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  1. tumbles


    Forgotten how good that version of Satan was. Epic.
  2. It would be odd if the children were the cause of the spike but then if they're all asymptomatic but they're passing it on then its very odd that its not happening elsewhere given schools in part have been back for 4 weeks now. There has been little evidence of schools being an issue elsewhere in Europe.
  3. tumbles

    BBC Glastonbury

    Thank you for this
  4. tumbles

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yes noticed this earlier. Used to be able to grab anything with the PID but doesn’t seem to let you anymore. Not sure what other solutions there are 😕
  5. It’s a bit like the Weston general outbreak down here. There was mass hysteria that it was a second wave despite the fact North Somerset had only had 190 cases period. We’d not even had a first wave. The infection was contained at the Hosptial but the increase in testing and tracking meant cases doubled over all to 400 by end of May. So with a very low number to begin with the R value hit 0-8-1.1.. but it was all contained, traced and in June weve had 28 cases in total and R level down to 0.6.
  6. tumbles

    BBC Glastonbury

    Jake Bug headlined the other stage not too long ago
  7. tumbles


    Did they ever show what was in the teepee/tents.. I guess they had them there incase it really hammered down?
  8. It's interesting from personal point of view. As someone who has Crohns I was in hospital late Jan and came out of it on course of the usual prednisolone for 8 weeks. At same time I was still on azathioprine and ustekinumab so instantly went into the sheilding group. However because I dropped the later two and stopped steroids and started on another biological drug I'm out of it again. What did surprise me was that people with asthma were told they could have prednisolone if they developed COV-19 and had difficulty breathing.
  9. Do you think when they do start to roll these out in EU/UK etc that they'll go for NHS workers/key staff and then perhaps those of us shielding next?
  10. tumbles

    BBC Glastonbury

    They're firmly in the group 'not going to reform' in my book. Along with The Smiths, Oasis, and Dire Straits.
  11. I can really see this gov trying to force the vaccine out before year end regardless of its long term impact, I mean they've already got an order for 40m of the Oxford one placed to be ready for Sept.. Cummings won't give a fuck about if its safe or not..
  12. Maybe some sort of share scheme to secure the future of the business, could basically offer a very small percentage (say 5%) and offer individuals 0.0000001% or something. Football clubs quite often have a very small percentage (1-2%) of shares that fans have bought in past etc.
  13. Sounds a bit 2013'ish for me.
  14. Pretty sure if they launched a crowdfunder they'd get a serious wedge of support.
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