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  1. Jim came on after Gerry Cinnamon to sing his praises
  2. Easy Fella... These things don't grow on trees you know 😏
  3. To be fair looking at the pic I have a Semillon... Glastoporn
  4. Some of those puns were appauling
  5. Lidl were doing those sail type cover things for 18 of your English pounds
  6. paddyclark


    Once started it’s a hard halibut to get out of.
  7. Are you getting a full sized Beans on Toast this year? 😃
  8. 5th Glastonbury and never made it yet. Perhaps @Curlygirl can remind me
  9. Another power bank and 10 steel shot glasses arriving today
  10. its a joke.. well attempted... too intense...
  11. Only ever have 1 or 3 or more people in the tipi or it can be two in tents.
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