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  1. Thank you for this!
  2. We managed to get a campervan ticket but our friend booked it for Bath & West before checking and we're a bit worried that it's miles away and a faff to get into and back from the festival. Has anyone stayed there before and can give us a bit more info? Also, if people are driving down separately but camping next to a friend's campervan is there car parking available? Thanks in advance!
  3. I might have to search out the Beans book, wasn't aware of it until you mentioned it. I saw Frank at his recent tour which was acoustic and a bit stripped back. Was one of the best gigs I've ever seen him at (apart from last year's Avalon headline slot where I was lucky enough to dance with him during Four Simple Words. Nothing is ever going to top that!)
  4. 1) 39 2) Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Mik Artistic, Beans on Toast, Pet Shop Boys, HAIM 3) Muse, Frank Turner
  5. Gold membership renewed. I don't really post on here but I spend a fair bit of time reading through topics. It's worth every penny given the valuable information/inane chat!
  6. We tried for 27 people this year and got through for 12, but previously have been successful for up to 25 people. Tips are: · Get everyone into numbered groups of 6, making sure that the 6 people in each group would be ok going with each other if the other groups don’t get tickets · Check and double-check that all registration numbers and postcodes are correct well in advance · Make sure everyone understands that you need to pay a deposit for everyone in the group if you get through · Make sure that people are only in the groups you’re organising and not in any other groups · If friends/relatives are trying for tickets they must try for everyone in their friend’s group. If someone gets a ticket outside of their group it blocks the other people in the group from getting tickets because it'll say that someone in that group already has a ticket but it won’t say who · On the day have a Facebook messanger/WhatsApp thread dedicated solely to letting people know when groups have got tickets. It’s then easy to see which other groups need help · Make sure everyone knows what they’re doing the night before – ticket morning is stressful enough as it is!
  7. It's one of my favourite areas as the bar next to it is ace and there's generally a good vibe up there. However I *hate* the slope up towards the stage. I'm 5ft 2 and can never see anything unless I stand to the very side or get there mega early
  8. Ruth1980

    Bramble FM

    Very sad to see the last ever Bramble FM show! Not sure there'll be anything else quite like it
  9. Ruth1980

    Photos please

    Not sure! It was the first time in 9 years that I've noticed it. Not sure whether it wasn't an option previously or whether I'd just missed it
  10. This year was my 9th Glastonbury but first at Worthy View. 4 of us stayed in a 6 person scout tent and there was loads of room. It was great not having to worry about getting in early to get a good spot and the short distance from the car park to the campsite was an absolute godsend. It was very, very quiet where we were – which was great for getting some sleep but if you wanted a party atmosphere you’d have been disappointed. I thought the showers were good, the water was hot and there were separate cubicles. Whilst there weren’t enough toilets the ones that were there were well maintained. Couple of downsides – we were in row C1 which was a fair walk from the site entrance. It wasn’t too bad for us as we’re an ‘in for the day’ kind of group but if you like to pop back for warm clothes/beer etc. it would take a good hour or so out of your day. The hill was a killer but the views from the top were superb. I imagine it would have been much more tricky to get up it on a muddy year. Whilst the toilets were well maintained there definitely weren’t enough of them and they weren’t spread out enough. From where we were camped it was a good few minutes’ walk to the nearest loos which meant that loads of lads were using the side of a portacabin at the end of our row, which wasn’t pleasant. All in all the pros definitely outweigh the cons and we’d look to stay there again next year
  11. Ruth1980

    Photos please

    Day and night view from the viewing point near the Astrolabe tent in Theatre and Circus field
  12. It works really well! Make sure you pour it in really slowly with the flask almost horizontal, and that it's as full as possible as it loses its fizz if it sloshes around
  13. You can buy it at the ale bar near the Acoustic field, or you could in 2017 anyway. We're decanting some into a thermos flask for when we're there and the tents are up. It stays cold and fizzy!
  14. Ours got lost too and we were told by SeeTickets to buy them on the day and then return them to SeeTickets for a refund. I've emailed Worthy View to check that this is actually possible and how much they cost on the day but haven't had a response yet. Will let you know when/if I do!
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