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  1. LOL. We don't have any pampas grass so you're safe. I can recommend some places if you want. 🤣
  2. Train station is about a half hour walk but a couple of minutes to ours in a taxi. But for you my lovely I'd come and pick you up. Plenty of walks around without the need for a car. We get plenty of guests with no car. Can get one of the lake cruises up to Ambleside for more walks and bimbling. We're also adult only so don't hike prices in the kids holidays. 😉
  3. I always make a point of being polite. It does strike me that people can get a bit snippy with people providing things that make them better. Imagine getting an E of your dealer and pulling that shit. You'd get a clip around the ear at best.
  4. The majority here will be rollover. But I also know what it's like to be on the bones of me arse and counting coppers to buy some milk. I think a lot will get refunds. These are going to be trying times which is why I think GFHQ have probably given till September to get a refund. That £50 while easy for some is two weeks shopping for someone else being crippled by reduction in hours or lay off. I take no pleasure in any of this.
  5. I hate that it's really bringing out the argumentative side of everyone. You can argue all day long about the merits of the ticket situation. A decision will be made. You'll either like it or dislike it. People are seriously suffering mentally at the moment. So maybe just chill all. It's gonna be a long summer.
  6. Wonder if the insurance situation will have a bearing and they will offer a rollover if it's not covered. No idea what their policy looks like.
  7. I can totally vouch for Stone circle. We stayed in the same campsite night before last year. She knows everyone. Totally legit. Skipped a few pages to write this so sorry if I missed any apologies.
  8. Stopping businesses folding with grants actually makes more financial sense. You're propping for a couple of months and keeping the economy going. Costs a lot more if you have thousands of people long term out of work. Loans are being offered as well which will have to be paid back. We'll wait and see what the criteria is for benefiting.
  9. It's so upsetting. Cos it's not something you plan for and you pay a fortune for insurance to cover you. We reinvest a lot and always improving. Timing couldn't be worse to be in the middle of a room refurb. We need the lockdown to hopefully cover us for business interruption. It will hopefully help bars, restaurants and venues as well. Unfortunately the hospitality community haven't given cheques that the insurance companies have. Otherwise we will be promoting #isocation and try and team up with restaurants to provide food delivered. Keep people out of restaurants but people in a job in a safer environment.
  10. Thanks cos that information would define the lock down. Just wondered why more people don't ask. I'm sure the answer would calm a few debates.
  11. We wait and see. We haven't taken a booking for over a week and I would be uncomfortable and would probably reject and future booking. I think we'll have to focus on last minute. As a small business it's all about cash flow and we constantly reinvest in the property. Which is why we have very strict terms. Boris has left us high and dry. Cos how can we morally stick to our terms? You can't claim on insurance as a tourist or a business owner. So please take the change of date. X #isocation we can team up with local bars and restaurants. Keep a distance but keep in business. If you agree share the message. Share parties for artist's. We can do this.
  12. It's crippling us. No bookings, any calls received are cancellations or queries about it. This is the time of the year we rely on for cash flow and to get us through the winter months. As with bars, events etc. We're a bit more weather sensitive in the lake district. The flooding hasn't helped and now this. A lot of small businesses will fold cos we can't claim on insurance. We're not able to avail of the new budget. SSP is not available. So if you have a hotel booking please don't cancel. Move your booking. Most owners are happy to offer a change of date in better times.
  13. Ok, I'd like to ask a question. How long is one contagious for? Surely if we have the answer to that question we shut down for that duration and come up smiling with a drink in our hands?
  14. I'll pm you. Didn't realise you were only up the road. X
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