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  1. We had 2 chairs nicked in our group camp
  2. I’ll be praying you over come this horrible bout of being “a little tired”. Must be awful for you.
  3. Yes. They would’ve gone for harder, longer lockdowns, tougher restrictions and more nonsensical rules. Glad they weren’t in charge.
  4. This is so true. Historically tories are despised by the majority here and at the festival. But when it’s comes to covid, all the nonsense that was spouted over the last couple of years is taken as gospel with every word clung onto.
  5. Why ? So you can wear a “ive had covid” badge or something?
  6. How many of you lot cheered Greta and claim to do your bit for the world. But then scurry home and constantly use single plastic pointless ltf tests and disposable masks? All because you think it’s in the name of the greater good. That imo is a head wobble moment. Utter madness.
  7. People still allowing that nonsense to control their lives absolutely baffles me.
  8. You’ve still got that stupid NHS app? 🙄
  9. Stuck on a ball and chain ? Or just next to a few human beings that when asked will move so you can move ?
  10. Could’ve just moved away.
  11. Yungblud secret set on bbc intro stage turned out to be a yungblud and friends dj set. The friends were his guitarist. They weren’t even mixing just pressing play when the last track faded out. They played northern soul whilst dancing around off their faces. Complete waste of time.
  12. Some dirty bastard missed the long drop hole
  13. Screens and rear speakers
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