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  1. So if you enter as lead booker, can the guest then input themselves as lead and you as a guest or is that a duplicate. It's not very clear Edit the T&C clear it up I think: Only one ballot entry is permitted per registration number, and any duplicate entries or entries which contain registrations which have an existing ticket booking / ballot entry will be excluded.
  2. Seriously bad payment gateways this year, last year was smooth once in.
  3. tumbles

    Sold out

    It was always fairly solid once you got through to registration details but this year it seemed to be an absolute fucking mess on the payment side. What the hell changed?
  4. There really isn't and we get this every year.
  5. https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2020-deposits/worthy-farm/1450000
  6. I see the check your order status part of the page has gone..
  7. I think there is time for another brew, right?
  8. 2011 they royally fucked up - they had two servers and put only one on the DNS entry. For 90 odd minutes one of those servers was only accessible by doing a host file edit. I got over 100 peoples tickets that year as the server was sat barely being used and you'd get on every refresh. Didn't buy a drop of alcohol that year!
  9. True but mobiles still tend to go through gateways, so see couldn't really block or restrict a gateway IP as easily as a dynamic/static home broadband connection.
  10. Possibly that less traffic is going through the mobile networks infrastructure compared to home broadband providers. It's likely they have some of the best bandwidth/systems to cope with an siege like glastoticket day.
  11. I honestly think some of the problems lie with ISPs simply not coping with the throughput.
  12. seems bad if it was booting people out at payment stage. Usually once you are through it’s stable
  13. Can't decide at mo - I got 2011/2013/2014 at work. Last year I got through after 4 minutes at home on normal BT connection. We do have two lines here thou, so in theory could use two seperate connections + 4g on my ipad.
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