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    Did someone say 2017/2019 comparison gif?
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    Hi all. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! I won the eFests competition! Just emailed Neil over my details which I’m sure will all be fine! SO HAPPY! Good luck to everyone else in the competitions and if I should win (unlikely) I’ll see if I can sort them for someone here! Thank you Neil @eFestivals
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    Thanks Neil, really appreciate it (and thanks for the full explanation on email). Apologies to everyone else for being the catalyst for this messy thread and thanks to those came to my support (without knowing a thing about me). I would most definitely like to move on :-).
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    Some people are just so self important.
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    Jackson Five 4, Gang of Four 5
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    Anyone else feel Janet might be spreading herself a little thin?
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    Hello! I'm back with the panoramic photos by Mr Wicked of our view of the festival site. Enjoy! https://whenigrowupblog.com/2019/05/03/glastonbury-festival-site-panoramic-photo-1-2019/ I'll also be doing Instagram Stories with regular updates of changes I can see over there, and from round the village @HelenHobden
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    We have the new Map!
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    “Jordan Bellamy, 23, has gone to Reading Festival a couple of times and admits he always leaves his tent behind. "After a whole weekend of dancing I'm so tired, and the thought of carrying the tent back was daunting as my legs were killing. "It's quite a sad time to be honest at the end of the festival - you get the festival blues don't you?”” Jordan is a fucking bellend.
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    We made it! We've finally smashed-though our ambitious £8,236 target. Thank you to you all for your wonderfully generous contributions. The whole Lost Horizon team are hugely grateful. Love makes the world go round - but it doesn't pay the bills! When James Walford set up the crowdfunder back in October some of us scoffed that he was being ludicrously over-optimistic. He has proved us wrong as the donations gradually poured-in. Now we can be sure we'll meet all our expenses and be back at Worthy Farm in June. Come and visit us up in the Tipi Field. You can be sure of a warm welcome (it is a sauna after all!) It's immensely humbling to realise just how much our little outfit is appreciated by our loyal band of supporters. It's been a tremendous team effort.Our love to you all!
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    How about a little efestivals fundraiser. As laid out very honestly in the Gold Membership Time thread in Glastonbury Chat, the ad revenue for this site has really dropped off, despite being as popular as ever, so if we want it to continue we'll have to get a little creative... I've just won two tickets for Christine and the Queens All Points East. It's for Sunday 26th May in Victoria Park. £65 each I think. I can't use them as a) I live in Cumbria b) I work on Sundays C) not really a fan tbh I reckon a blind auction could raise a few quid for the site. Message me with a bid you are happy to pay for the tickets. If, at the end, yours is the highest bid then the tickets are yours. A few quid in the pot for efestivals and a couple of cheap (but not too cheap hopefully) tickets for you. If we say midnight Sunday 19th as the cut off point. I'll let the winner know on Monday and once they've paid their donation to efestivals (show a receipt or Neil confirms maybe) I'll email the tickets over I've checked and as far as i can tell there should be no problem with entry (tickets have my name on and 'Competition Winner') but if anyone knows any different please say Don't post bids on here, message me with them, and good luck! Feel free to share far and wide especially if you know a fan who wants tickets
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    Sounds like something a smelly hippy would say.. /s
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    Rory McLeod. He’s there most years, but for me, it’s a pilgrimage. Got to pay my respects. He’s basically the reason I live like i do now. When i was 16 or so, i heard one of his songs on a compilation (love like a rock). I bought the album it came from, Heartbeats and Footsteps, and being of a somewhat impressionable age, wallop, that was me gone. It’s an album about traveling, about being a busker, about drinking tea in North Africa, vodka in Eastern Europe, about singing around campfires and falling in love with exotic foreign girls. I can’t tell you enough how listening to that record changed my life. If it weren’t for Rory, I’d have left school and got a job in an office, collar and tie, 9-5. As it is, I’ve spent the last 25 years living all over the world, having adventures, getting drunk, being daft and avoiding all responsibility. The man’s got a lot to answer for.
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    Tip - Don’t use your portable chargers overnight. They charge to 100% then stop. If your phone is still plugged in, when it goes down to 99% the portable charger will kick back in to top it up. This will keep on going til you unplug the phone. Use your portable charger when you can keep an eye on it and unplug as soon it reaches 100%. You’ll get a lot more charges out it this way.
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    I've been reading all this stuff for a while now, looking at different people's perspectives on what they believe constitutes an appropriate headliner etc. There are loads of issues to consider in any sensible analysis of who plays, who doesn't. 1. Taste: There's no accounting for it, but to argue that someone you don't like at all is illegitimate because you don't like them is, in my opinion, without validity. Would anyone genuinely suggest that the Stones were not a legitimate headliner? I think probably not. I can't stand the Stones. Does my lack of interest in them make them unsuitable? No. In 2017 there was a riot around the JPT with people eating their own children to get them out of their way so they could get in to see The Killers. I wouldn't watch The Killers if they were playing in my front room, but I'd rather watch them (if I had to) than Foo Fighters. You know, Foo Fighters? That 'unequivocally a legitimate Glastonbury headliner' Foo Fighters? Why? Because I find the FFs even more boring than I find The Killers. So how do you resolve all of that? 2. Getting an appropriate crowd: Yes, GFL do take some 'risks' and are not afraid to go a bit off list, and that's bloody brilliant! But they also have a reputation to maintain and a festival to maintain, so most of their Pyramid headliners carry a confident likelihood of filling the Pyramid Field. Remember JPT 2017...? The Killers will get a great crowd on Sunday night, with 80000+ singing along to their somewhat bland, MOR softish rock. And they'll have a great time. I won't be there, but Emily and Michael will have done their job. You have to remember that this forum is NOT an accurate representation of the entire Glastonbury crowd. The most popular music (record sales, downloads, ticket sales, publicity) is usually pretty unremarkable. 'Easy', consumable material will always be most popular. Why does anyone think that that brand of slightly bland, not very engaging stuff will be any less popular with the 200 000 people at Glastonbury? In the last few years we've had the biggest selling male artist and the biggest selling artist in the world headline the festival. Popular? Oh my goodness yes. Bland? To me, pretty much (totally, actually, but it's not about me). But Pyramid was RAMMED for them. As it was for Coldplay, that 'dull bland band' who always headline Glastonbury. 3. Money: we all know that GFL doesn't pay much. That does, and will always whilst the model remains, preclude many acts from playing who would be the choices of many on this forum. 4. Availability: The number of artists capable of delivering the sort of performance required to headline Pyramid is small. Then factor whether they are available, smaller. Then factor whether they will play for cut-price fees, smaller still. It is entirely likely that I will not see a Pyramid act at all in 2019. I've only ever seen one Pyramid headliner (Radiohead, No Surprises). But I recognise that the stage is not being curated 'for me', as such. It's being curated for 'the festival', and there are all these considerations that influence what we eventually get. For what it's worth, I'm really pleased with the Stormzy booking. I think it's bold, brave and brilliant for the festival. And I bloody HATE GRIME!!! So, come on guys! I'm ostensibly against censorship (and so these threads existing is, overall, a good thing of course), and love a good ding dong debate, but I do think that many have approached this thread with the subconscious misconception that Emily and Michael are on this Earth purely to do their festival bidding! And, perhaps, haven't thought about the realities of what they have to do. This is not your fantasy festival (that's a different thread). This is the greatest festival on the planet. Ben
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    Awwww, @westholtschic. That's gorgeous.
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    Ah fuck it. <Takes off helmet, raises bat and waves at pavilion>
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    Deadline for readying all the assets hitting now. They can't push it beyond the weekend – next 48hrs it's due. Suffice to say, no-one is walking away from this thread unhappy. Some absolute pearlers and one hell of a redesign.
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    OK, long post. Strap in. Got pretty obsessed about secret areas (piano bar, rabbit hole etc) in my earliest Glastonbury years and I happened to read this in the build up to the 2016 festival. Just after about half way down the page there was a mention of something being 'more than it seems' in the London Underground. Separately I'd read about some secret pirate radio station somewhere in the Block 9 area in previous years so I hoped this would be it. The rest of my group were bang up for investigating and we were going to be in the area for the Hot Chip Prince Tribute anyway. We got down there early and started nosing around the London Underground area: pulling at the scenery and looking in dark corners to see what was what. After 15 minutes prodding inside and out, we started asking the stewards, security etc and they were having none of it. So we go inside (again) get a drink and regroup, pouring over the words about 'queue jumpers' and things being 'not what they seem' wondering whether it was all a load of cobblers. Then one of the group goes silent and has got their eyes fixed near the main entrance where there is....a cloak room. It took a while for the rest of us to understand why this should be remarkable (we were a bit fucked tbf) but when you think about it....why would there be a cloak room....in one of the smaller stages... in the corner of Glastonbury Festival. So everyone starts getting increasingly excited and we bowl over. There's a girl there. Standing behind a counter, in front of rack full of exactly the same long black coats. Not a puffer or a raincoat or a poncho anywhere. It's all fucking scenery. So we start shaking her down for info, 'you're not a real cloak room are you? is this the secret? how do we get in? etc'. Eventually she throws us a bone: "go outside and queue with the queue jumpers". So we leg it outside practically pissing ourselves with excitement and see, quite plainly now that we were looking for it, a pair of brightly lit but frosted glass doors on the far side of the entrance to the main queue. Next to it, there's a couple of people with a clip board and 4 or so people waiting in line. We walk over, trying to play it cool (having heard about the difficulties people have trying to get in to the piano bar etc) and speak to the clip-board holder. 'Wait behind them' he says gesturing to the queue. 15 minutes go by , the group in front of us go through the doors and don't come out. We have a little chat with the clip board guy (who confirms this is what I'd read about) but gives us no other clues. Eventually we're led in through the doors and the four of us are sat down in chairs next to each other in a brightly lit corridor. Round the corner come four people dressed in Amish clothing holding sacks and headphones. They don't speak, they just place the headphones on our heads and stare at us. The headphones play the sound of their voices: telling us to be calm, not to worry and to trust our them as our guides before THEY PLACE THE SACKS OVER OUR HEADS. We're then separated and led one by one down the corridor in darkness, eyes covered by the sack but with the sound of our 'guide's' voice in our ears telling us to stay calm. From this point on, the experience was a fully staged, personal immersive theatre performance that can only sound like a massive acid trip in the retelling. I was brought in to a room and asked to kneel. The voice in the headphones offered me a tic tac, my sack was removed and the Amish fella next to me had his hand out with some white pills in it. I took one. The voice said 'pray to the cactus god'. In front of me and the Amish guy was a 12 foot tall cactus. We prayed together. He put the sack back on my head. Then he starts telling me a story as we walk round more corners and corridors. For the life of me I can't remember the details but it wasn't a fairytale by any measure and it always linked to the next room where my sack was removed and a completely new scene greeted me. One time, I opened my eyes to one of the filthiest bathrooms I've ever seen in my life but when I adjusted to the light, the filth wasn't dirt, it was blood. And in the bath was standing a bloke covered in blood, wearing only underpants. The voice says, 'will you dance with him?' In my fairly spangled and slightly paranoid state I mustered a sort of jig and underpants bloke responded enthusiastically. We danced for a minute or so in a blood splattered bathroom in the depths of the naughty corner in the middle of Glastonbury.Then the sack was put back over my head. As we went further on down the next corridor, the story in my ears started building to a fairly negative conclusion with some fairly hellish sound effects before we reached another room and I was again told to kneel. The voice says 'this is the end for you'. Off comes the sack. There's a man running towards me over the top of a car with a massive fucking axe in both hands which he brings down on the edge of the boot, maybe a foot from my face, very fucking hard. It's over. The Amish fella leads me to the back of the room, takes my headphones and guides me towards a dark corner where there stands...a rack of coats. I push through it and I'm in the cloak room inside London Underground. The girl lifts up the counter and lets me out in to the main club bit where my friend (who entered ahead of me) was waiting. We both lose our shit, compare notes and wait for the other two. We have some celebratory shots, a moment outside and then got a decent spot for Hot Chip. All night we just kept talking in disbelief about how good it was, that we had managed to find it, that we had managed to get in, etc etc. And whenever we met a random that we really liked we'd tell them about it, feeling very happy that we got to share this little secret to such an amazing experience. Anyway, I've never met anyone else that did it so I'm keen to know if someone on here has and if they can help fill in the gaps in my story. We went back in 2017 and it wasn't there, nor could we find anything similar. Fingers crossed for another surprise this time.
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    Time for a graph. Rainfall in mm, per month for the last few years. Data covers the South West rather than just Worthy Farm as that's the only data I can get my hands on at the moment. I've missed out fallow years and included 2007 (a wet one) for comparison. In terms of this year, we're nowhere near 2016 (pink line). By this stage, huge amounts of rain has fallen in Jan, Feb and March so the water table was very high and the ground saturated, which is never recovered from. You'll recall Download was a mudfest too. Similarly 2007 was a wet start to the year though dropped off quickly as was 2014 (another muddy year). We're tracking below 2017 and currently the driest start to the year since 2010. If I can find some more location specific data, that will give us a better idea of how higher rainfall at the start of the year affects Glastonbury more specifically.
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    I was at a WBC Organiser Planning meeting yesterday Carlsberg Tuborg will not be at Glastonbury 2019 - I am sure many will be glad of that - I have been banging onto the WBC for years to sell normal Carlsberg. it will be Carlsberg Danish Pilsner - two versions of Cider with Burrow Hill Cider being cheaper !!! A new version of the paper cup will be used. No plastic bottled water - they will be selling water in a tin no details of the prices yet as I know ' they don't fix the prices until next Month ' as I mentioned elsewhere some of the WBC Bars will be revamped and the big thing is ' they are ditching the old card system ' for a hard wired system so you wont see servers standing on tables to get a connection. some bars will be using a new EPOS system - its a trial to see if it works at Glastonbury.
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    Or we could, you know, not chant about Jeremy Corbyn at all?
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    I was in Wahaca in Covent Garden a few years and the waiter said to me 'excuse, have you seen the specials?' I replied 'yes, once at Glastonbury and once at Bestival'. He didn't get it - though it remains probably the greatest moment of my life.
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    All. Please note that nothing is confirmed on this map until we have the official version from Janet Jackson’s people.
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    Just make sure to bring some tape to cordon off your area and spend your mornings listening to Swedish House Mafia while staring aggressively at people as they walk by.
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    Who knows. Every single lineup is relative but I am personally thrilled with this first round. Glastonbury pulling it out as always. Theres still so much more to be announced guys!
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    SIC: Good lord what is happening in there?!? JJ: Bastille? SIC: Bastille?!? At this time of day, at this time of the year playing only in your kitchen?? JJ: Yes. SIC: Can I see them? JJ: No.
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    One of my first Glastonbury’s I went with my mum, shed already tried the she wee’s and insisted i try one. So come Friday afternoon, I’m absolutely busting for a wee and the nearest toilet is the she wee to the left of the pyramid. There’s a fairly big queue however the ladies waiting take pity on my 17 year old self doing an Irish jig and whimpering and let me skip the line. I grab the she wee from the water aid lady and when she asks have I ever tried one before I nod, run and steady myself on the nearest urinal. I was so desperate there was no time for dignity so I pull my trousers down to my ankles position my self with one arm and pop the she wee in place and release. seconds later I hear historical screaming laughing and look around to see what the fuss was. I’d accidentally positioned the she wee backwards and was stood half naked with a fountain of p*ss shooting out of my ass, all over the floor, my trousers and anything within a 2ft radius. I just spot my mum mutter ffs and walk away like she didn’t even know me. Luckily everyone around found it hilarious and I didn’t get told off. However that was the day I learned never to try a new way to pee when your absolutely busting 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂
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    Tsk. You probably could but that's not exactly the flippin point of the venue. It's meant to be a venue that is a safe space for women and non binary people, allowing the exchange of ideas and empowerment, all away from the gaze of men. So if you want to undermine and belittle all that by lying about your identity or dressing up in drag then that's up to you. Alternatively you can respect it and just be disappointed you might not see a band you want to and get on with your life 🤷‍♂️
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    Here are most of my photos. No locations on them but they may jog somebody's memory of their favourite stalls. https://imgur.com/a/btSgsrF
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    1) Sausage Fest. 2) Wine Bar. Reads like the unintentional itinerary for pretty much the entirety of every unsuccessful night out of my early twenties.
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    Go big or go home
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    I had notifications on for this thread so my inbox had about 100 emails telling me about new posts in here When I skimmed through I saw one titled "Congratulations from eFestivals". Hands started shaking, couldn't click it quick enough! I had a colleague out in the car with me today who started laughing. I genuinely had to open the car window, take my sunglasses off and sit there to compose myself before replying. Pretty sure they thought I was mental I'm taking my fiance who has never been to Glastonbury before - what a way for her to start!
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    There's still the full line up to come, so hopefully The Automatic and The Fratellis will still make it this year too.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I had to log out for a while so caught up with everything I found out today, plus your comments and edits. Hopefully I got up to everything and haven't mixed up some acts' days this time 😅 Thanks for the updates @ghostdancer1 @pipan @MatheauWillis and everyone else Those are the updated set times+stages: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q46MChC0p8OMI0-WgPkfNnWX-tkJ9kGqcb1z7m3vstU/edit?usp=sharing Anyway, if you find out something wrong, you can correct it using this link, (just make sure everything is accurate) or just wait for tomorrow
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    I'm working on a Mega Glasto Map for this yea and looking to crowdsource things that aren't on the official map, like names of returning food an beverage stalls. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1Fb6abza1fXbASPYUzBSvJ8u4wXxqGVKH&usp=sharing Share to your mates! I'm hoping to do this for more festivals depending on demand.
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    I’ve typed and deleted 3 replies to this
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    You've never really been to the naughty corner. Stand down with your Piers Morgan style faux outrage on somebody else's behalf who doesn't give a fuck because Glastonbury has a zillion fucking stages. We literally have a thread where people who have been going for years talk about the stages they've never got round to seeing and you're choosing to make a stand about this? Bullshit man.
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    You see, I really struggle with this. Shorts are my default, obviously, but I tend to change into jeans for the evening. Everyone’s saying a hard no to jeans, but what are the alternatives? Those kind of ‘walking’ trousers you get from Millers etc are just pure awful and make me look some dodgy Scout Leader who’s definitely not to be trusted with the kids. Army surplus? Maybe, but I don’t want to look like an ex-member of the Levellers. Or, even worse, a current member. Then you enter the world of horrific lairy coloured fisherman’s trousers, where I might as well write ‘c**t’ on my forehead with a marker pen. Whole thing is a sartorial nightmare.
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    My dad often likes to remind me that he missed out on seeing Pink floyd cos I was close to being born (should've planned it better then 🤷🏼‍♀️) so i'd say go to save your kids the same boring story in 20 years time 😂
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    A few from our walk on site earlier today. No spoilers for anyone wanting stuff to stay secret as I think they are keeping the main build until once the fence is up. However they are digging some foundations down in the Arcadia field and after a quick chat with one of the construction guys all he would reveal was what they had planned was amazing and will need what they are putting in place which is exciting. Amazing to see the site starting to come to life now, theres not long left to wait!! 😎
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    Always good to see that the same people who remain silent to the rampant normalised Islamophobia, sexism, homo/bi/queerphobia, transphobia and all the other innumerable forms of casual discrimination which exist unashamedly in our society's mainstream discourse can find the time to pipe up and tell us about how calling people Gammons is just the same as racism, actually.
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    Pilton, Somerset. Sunday 30th June 2019. A jeep arrives.

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