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    Haha - Me convincing my wife (we had a very new baby at the time) I needed to go in 2017 on the back of the strong Daft Punk rumour that Neil put on here. Got the pass on the back of that had an amazing time, though doubt I will ever get to play the daft punk card again . cant wait for 2020 though after getting tickets.
  2. After a bit of advice, after getting tickets for next year and if the weather gods are kind we are contemplating bringing our 4 year old for a couple of days (Wed-Thurs) before off loading with grandparents once the festival gets into full swing. My query is where is the best place to advise grandparents to go to meet up with us and collect said child?
  3. Mr Cake

    The Good People

    The lovely Irish guy in a tie dye t-shirt who gave me a can of thatcher's just before Justice started. Hope it blew his ears off as he was hoping for.
  4. I live around this area and the diversion in place is along the A38 through Bromsgrove and Droitwich. My experience over the past 12 months of these night diversions would be to expect to add around 30 minutes extra to the journey between these junctions during those hours. The traffic has always been flowing an no massive hold ups.
  5. I think the approach in regards to the cars/campervans/caravans will be similar to what I have been through at boomtown previously. Basically the vehicles are held in bulk in a large holding area (similar to the ferries). Explosives dog checks will be tier 1 screening (undertaken by the police/armed services) next will be the festival security checks (glass & sharps searching). I would expect then further random/profiled searching on entry through any pedestrian gate.
  6. Mr Cake

    ClashFest 2017

    avalanches vs DJ Shadow
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