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  1. So absolutely nothing at all then. Fair enough, you're most certainly not alone. I sincerely hope you do remain ignorant of the topic though, because the reality of what we seem likely to be heading towards is thoroughly depressing.
  2. Oh sorry I see what you mean, a fudge to get a withdrawl agreement approved. The only problem with the WA is that it may well preserve our trade and other treaty arrangements with the EU states. But that is not the case with non-EU states. Even with a WA, in March 2019 we leave the EU. Will all the states that the EU has trade agreements with really treat us as if we were still in the EU without a murmur? It seems unlikely. What about the many other arrangements that go via the EU like the EU-US Open Skies agreement? With Trump in the White House it's absolutely not clear that agree
  3. But they cant fudge access to the single market. Her red lines wont allow it. Free movement and oversight by the ECJ. No amount of money can get around that. Can you explain, precisely, what your optimism is based on?
  4. It is a probable scenario. I cannot see how May can break her red line vows though. She's staked everything on them. She's a vicar's daughter. I cannot see her breaking her vows. I am having to study the subject deeply for my job. I can categorically state that anything other than a U-turn and us remaining will fuck us. It's just a matter of whether it's by decapitation on day one, or death by a thousand cuts over a longer period of time. Either way, the UK as we know it is doomed. Only geordie greig can save us.
  5. Nothing in this thread for weeks! We're sleepwalking towards armageddon and even the politically aware on this forum have no desire to discuss it. Be under no illusion, we are teetering on the brink of an utterly unprecedented event: the complete collapse of a major western economy and society. It is a catastrophe of such huge proportions, that human beings are not able to process it. What we are being told will happen if we crash out is so enormous, our minds wont allow us to accept it might be true. It's part of a human beings psychological self-defence. It's why we can surv
  6. It's because your enjoyment of getting fucked up at the festival is more important to you than your ethics. Which is fine, but it's really that simple.
  7. That's true but it doesn't matter. We no longer live in a rational world. Facts and reason are now meaningless. Soon it will be just england and our parasite wales left clinging to each other. It's fascinating to think we are living through an event which will be studied by future historians for centuries to come.
  8. who cares about oil prices anymore? the UK is kaput.
  9. Hope you have a good time mate. I saw Leonard cohen from the top tier and had an ace night.
  10. Anytime see Paul Simon? I cracked and forked out 85 quid on the back of it being the last ever gig, and it was worth it. The final hour was utterly sensational. Really quite emotional stuff and a privilege to be there. James Taylor on the other hand is the absolute pits.
  11. Was going to go see him at the o2 until I saw the prices. Some seats in the top tier are £125! Utterly disgraceful and will ensure the atmosphere will be awful.
  12. My sauces tell me it's kylie. Then she'll duet with nick cave in his headline set later that day. Easy.
  13. russycarps

    Nick Cave

    I see they played shoot me down the other night. Of all the songs they've done, I wonder why they picked that one?
  14. russycarps

    Pink Floyd?

    setlists have been amazing, lucky git!
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