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    I don’t doubt that was their experience. It’s a real shame that they felt they had to keep their mouth shut and conversations to a minimum for the rest of the weekend. I didnt see a single person punching the air during the guitarists totally unnecessary outburst. Not one person. The same guy wore a shirt with fuck Brexit on it at Kendal calling. He had a 20 second rant about trump and Brexit that ended with....well atleast Scotland didn’t vote for it....fuck the English. My guess was that he was trying to be funny / ironic as I assume he is English. I didn’t think it was funny. The reviewer feels that stoked anti English feeling that was already there. No idea how they had already established that so early on the Thursday night. I didn’t see any such sentiment. I spent most of the weekend with English folk and I’d guess many of the acts were English. I don’t think any of them felt they had to keep quiet all weekend. Again, that was just my own experience. There is no place for anyone saying fuck the English on a stage anywhere. The fella should apologise. He obviously feels very strongly about Brexit. That was my interpretation of the whole sorry incident which clearly differs from our reviewers. It was about Brexit, like the shirt he wore at Kendal....in my opinion.
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    A highlight which I've just remembered that can't be ascribed to the organisers was Mars shining so brightly over the Woods stage at night.
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    Can’t wait for them to do that one with the banjos again.
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    Nia described mine as "looking like i'd lived in a forest for four years on mushrooms", yep i'll fly through then. (it is prob 8 years old now so might change it at some point in the future)
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    Condition of Cher playing is that there's a massive glitter cannon for her to straddle for Turn Back Time.
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    In fairness, U2, Muse and Stevie Wonder was massive.
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    I think you will struggle to find portaloos on site anymore ... there are people cleaning the longdrops pretty much non stop these days and the compost ones are great .... only thing I wouldn't recommend is taking the morning paper down there for a read ... they aren't quite that good yet
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    Your man says this “ exposed anti English feelings and nationalism among significant numbers in the audience.” I think it exposed one idiot on a stage and some idiots in a crowd of 1000’s. I didn’t share his experience of Electric Fields.
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    Lots of 29s old sons..
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    Not sure you can say he's gone downhill, he just hasn't released anything since last year. He'll be huge when he releases the next album
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    I’ve only been to Leeds and Bestival, but the Glastonbury toilets are considerably cleaner and nicer than at those two, particularly Leeds. Use the compost ones if you can rather than portaloos, but I think you’ll find they’re all not as bad as you’re expecting.
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    Yeah it wasn’t Tim. My experience of the crowds reaction differs to our reviewer. I was about 4 rows from the front and to the left. I don’t doubt some idiots would have cheered a guy saying what he said to be clear. It would have happened. Last month jimmy cliff said in Glasgow.....so are you all from Edinburgh and was met with a chorus of boos. It doesn’t necessarily imply the whole crowd hate folk from Edinburgh.
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    I know it's a 'cop out' using a stock image, but I like this one!
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    Welcome, your mind will be blown! I too wouldn't bother with off site posh loos either. The composters across the site and the long drops in the less busy areas are generally fine these days, regularly cleaned and well looked after. I'm not a huge walker/dancer and i was clocking up 30,000 steps a day...its hard and tiring enough without having to make extra long trips to the loo... Let alone being able to forecast that far ahead when you want to go! Enjoy what the festival has to offer instead x
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    Yes that's the one mate. First screening was at Festival no 6 yesterday. It is predominantly about the MIF gigs but press release says it delves into their past. Be interesting to see how it addresses the Hooky issue as he is always going to be the elephant in the room where out like this is concerned. Will be a good night. Home is a fantastic venue, plus Gillian and Stephen are always really good value.
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    It's that sky arts documentary/live show thing called decades I think?
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    It's a bit difficult to come up with a universal answer as there's so many people working for so many different organisations (tens of thousands of volunteers working for well over a hundred organisations) - but generally speaking, no, someone who's volunteering will typically be expected to provide their own accomodation - typically that means they bring either a tent or a campervan/caravan. This would usually be true regardless of how long they're on site - but anyone on site longer than a couple weeks is likely to be a paid role anyway, I'm not aware of any volunteer posts that go on that long. Those people on site in a paid role may have something more formal provided to them, but even then not always. One of the providers, Bunkabin, has a page with some more information about their work at Glastonbury. As far as I can tell these tend to be like very basic hotel rooms with 1-4 person occupancy rather than dorms, but aside from that I think is broadly what you're thinking of.
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    I'd like to see them keep the Late Junction curation If Mercury Rev are extending their 20th Anniversary Deserters Songs tour (unlikely I suppose) it would be a good bet.
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    Metallica in one of the last two days. Mark my words ?
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    I looked at my photo in the last day or so, and it looked like I'm an overweight, ugly, druggie, possibly with some mental health issues. I decided not to edit it, for the purposes of accuracy.
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    Oh another positive that I forgot - I saw lots of disabled people being able to enjoy the festival than any other I've been to, so I presume it's set up well for their needs and it made me happy that clearly the organisers had taken inclusion for people with extra needs seriously. Thumbs up
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    Phoebe Bridgers and Bid Red Machine!! Yes please!! LOVE those albums.
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    See Tickets as @hfuhruhurr gets to the payment page...
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    Give me the 'singalongloudly' people over the 'talkallthewaythrough' people any day!
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    They had better not be digging into band member's back catalogues. Nobody, anywhere, has ever been to see Fleetwood Mac and thought "yeah that was good, but it really could have used a version of Everywhere You Go You Always Take The Weather With You." I'll be fuming if they start playing Crowded fucking House.
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    Man, it all depends on what she plays!! I stand by my opinion that a Madge set of bangers would be one of the greatest things you'd ever see. Without spoiling it by looking at Setlist.fm take a look at what she could drop, if she so chose: Holiday Lucky Star Borderline Like a Virgin Material Girl Crazy for You Into the Groove Live to Tell Papa Don't Preach True Blue La Isla Bonita (and I'll fight anyone over this!!) Who's That Girl Like a Prayer Cherish Vogue Justify my Love Playground Erotica Secret Take a Bow You'll See Frozen Ray of Light Beautiful Stranger Music Don't Tell Me Hollywood Hung Up 4 Minutes
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    Are the 1975 big enough the headline? I thought their songs where geared towards teenage girls?
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    Day 1 bring me the horizon Day 2 Eminem Day 3 kings of Leon Day 4 Florence and the machine Day 5 Calvin Harris Day 6 the 1975 Day 7 the killers
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    Get over yourself and grown up ffs lol. It's a bloody forum.
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    Prodigy/ Pendulum/ Rival Sons or Skindred Ghost Slipknot/ Slayer/ Architects AlC KISS or AC/DC/ Slash/ Halestorm Disturbed or Distillers
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    Bastille Twenty one pilots/BMTH Ed Sheeran
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    Day 1 green Day Day 2 ed Sheeran Day 3 drake Day 4 twenty one pilots Day 5 foo fighters Day 6 Travis Scott Day 7 foals
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    Mumford and sons did Hyde park in 2016. Could Mumford and sons do trnsmt and reading.

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