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  1. paddyclark

    Festival Trolley

    I have a fishing trolley (rescued from a Glasto bin 2016) Glastonbury have looked at the Oxbridge and similar to replace mine with equivalent model (browning) is around £60 the old efestivals one looks more solid stronger frame etc just wondered if my assumptions were accurate from an owner. But the Oxbridge and similar are in the frame
  2. paddyclark

    Festival Trolley

    Time for a new festival trolley - I've always hankered after the Funky Leisure one that used to be sold on Efestivals. Now no longer available and has been out of stock forever with no indication that it will return (Here or the Funky Leisure site). However have found - https://www.boutiquecamping.com/products-c25/accessories-c13/wagons-trolleys-c78/bell-tent-fold-away-heavy-duty-trolley-up-to-120kg-p230 Which appears to be exactly the same thing. Unfortunately dearer at £59 so could anyone who owns one give me their thoughts as to how good or bad it is before I take the plunge.
  3. paddyclark

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    When dealing with a Brexitosis addled mind one does have to keep it short and simple so that the target audience get the gist. The problem is they can only cope with short non fact based soundbites so one has to keep it simple for the simple. No need for best they tend not to be worth the effort.
  4. paddyclark

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Ah. Houston we have an idiot.
  5. paddyclark

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Yes. It was shit. Post empire of course. That doesn’t count
  6. paddyclark

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Cannot recommend Bearded Theory Enough. Only been the once but already booked for next year. Have also booked Kendal Calling for the 6th year. Read efestivals review of Bearded Theory
  7. 5 Man Tent Millets https://www.millets.co.uk/tents-camping/133707-eurohike-rydal-500-5-man-tent.html
  8. paddyclark

    National Express Coach Tickets On Sale

    £88 from Leeds. Leave Tuesday night 11.30pm. Arrive 5.45am. Ideal and booked. Can’t remember 2017 price but doesn’t seem much dearer.
  9. Christine and the Queens Nathaniel Ratliff’s and the Nightsweats The Struts The Strypes Showhawk Duo Dubioza Kollective Royal Blood The Vaccines jungle Elvana
  10. paddyclark

    Adverts making site unreachable.

    Gold seems to be well worth the jump so far..
  11. paddyclark

    Glasto chat

    It’s facebook Guy. The bar is lower
  12. paddyclark

    Glasto chat

    Glastochat is also the origination point of the Pink Umbrella piss up under the tree every Thursday at Glastonbury.
  13. paddyclark

    Glasto chat

    There’s a lot of decent people in Glasto Chat. Quite a few who frequent here too. Those being overly moralistic might be interested to know that Glasto Chat have raised many thousands for charity each year the lions share going to festival medical devices,
  14. 4 Person Inflatable down to £200 at Halfords https://www.halfords.com/camping-leisure/camping/tents/urban-escape-4-person-inflatable-tent?krypto=CEwfV6sqMX6a6%2B4%2BzxOgQqGEY8PNGhQpnxLiRkD2VgYlaPgArodl%2F15TBDCyjkdgaNq9GOgWmpvBOO9lUfenQbbOL%2BApwe4KHRtxpbPPNjqiR0l0kT3eKUOy%2BuZksdGy71h1pWYLJh6GnFRK5leI1ceqjT9IgcEuMRUa5iNmcq%2BDJvKuo%2BEvdSjQxjR7jMU%2B4GFwB%2Ffgn6npaCpcZpT8Nw%3D%3D I have the non inflatable one and the previous 3 person one as my festival tents.