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  1. tumbles

    West holts

    I think they've always been the option to go on Pyramid so clearly the Evie still think they're good for it. I agree with others that they just suit the OS better.. a electrical type headliner there (thinking PSB this year) always seems a good alt to whatever is on the pyramid.
  2. tumbles

    West holts

    The Chems have said they prefer the OS to Pyramid hence why they've always been on it post 2000.
  3. Yep. Just did a test and had a line almost instantly on a LFT First time I’ve had it in all this time!
  4. There was a guy at the barrier for Macca who, no word of a lie, filmed the entire set even having a power pack connected to his camcorder/camera. I mean it’s there, in full 4k, on iplayer you absolute otter feltching spaffbucket
  5. Were absolutely f*cking awesome. They deserved a bigger stage really.
  6. tumbles

    TLC Cancelled?

    We just left oh my god it’s the chuch (which was fucking awesome) and people were already piling in with another set to go
  7. tumbles


    I think if @Neilcould just add the spoiler tag into the editor then we could easily carry on this thread without an issue.
  8. tumbles


    I think they've started laying it out a couple of fields to the right as well?
  9. tumbles


    I wonder if @Neil could tweak the ckeditor in the adminCP - could possibly take out the code tag (<>) and replace it with the spoiler tag?
  10. tumbles


    You could use the spoiler tab, I think it still works on IPB.. maybe it doesn't The boss is out and about:
  11. tumbles


    The trucks with track have just rocked up by Arcadia!
  12. tumbles


    I wasn’t sure where they actually shoot from is it in the woods by where the gap is? They seem to park in Arcadia field and then walk up?
  13. tumbles


    Do they not need to keep a gap for the shooting meets that run up to 10th June or is that done in the fields inside the fence?
  14. tumbles


    Up goes the OS
  15. tumbles


    Looking at the camera it seems too nice not to be working.. although they all probably deserve a cider for this weeks efforts. Funny because its been mostly overcast up this way today
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