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  1. russycarps

    Glastonbury 1998.....memories. 20 years ago this week!

    Cant really remember much about it. Robbie williams and pulp are my only stand out memories. I've just looked at the line up now, cant remember blur at all. Cant remember nick cave playing. Cant rremember any specific extra curricular activities either. Glastonburys from that long ago all blend into one mass of drink and drug fueled haze these days. It sucks getting old.
  2. russycarps

    don't mess with the badgers

    The hateful tory c**t pow has resigned too. This is a good day! Farmers and tories and animal welfare are odd bedfellows. edit though there are worse tories than her
  3. russycarps


    I've watched the neil young gig on youtube. The crowd was full of chin stroking dullards. Atmosphere was dead as a dodo. Meanwhile doves in the tent was going OFF.
  4. russycarps


    Ah I forgot it was that way round. So Calgon probs missed stagger lee onwards then. More bearable than missing the first half I guess.
  5. russycarps


    You missed jubilee street? OOF!
  6. russycarps


  7. russycarps


    imagine being someone who picked pumpkins over cave in 2013. WOW. It would be like picking gorillaz over flaming lips in 2010: a catastrophic error.
  8. russycarps

    Nick Cave

    Sensational gig. Proof indeed that not only could they headline Glastonbury, but they'd also be one of the greatest headliners of all time. While the duet with Kylie was the low point musically for me, it was a masterstroke from a marketing perspective. The gig is being reviewed all over the mainstream media, even in rags like the sun. If she hadnt been there the gig would have passed with barely a murmer I bet. I hope they now keep up the momentum and announce a few more big dates and then headlining glastonbury will be a formality. Seeing them play loverman was a huge moment for me, as it was the song that got me into the band. At glastonbury in 1994 I'd never even heard of nick cave and had no real clue about music. I was only really into rave music back then but that song and the rest of the set changed everything for me. Of course there are loads of songs I wish they'd played but that's always the case when you have a back catalogue like that. Would have liked to see higgs boson blues and skeleton tree. That was so joyous at the o2. What a day!
  9. russycarps

    All Points East Festival 2018

    I managed to smuggle my goodies in and a bottle of vodka in my undies, but my friend got caught by a sniffer dog. He was taken into the tent and they said if he owns up and hands it over he can go into the festival. He only had a small amount of weed so gave it up and they let him in. There seemed to be two dogs walking around once you get through the metal detectors. It's just pot luck whether or not you walk into one of them. Stay safe everyone.
  10. russycarps

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Cheers mate!
  11. russycarps

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Cheers. How much do you have to be carrying for those fuckers to bark I wonder?
  12. russycarps

    Kaleidoscope Festival

    They do sometimes change the set lists around a little bit, so you might see 6 or so different songs if you're lucky. I just wish they wouldn't do the slowed down versions of songs, really boils my piss. They won't do any of the superior older stuff though unfortunately (clouds taste metallic or earlier I mean)
  13. russycarps

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Can someone please clarify how easy it is to smuggle booze in? Does everyone get patted down, or just random searches? Will a bottle in my undies be found? Did anyone get caught with booze? My fear is getting caught with booze will lead to more thorough searches which would be disastrous...
  14. russycarps

    Nick Cave

    I enjoyed arcade fire but it's true to say they didnt make much of an impression on the non-fans. Cave and the boys are much much better in every regard though - both musically and as live performers - so there is no doubt they'd win over the people who didnt know about them beforehand. As for 3 albums, tender prey let love in push the sky away Might be a good way to start I reckon. But every single one is ace.
  15. russycarps

    2019 Headliners

    Nick Cave and the bad seeds have sold out their day at the APE festival with ease, while the others are struggling to sell tickets. This is proof they are obviously now big enough to headline glastonbury. And of course the music speaks for itself. When was the last time the festival booked an act at the top of their game? Though the dumb fucks will undoubtedly book some utter rot like arctic monkeys and taylor swift.