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  1. Let's think back to happier times and get this sorted out once and for all. It needs to be moments everyone can relate to, not the time you fingered lucy from bolton in the tiny tea tent etc 1. Radiohead 1997. Karma Police. Thom yorke singing "For a minute there I lost myself". Sensational scenes. Sad to think there will never again be a band that will make such an impact on the pyramid stage. 2. David Bowie 2000. Life on Mars? I remember thinking that if I died when this song ended I would have died with no musical regrets. 3. Leonard Cohen 2008. Hallelujah. Not my favourite L Cohen song by any stretch, but as the sun was setting and he sang "I told the truth, I didn't come to glastonbury to fool you" there was not a single place on earth anyone in that crowd would rather be at that moment than in that field. 4. Flaming Lips 2010. Do you realize???. At that point it was clear beyond any doubt that we had all just witnessed the greatest live band in the world. Fully grown human beings in tears everywhere. 5. Pulp 1995. Common People. It was as much the crowd as the music. Compare and contrast that crowd with a pyramid headline crowd today. It was euphoric bedlam back then. These days people are more worried about how they look and what other people are thinking of them, than letting go and having a good time (utter shyte like beyonce on the stage doesnt help like). No place for paul mccartney on my list due to his toe curling uncoolness
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