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  1. srb

    Resale club 2020

    Looks like resale will be the day of my 40th. Hopefully that's a good omen. Crap that so many of the hardcore on here seem to have missed out today. I hope all get sorted one way or another
  2. srb

    Ticket Poll

    Of a load of us, a couple got to reg page but kicked out. I didn't even get a holding screen. Ah, I miss the holding screen. We've had some good times together
  3. srb

    Sold out

    20 odd of us and not one purchased. An absolute shit show today and Thursday. April it is.
  4. srb

    Resale club 2020

    I hate this thread, but here I am...
  5. srb

    Successful Coach Sale

    Eventually got to holding page 10 mins in then about five later got to pur registrations in but got no further. Kept crashing and eventually the sold-out message came. Ah well, roll on Sunday
  6. srb

    Ticket Sale Date

    I echo the nerves on here. I've fallen madly in love with this festival and all of you lovely people. If I get over the line this time I can rest easy and maybe hang them up after. The score increase in ticket I can live with as suggests they're pulling out the stops and Michael due to retire so if a huge line-up and a golden handshake to our leader costs 20 lids, it's bargain. I hope everyone here is successful. I think we all deserve a break in terms of ticket success for the 50th
  7. srb

    Musical Confessional

    Confessions, eh? I love Oasis Gutted I passed up on Sharon Van Etten this year. Version of Seventeen is sublime Three Hail Marys for me
  8. Have been to the last 6 and bought my ticket each time, twice in main, once coach and three resales. However, I seem to be only one from my group who gets through so I know the luck will run out. Just hoping not this year
  9. Right Said Fred? Obviously not headlining, but who wouldn't want a bit of Deeply Dippy on there?
  10. Always felt a big mechanical bull and maybe an area for laserquest would go down well
  11. Exactly. Load of mates from Glasgow so get the lingo and humour in his lyrics. Class he is doing well, starting to inspire the young team to pick up guitars so that is a huge positive. We were stationed outside right as couldn't get into the tent 30 mins before. A lot of repsect for how he has gone about things, pretty old school really
  12. Gerry Cinnamon, I guess. Knew he was a big thing bubbling under the mainstream radar and can't get a ticket for him here as he sells out in seconds. WEnt along a little agnostic to the whole thing, but was blown away. I now get what the fuss is about. I would love to see him high up on Other next time; think the fella would put on a party easy
  13. srb

    T DAY

    Strangely, I'm always the one who gets through for our group. I know my luck has to run out so I'm hoping it's not in October or else one of the others gets the rub of the green this year. I think October will be brutal due to a combo of usual high demand, 50th and the weather this year. Ah, what will be will be
  14. In a perfect world - one month. Complimentary GP upon entry
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