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  1. Totally agree. I think largely people on here do want the same or similar outcomes but disagree on how to get there. The characterisation of people who disagree on those means as privileged/ greedy/ elitist is unhelpful in the vast majority of cases.
  2. That sunday was probably my favourite day at the festival in 7 visits. As you say the other stage was perfect from late afternoon through to the chems which was my favourite of the 3 times seeing them headline the other stage.
  3. More specifically referring to what Rawls referred to as the veil of ignorance.
  4. Its cos you are an evil, privileged accountant mate. Basically you're a lesser human being than the righteous folks on here.
  5. I suppose if cases arent increasing exponentially that is a positive in a way. But its not on its own an indication that the rate of spread is in any way manageable for health services that are already beyond capacity. Something like number of hospital/icu beds or ventilators needed vs number available on a given day would be a better measure to my mind. That situation can worsen while the daily % increase in cases falls. From limited reading the average time from first symptoms to death is between 2 and 3 weeks.
  6. I find daily % increase as a measure intuitively misleading. If there were 1000 new cases every day for a week then the % increase would go down each day which gives the impression things are getting better when in reality the number of people who can possibly get the disease is getting smaller but the actual number of people getting infected is the same. I think this exacerbated by the presumption that the infections will follow a normal distribution pattern (or bell curve) as this is often how the basic "flatten the curve" graphs are presented. In practice this is unlikely to be the case.
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