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  1. paddyclark

    Volunteering 2020

    Does anyone recall the departure time and arrival on Tuesday from Sheffield last year. For Shelter
  2. paddyclark

    Volunteering 2020

    2015 I did Thursday 11-7pm Friday 7-3am and Sunday 11-7pm Was on the Craft Cider Bars apart from Half a shift in the Park Bar which was very Busy. Great showers. OK food (though tended just to get a large breakfast) Camp is quiet just outside the gate. Enjoyed it though hard days. And currently back in for this year. My major gripe was coach from Sheffield that arrived so late on a tuesday night that the tent was put up in the dark. Hopefully they have an earlier set off time this year
  3. paddyclark

    Volunteering 2020

    I haven’t checked my card but Shelter have confirmed my spot directly as I was worried I had paid twice and contacted them by email and phone. Last worked with them in 2015.
  4. Dave aside. Is it time to rename to the Shit Awards?
  5. It really annoys me too.... Total bollocks.
  6. Lionel would be a phenomenal booking and make er' indoors very happy - however it would mean him playing 3 nights in a row.. Not going to happen sadly.
  7. It would be phenomenal.. Unlikely in full..
  8. Chemical Brothers or Fat Boy Slim (Thursday) Blossoms Florence and the Machine Kings of Leon
  9. one should not panda to the catholic church.
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