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  1. 2 years in a row without them now Feel like my time of luck is over
  2. Tears (from my sofa) at Lizzo's motivational speech, Loyle Carner talking about his mum, Robert Smith looking gleeful at the end of The Cure's set and Stormzy speechless at the end of his
  3. ohvienna

    The Cure

    Caught up on the second half of the set on iplayer. Got a bit teary-eyed over Robert Smith's happy face!
  4. ohvienna

    Vampire Weekend

    Their new guitarist is insanely talented (they all are!)
  5. Jungle, Foals, Lizzo, Jon Hopkins, Stormzy, and Fontaines DC have probably been my sofa highlights. Vampire Weekend and Loyle Carner were good today.
  6. Weds/Thurs were awful. And Friday. I had half a pill and danced around my flat to Jon Hopkins to bring a little bit of Glasto into my weekend. I’ve really enjoyed the coverage but not the same as being there at all (though I probably would have caught heatstroke this weekend). Fingers crossed tight for tickets for next year. Don’t think I can cope with not being there again!
  7. ohvienna

    The Cure

    They sound great. Robert Smith’s voice hasn’t changed at all
  8. ohvienna

    Miley Cyrus

    Actual head like a hole hahaha. This is mad.
  9. ohvienna

    Miley Cyrus

  10. ohvienna


    Shed a tear watching at home. What a queen.
  11. What the fuck, this pussyole must be off his nut...
  12. Finally starting to feel myself today but I've still not had a solid poo since coming back
  13. ohvienna


    Great, emotional gig! Did have to peel myself out of my jeans afterwards though
  14. ohvienna

    The XX

    I saw them on tour earlier this year but their set was still one of my Glastonbury highlights. They were brilliant, the crowd felt great and it just warmed my heart seeing how happy they were. One of my favourite things about them is how much they love each other!
  15. ohvienna

    Overheard funnies

    "I went for a wee and I was wondering what the smell was, then I realised it was my dick"
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