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    I was with the 3 friends waiting on Burt Bacharach to start a few years ago when one of my friends decided to take a picture of the rest of us. While they were taking the picture someone asked them if they would like them to take it so they could be in the picture. When they were taking the picture someone then asked them the same question, so the first person joined our group to have their picture taken. To cut a long story short this happened again and again until the final picture had around 20 people in it! Every time I look at it now it makes me smile and reminds me how amazing the Glasto crowd is and what a magical place it is.
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    I vomited up a tin of mandarin oranges during James. I looked like a broken goldfish vending machine.
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    Did the Big London Half this morning and set a new PB - 1 hour 57 mins.Given the absolutely horrific weather conditions I’m pretty pleased with that.
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    ffs Check out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.
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    Currently training for the Brighton Marathon in a few weeks....got bored on my training run tonight...
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    I've been thinking about this a lot recently. It just hit me. Glastonbury for me is an escape. An escape from the worries. An escape from the news. An escape from responsibility. An escape from feeling down. An escape from having to be. We can all just be. The worst moment ever at Glastonbury was waking up to that wave of "no fucking way" in 2016. That mud just seemed to fit that year.
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    There is no way to make the top 7 bands representative. And how would you decide on what is representative anyway. It’s a slippery slope. If you went for representative of the festival there would be very few black artists for example, If you went for representative of the world where are all the Chinese bands. you can’t win
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    Maybe those on this topic should all meet up for a... oh, hold on...
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    There'd be positives and negatives.
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    Another proof that this is it, when talking about big names ? But Santigold is missing so this doesn't confirm we won't get one or two decent names more ..
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    It was Friday morning not Thursday
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    Tim: “Hey lads have you seen the state of it out there? Let’s not play the big one today otherwise those stupid c***s will be plonking themselves in that shit”
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    A general clash-breaking rule I have is that if there are 2 acts you can't decide between, go for the one on the smaller stage. You'll generally find a more selective and appreciative audience, and it helps you spend time in different areas. As we all know, variety is the spice of life.
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    OK, been a while since I've ventured on here.. so hello again all! I am currently watching Nile Rodgers 2017 set and I am well and truly in the Glastonbury spirit. It is a set that has everything that I theoretically do not enjoy in music, but, i bloody loved it all, from start to finish it was a magical experience that I am incredibly thankful that I was there for. Sooo.. whats everyone's "I shouldn't have loved it, by god, it was good, Glastonbury moment" Lets not be shy now!
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    Just caught up with the shenanigans at the Brum derby today. What an absolute disgrace. What comes into peoples heads? At what point did the fella think losing his job, going to prison, embarrassing his family and bringing shame on his club was a good ide?. As for the piece of utter scum who put the picture of Grielish' young brothers gravestone on twitter with the disgusting comment, I hope he gets hammered. I am not a violent man but an act like that deserves a good hiding
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    Yep. Gotta be there. Hopefully without the ladder
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    My cousins mate is a drummer in a band called Baseless Conjecture and he says that they are deffo headlining....
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    I thought they were great too. They're an active band still making records not a heritage act, anyone expecting all oldies and no new songs was deluded. They've made more records since their heyday than they did during it, if they played oldies the casual fan may not be aware of some of them anyway. They played 5 oldies I knew, Come Home was played - i'd much prefer to hear that than Sit Down.
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    Went up to the entrance of the shows and someone gave me three tokens on the first day. Was able to see Local Natives, Pond and Algiers with maybe 50 other people at each show (with another 100 at the bar which was serving free drinks all night). Had to pinch myself was real.
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    Lekkido Lord of the Lobsters is a pretty good 'Is kinda terrible but brilliantly Glastonbury' shout. Me and a few pals accidentally bumped into his bizzareness in the Theatre field 2015.
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    If Jake Bugg can headline The Other, so can I.
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    I didn't post it, but it did happen (2014). Ended up sat in front of Alexis doing his solo set whilst Joe was sat backstage/behind the tent tapping his toe and drinking tea. Crows Nest is brilliant
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    Don’t agree. The lineup is musically diverse. It’s a music festival not the United Nations. The diversity comes in the form of music, not the blobs making the music. There is so much confusion about the difference between positive discrimination and representation. I find it offensive that you think the listening habits of the attendees are somehow at fault if they haven’t choosen to listen to a minority’s music. When was the last time you bought a pan pipe album or listened to tribal drumming or throat singing or rain dancing or gay hip hop or transgender indie. The list is infinte. What’s wrong with your listening habit?
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    The trick is to drink to the bottle of vodka first, then after that everything tastes the same
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    Mrs Jass was pregnant last time. I drank for two.
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    Yep, bizarre that Pete Townsend is allowed to headline but Janet isn't allowed to play without a invoking a backlash because of something her brother may or may not have done.
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    They've taken less for years. They'll take less going forward.
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    It's good to read so many positive reports of sober Glastonbury. ive not had a drink since October and though I do plan to drink at the G (I'm a 'holiday drinker') now, I know I can't go anywhere near as hard. Stupid as it sounds, it has been worrying me whether it's not going to be as good as a result. It's good to read it won't. i have been planning to take the non alcohol Rekorderlig cans to drink for the most part, so I feel like I still have a can in hand and for the most part won't notice the difference besides not being found in a gutter somewhere!
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    I could probably spend the whole festival at the Glade, but a shout out to the marvellous Mandala Stage and all who sail in her. There is rarely more people watching then playing, but they really are the nicest people running it you would hope to come across. That said, a few years ago I realised I was becoming a bit of an anti-Pyramid snob so last time made a point of going to see a few things on there - most notably Barry Gibb - and had a great time. Blimey, I thought, having spent years jigging to nose flute music in the Greenfields, there's a reason they put these people on a big stage. Variety, as someone above said, really is the key. In all the year's I've been going, I still haven't done Ancient Futures, Greenpeace boiler room or the Crow's nest and I'm determined to give them a whirl this year whatever's on
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    Jim White's a tosser.
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    Looks like 109 with a bit of imagination..
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    Hello Miesh, Talk to me about drug related encounters! lol Aside from those encounters drink and drugs used to lead me to very strange places - mostly Kings Heath police station in Birmingham. If there were any decency in the world I should have had my own blue plaque on the wall in that place. My problem with all that was, and still is, that my misdemeanours were an abuse against the self and not against anybody else. Anyway, that's a side show now. Now I'm stable and well adjusted. OK, that's a porky pie! My apologies I can't give you my definitive list because my wife's ex didn't get back to me today about it. I didn't want to hassle him either, so never got in touch about it myself. He's in a loveless marriage but one which has two children involved, and unfortunately one of his children is highly autistic. He was communicating with my wife about two weeks ago, and said that he was broke. My wife nodded to me to send him a ton. I didn't do that, I sent him £400. Little did I know that that really did help him and his son out. He was able to take his son away for a few days and have quality time with him which he wouldn't have had (apparently) otherwise. Best 400 notes I've ever shot down the pan, as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, all that said, I can give you a brief taster of what I was going to sen him, by informing you of my no 1 track. It's mind bendingly off the scale fab, in my opinion. The 'double' ending is mesmerising; Wishing you a fab weekend.
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    And we're just getting word that it's the Killers...
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    My three favourite non main stage experiences Feightened Rabbits second set at Williams Green in the evening on one of the days in 16- everyone including the band were smashed and Scott spent a good 5 minutes just swearing and finding it very funny Stornoway in the accosting tent with the least acoustic performance I’ve ever seen - no idea what year but it was raining, I’m guessing 15 a bar of unknown name somewhere near the West Holts I think in 14- on a massive come down, left my gf and her mates during what I think was Lana del Rey on the pyramid which I was finding very dull. Went to meet my mates who had stopped for a quick beer, we all got back to normality nursing a cold cider and then a northern soul DJ came on. Two hours later the whole tent was a massive dance floor and everybody was having the best time. That is one of my all time favourite Glasto memories
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    We tend to spend a fair amount of time over in the Cabaret tent or around Avalon for the vibes. Spike is good as well for music and a bit of a retreat. Mostly steer clear of the Pyramid to be honest although can be nice during the day to have a sit down in the sunshine and catch an act you like. I tend to mosy mostly. Always get home from Glastonbury wondering what the fuck did I see cos the list of bands is rather short for 5 days. Ben would be ashamed of me.
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    Could be Jamie T again
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    Done. One of the better ones I've seen recently.
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    Done, little criticism some of the questions are not worded very well to match the answer options though, try reading a question and one of the answers aloud and see if they make sense.
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    Some good acts playing too, albeit mostly unknown but give them a listen here Spotify Playlist
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    The Wednesday race to the pile of wood on the railway line, hoping you had enough to have a fire every night. We even took an old, battered 2 man tent one year which we hid our firewood in.
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    Cool. And now I'm going to cross-link this to the oxfam volunteering thread so they can hopefully work out who you are and remove your offer of volunteering.
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    Only shame is that it’s leaked. Would have been a brilliant WTF on poster day.
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