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  1. Yeah, one of those artists over the years I tended to like her music whenever I heard without being a bona fide fan, so one I'm definitely looking forward to there. I remember one year (2014 maybe) she did an interview on Radio 2 she would be at G and didn't actually end up there. So yeah, a sunny day with a cider watching Sheryl sounds good to me
  2. Sheryl Crow always a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, so glad I'll get the chance to see her. Also, Sharon Van Etten grown on me a lot of late. Good female presence on the poster there
  3. I genuinely like it. Went through it and can safely say there are 10 acts I would be keen on seeing at least. More to come too. Not enamoured by the headliners, but in 5 Glastonbury's I have only been to two Pyramid headliners. Usually fine me at West Holts more often than not. Still, I would definitely go see The Cure provided one of my must-sees doesn't clash (likely will), but am more than happy with what we got today. Each to their own though
  4. Not blown away by the headliners although will go see The Cure as long as no clash, although the depth on there means I will certainly have clashes. More than happy with that
  5. srb

    Other Stage

    Chems on Sunday surely given Prodigy were down for Saturday?
  6. Why do we think tomorrow? I think evening time has been a popular poster drop time. WOuldn't shock me if was about 7pm or so
  7. srb


    Loving the new album. They have to be on the farm, simply have to be
  8. THose public transport prices are insane. A bus is a bus. Prices shouldn't go up and down
  9. Wine bar thing will be interesting. Pints of wine then? That will be some craic
  10. Ah, yes that was it. A self-whoosh alright
  11. Was working and not really paying a lot of attention to the 6 Music slot, but didn't someone self-confirm there too? Or was it someone already confirmed and I've just whooshed myself?
  12. srb

    2019 Headliners

    Heard off a mate it's Liverpool at end of March maybe?
  13. srb

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Can't believe I lasted so long watching that drivel. Back to Partridge
  14. srb

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Little Minx has been going for 7 years? Really? Can't say I know one song and those acts never last that long surely? They all end up presenting daytime tv programmes after 6 months I thought
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