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  1. H.M.V

    2019 Improvements

    Really wish they would do something with Silver Hayes. It's kind of like Mordor. You can see it on the horizon but gives a sense of foreboding. It gives me the judders when I walk through like bad things can happen and not just get stuck in the quagmire. Lots of space over there so could be amazing with a bit of imagination. And bring back Back of Beyond. Dancing around with zombies to gravediggers is one of the all time highlights.
  2. Went along to Charli XCX with @Keithy as we were in the area and he really wanted to see her, I didn't think I knew any of her songs but I was wrong. Fucking brilliant. Banger of a show. Caught her again last year.
  3. H.M.V

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Yes, I 'may' have had the oul heatstroke and a visit to the medical tent but I would still have taken this weather for the team. Every year is a learning curve so this year would have been a bigger parasol, some water misting spray and definitely more sun cream. (and a caravan cos fuck tents in the baking sun)
  4. H.M.V

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Do you not like your family my big eared friend? Can't think why anyone would subject their loved ones to wrangler rock like WOD.
  5. H.M.V


    Its a bit silly isn't it to announce the new music then wait for over 6 months to release it no? The level of expectation will be huge or are they going for a Christmas no 1?
  6. H.M.V

    Kanye west confirmed

    This whole fucking scenario just gets beyond fucking bonkers including that absolute dirt I listened to via Cal G's post. He had toons, had potential. He's moved to the dark side. I'm out.
  7. H.M.V


    OMG this is best news all week. I'm gonna keep my pinkies crossed they decide to tour. Imagine the legends slot at Glasto!! I might actually pray. Also wondering what outfit Cal G would be rocking at the front if this were to happen.
  8. H.M.V

    Kanye west confirmed

    I dunno Neil, it's weird and whats weirder is that more people are incensed that he made stupid comments than where 9 million followers disappeared and reappeared from. I'm not a tin foil hat wearer but with all the Cambridge Analytica shit going on I question everything. How does someone lose and gain 9 million in a few hours. Surely that would break a system just from the 'surge'. I'm not a tech by any stretch. Maybe you could shed some light? Being a hoster. Apparently Twitter said it was a glitch? A fucking glitch? With that timing. We live in very strange times.
  9. H.M.V

    Kanye west confirmed

    Its so totally weird, I have screenshots of both numbers. Can't fathom it. Both taken within a couple of hours.
  10. H.M.V

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    We definitely had a chat at one of the meets but I wouldn't be the Cheery Bakewell taster, can't stand the stuff. You will have me mixed up with @Curlygirl as the Cherry Bakewell is her thang.
  11. H.M.V

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    This day 4 years ago I got my first ever Glastonbury ticket in the resale and went on to meet a lot of you guys, met my husband and it literally changed my life! What a difference a ticket makes.
  12. H.M.V

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    QOTSA at Finsbury Park and just got a ticket for Rolling Stones in Croke Park Dublin. Hard to get away when running a guest house but we have cover for QOTSA and a pass out to go home from himself for RS. That'll do me this year unless something else comes up closer to home.
  13. H.M.V

    Deep Cut Sets and Old Gold

    Jonny Logan used to be seen in the local bowling alley I frequented on the cusp of being convincing enough to get into the local underage bar.
  14. H.M.V

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Can't wait to get it in its frame and pride of place beside our glasto print, the one you loved. Thanks a mill. Mwah!
  15. H.M.V

    What the Fuck? Brits lads! Best night of the year

    Fucking love Running Brit Olympics, Stomrzy vs Dave Grohl My moneys on Davey.