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  1. H.M.V

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I blame the fuckers who thought it was funny to vote the c**t in for Mayor of London. Yeah, larks.
  2. H.M.V

    Musical Confessional

    Garth Brooks fans. 😂 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-northern-ireland-25921659/dungannon-fans-queue-for-garth-brooks-concert-tickets
  3. H.M.V

    Us Tall People

    I go to gigs early to try and scope out a good spot so I can at least see through shoulders. I'm 5'2 so always leave with a sore neck from tippy toeing and that's fine. But it really irks me when someone rocks up just as the show is about to start and blocks my view like a huge body mountain. I'll normally tap politely and let them know I've made the effort to get in early to avoid this situation and would they mind if I got in front or move slightly to allow me to see. We've all paid to be there so it's just being considerate. If someone is there first then I work around them.
  4. If you're registered in the UK then you can just use your debit card. It's linked to the registration address and not your geographical location at time of purchase.
  5. H.M.V

    Musical Confessional

    Elvis doesn't get played anymore. Used to get dragged to Elvis conventions as a kid then grew to love em. Think he needs some love. First concert ever was The Nolan Sisters in the Olympia theatre in Dublin. First gig I bought tickets for was INXS at the Point Depot in Dublin for the Suicide Blonde tour. Love Pink Floyd from doing my first dots. The Doors were another obsession along with Led Zeppelin in my teenage years. Terence Trent D'arby should have been bigger. Guilty not guilty pleasure is Justin Timberlake. 😍 Would love to see him on the pyramid or supporting Lizzo when she becomes the new queen. Meh to Fleetwood Mac. More so since their awful blatent money grabbing. I cried when Prince died cos I had always hoped to see him do the best ever set on the pyramid. I'd seen him before on his multi night run in the 02 London. The medleys ruined it for me. Oasis suck. Biggest regret of this year was missing The Good the bad and the queen and Fontaines DC. I was outside the Williams green tent but it was fucking scorchio.
  6. Me too. Especially Brits night. 😉
  7. Sorry @Gnomicide 😂 you have been milking the dog but it's been the Simpsons meme of 2019. 😘 I agree on the voting limit but for the love of God it should be limitless just for Brits night. Please Neil! 😘😘😘😘 @eFestivals
  8. H.M.V

    Camp Fires

    We saw a fire the first night we arrived in I think it was 2016. Sure it was in Darble as we made our way from the coaches. It looked like the couple had been cooking in the porch and it caught fire. Loads of smoke (not sure if it was their cooking skills). anyway they were not far from the staff camp and remember waving at them as we were laden down with our gear. Remember passing by the same tent going home and noticing some plastic bags and a lot of gaffer tape and most importantly their lives intact No purpose to this take other than sometimes people are fucking idiots.
  9. H.M.V

    Camp Fires

    I certainly didn't say they were banned. I merely said it was porbably like they didn't put the wood out due to extra dry and windy conditions. I don't think it's going to be banned but it was a very dry year.
  10. H.M.V


    I thought the toilets were great this year. Only one or two rejects that in past years would have been acceptable. Just the cleanliness this year meant you could easily get a clean toilet. One was brand new and the wrapping was still on it by the CV side of gate C.
  11. H.M.V

    Camp Fires

    That's fascinating. Will be watching this in future. I can imagine doing the same, I guess no one wants to initially be seen as being dominant or otherwise. On topic, I think the answer to the fires this year is really obvious and boring. It was very windy and the grass was very dry. Not really ideal for multiple fires near tents. Could spread too easily if it got out of control.
  12. Aye, thinking downvoting is going to draw me into petty tit for tat. It's tiresome now.
  13. Really wish people would stop wasting their votes on the child. It's obviously what they are looking for. So bloody obvious.
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