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  1. A break is sometimes good. I had a petty shit 2014 and combined with becoming a parent had a 5 year hiatus. This year was probably one of my very favourite despite the line up being not that great (for me) - I’m with a few others that I might take stock after next year. Then again the 50th will be mega and reinvigorate all of us right?
  2. tumbles


    Is it me or does the webcam pan slightly lower/across to the right now.
  3. 2014 was a big bag of shite. Kept sporadically raining. Never really had a prolonged spell of decent weather.
  4. tumbles

    Mark Hollis RIP

    I didn’t hear any talk talk on the pyramid during setup/testing - quite surprised
  5. tumbles


    Fear not the pier team will still be there in January.
  6. tumbles


    Thats last of the generators gone, just the pyramid left to undress.. and they are still going on the pier. Surprised the cows aren't back yet however...
  7. tumbles


    They’ve started for next year
  9. I think it probably felt a lot cooler on Sat evening after 3 days of temps - especially given Sat till about 3-4pm was really tough.
  10. tumbles


    Weird, couldn't find it when I searched for BA4 4B but I can see my mistake now..
  11. tumbles


    Haha bloody double posts! I still can't see the application on the mendip planning portal yet. I see the CoOp planning doesn't have a great set of supporting comments nor a date to make the decision on it yet the expiry date is set for this weds.
  12. tumbles


    Planning permission dependant
  13. tumbles


    Planning permission dependant
  14. Give me a 2013 every year
  15. Think last night was the first real heavy downpours we’ve had since the weekend before the festival - ground probably needed it!
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