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    Won tickets, hell yeah!
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    this festival will be shit next year, because it's going to be full of all the old duffers who go to glastonbury!
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    Not getting booked for Boardmasters this year turned out to be a massive result. Boomtown for me from now on. Just superb. Having seen what I saw this year, I'm absolutely sure that tickets will be like gold dust next year as there is no Glastonbury. EDIT If any of you guys are wondering how to replace (OK, It can't be replaced, but next best thing) Glastonbury next year I really do suggest BT. For anyone who hasn't been, it is a dreamland. If you are a cynic you could call it Disneyland for adults on drugs but saying that , despite what I expected, there seemed to be less drug use than in the SE corner at Glastonbury. I'm absolutely amazed by the amount of creativity that's gone into it, the fact that there's an interesting narrative going on (which I now want to find out more about), and the way it's actually 3 festivals close to each other. Whistler's Green (where I'll be next year) is like a brilliant version of the old Big Green Gatherings. Back in the 20th century, people would go to festivals, take lots of LSD and create imaginary worlds in their minds. But now it's like people have got some wood & scaffolding, and actually built their imaginary worlds at the festival. Hopefully see some of you there. Toilets were all excellent bar a couple of rows, food and drink on a par price and quality wise with Glastonbury. There is even a free daily newspaper. One thing to mention is that there are numerous hills of death linking different parts of the festival. Although my legs are now killing me I actually rather enjoyed them.
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    If i can suggest one band it would be STUFF. As a big fan of parov stelar (saw them 8 times now) i am still going to avoid the hectic main stage to enjoy STUFF. They blew me away with a really energetic set a few weeks ago at Gent jazz festival. Make sure to polish your dancing shoes!
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    This is starting to look like a SOCIAL GROUP FOR THE FUCKING OVER 50's I am all for it.
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    Very strongly considering it!
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    I think you should definitely go to Boomtown next year. I'll buy you a birthday pint and you can get me one back.
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    I've been the last two and its a great little festival if you like that scene. Music wise you could compare it to the lower half of bearded/beautiful days line up but at £80 for 3 days of music plus a full 7 days camping if you want to its good value. £3.50 for kingston press on draught or take your own if you decant the cans to plastic. Its a really friendly place i've done it on my own and its hard to go 5 mins without someone starting a coversation up with you. Also you can still camp next to your car so no carrying your gear from the carparks. A great little festival if you like the punk/folk scene.
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    I have a friend that went to it for the first time this year and said it was ace. That was his second festival in a row. This weekend he has got the Landed Festival, and the following weekend Shambala. Four festivals over four weekends! Fortunately he is able to exercise restraint. Four festivals over four weekends would be the death of me. Nice suicide though. Better than putting your head on to a railway track. Must change my 'if it all falls apart' plan.
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    You gonna try & style this one out?
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    Look at this way. Lets say Northern Ireland wants to leave the British union and rejoin Ireland. We say no and invade, we win and say we invaded because of them not allowing gay marriage and we did it to up hold gay rights. We then write history in black and white that suggests any symbol associated with irish independence or anyone that fought for it did it for homophobic reasons and to uphold gay marriage being banned. Would you expect the people of N.Ireland that wanted indy to look at history a bit differently? Slavery was a convenient excuse because it cut off the souths money supply. Their wealth came for their plantations.
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    yeah the stage names are probably an executive decision way above the level of info any social media interns would be given, sadly
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    I know some of the people that are involved and i know the organisers are absolutely mortified by the delays on the Thursday. I'm pretty sure they'll get that sorted before next year.
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    Smashing Pumpkins cover?
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    Back and very broken from a rather harder work Boomtown... that was rough. My feet feel totally pulverised and I've done something awful to my left big toe, but reality is starting to creep back in. Seemed like it took a day longer than usual for the vibe to really settle after the unfortunate queue chaos and mud-shock - was just incredible how many people had turned up in their nice white trainers considering the obvious weather issues, but by Saturday almost everything was completely solid again and all the colour came back The scanners failing on the public gates is a curse and blessing. After that happened all new supershiny scanners that worked FAR FAR better than anything we've had in the past 5 years turned up - it may have been enough of a whoopsie to kick The Ticket Sellers into action and could well mean it'll all run more smoothly next year. The new bar folk seemed to run things better too but no Black Rat to be found anywhere sadly. Friends who played through the game/story stuff said it was great fun and had a variety of mad experiences, seems it could end several ways - still failed to do it myself though! All the BHI stuff was very slick with the ads and videos all over. Great step up from last time The Jolly Dodger was missed apparently it had rot. Seems there might be big changes next year with full on redevelopment of Mayfair by Banghai Industries, the Lion's Den having an entire new crew and threats of Oldtown getting bulldozered. The next chapter title has been revealed as "The Machine Cannot Be Stopped" 16th - 19th Aug
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    Still bad form to be comparing someone's mother to a man. Could do without that kind of piss taking out of peoples appearance.
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    I think it's probable that Lorde might headline, and her set would be full of horrible children. EDIT: I mean her crowd would be full of horrible children. Set would be full of massive bangers, obviously.
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    I'm delighted to say that I will not be doing any festivals next year as, all being well, Mrs Jass and I will have a Mini Jass to contend with.
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    52. Is that old enough not to be patronised?
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    I've imagined it and hope that's as far as it goes.........absolute dirge that belongs at V!
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    Open'er just announced Radiohead....
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    We probably won't get any bands this week, we'll probably have to wait at least 11 days more. "Please note: deadline to participate is 28 October 2016 - 3pm CET." https://rockwerchter.typeform.com/to/Hl8j70
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    I sure hope so. That wouldn't only all but guarantee SOAD playing RW, it would also mean Linkin Park won't be at RW, I can't stand that band
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