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  1. srb

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    Hi all, been away from here a bit trying to put it out of my mind, but this week has been tough. My whole year revolves around the farm. Whatsapp group has been like a victim support unit this week. Consoling myself with a few beers and music (usual weekend really). Under a year to go (ticket Gods permitting).... Should we all, and I hope all posters here are sorted in October, be there next year, how much sweeter will it be sitting on top of the hill overlooking the most beautiful sight on earth. We'll let the cows have their summer of fun; Michael and Emily plus team have a year of less stress - they've deserved it
  2. srb

    iPlayer blues...

    Joe Goddard. A massive 'doh' on missing that
  3. srb

    Random bursting into tears

    Had tears in my eyes during that myself. Actually thought of it today and welled up a little. Gave my aul fella a call. Ah crap, here we go again
  4. srb

    Nice Surprises

    Dizzee. Had no intention of going but wasn't feeling Radiohead and a few of our group went so I followed along. Had a great time. Craig David. Wasn't expecting much and went around ahead of RTJ and was having a great time by the end. The XX. Always liked their music but wasn't sure how great live - totally blown away
  5. srb

    Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    The XX playing Loud Places. Me and a few mates went berserk when that started up
  6. srb

    Top 5 Acts

    1: Chic 2: The XX (really surprised me how good they were live) 3: Justice 4: Liam Gallagher 5: The Avalanches
  7. srb

    Suicide Tuesday

    Was just pretty exhausted when got home yesterday, but the blues have fairly set in. Had such a great time this year, conditions fairly helped. Been watching sets on iplayer all day and contemplating leaving the house to no avail.
  8. Mates went to watch the Ireland v France game last year in a pub they reckoned was a 10 min walk from the coach drop-off point
  9. srb

    Festival site photos

    Class pics
  10. srb

    Arcade Fire

    Was at Belfast gig on Tuesday too. Thought they were great but yeah, crowd pretty poor. Maybe it being on a Tuesday night didn't help as most weren't making a big night of it (I had no problem in that regard, head pounding yesterday). But agree, Belfast more than not is pretty poor atmosphere-wise. Only gigs that seems to be in high demand would be stuff like Tiesto etc when all the kids go to get winged. Still, loved Tuesday, would love to see them again very soon
  11. srb

    What T-Shirt Thread 2017

    Haha. Damn, my mate promised he'd deleted that!
  12. srb

    What T-Shirt Thread 2017

    Lol. I read title of this as 'Wet t-shirt thread'. Never mind
  13. srb

    Don't vote Tory

    The DUP MP for East Antrim ladies and gentlemen. Take it away Sammy.... http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/video-news/video-youre-absolutely-right-mp-sammy-wilsons-apparent-response-to-get-the-ethnics-out-comment-34504356.html
  14. srb

    Don't vote Tory

    Incredible, but had a hunch this might happen. Scary that the DUP - whose candidates were endorsed by loyalist paramilitary groups in Belfast - are now effectively in government. As big a collection of right-wing bigoted headcases you are likely to encounter. May has to go, that is a given. I can't see the Tories wanting another GE in the near future as they must know they will lose next time out. Popular share of the vote is incredible. Interesting times ahead. The Tory tribute act that was New Labour now gone and the politics of respect, hope and fairness front and centre. Can only be a good thing.
  15. srb

    In two weeks time i'll be...

    Just walking out of work, home to pack then off to the airport for flight to Brizzle. We're nearly home!