came home with money! Have booked a hotel for next year...
  13. That was my favourite primavera, w2 had the best time. Had my must sees and then went with the flow. Would be disappointing if it permanently moved from Barcelona.
  14. The walk to tous is so much worse than I thought! Nice over here though tbf if a break needed
  15. Damn was relying on that to keep me going for metro to open
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