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  1. I went for Nahko and medicine for the people and arrived when they was on. Whole field was packed. MILF/GILF central. It overflowed into Avalon cafe, people stood in there moaning that the band on were playing when Bananarama were on.
  2. Johnny Lloyd was great! Never heard of him before, went for Frank Turner and was really impressed.
  3. https://donate.shelter.org.uk/register-glastonbury/~my-donation Link I had for Shelter still appears to be working.. Main website says all gone but this link seems to bypass all of that to go sign up. Takes you direct to the page to pay the £300 and fill in your details. Hopefully this will help one of you good people get back to the farm in June.
  4. Also down for helping my fellow sisters and brethren tomorrow as I'm going as a volunteer this year. So if any folk are needing or wanting help let me know! Good luck to you all.
  5. Unsure if discussed previously but just seen Elbow are playing Bristol the Saturday of Glastonbury weekend.. https://elbow.co.uk/live/ wondered the likelihood of a return. Mainly due to Bristol sounding like a odd place to play if not doing a full UK tour and it's close proximity to the festival. At Rock Werchter on the Thursday, free Friday, Bristol Saturday and Halifax Sunday. Fingers crossed as the set in 2017 was cracking.
  6. Think I remember seeing two in 2017. Ate at one of them twice. Best food I had the entire weekend!
  7. Levellers - One Way Always covered by Hobo Jones opening the Avalon stage.
  8. https://donate.shelter.org.uk/register-glastonbury/~my-donation Appears to be still open if anyone's interested? I'm with the recycling crew this year but this is a great opportunity for anyone still wanting to work it / not put fate into the ticket gods on resale day.
  9. Also looking into this as an option @Jcatley me and the wife would be more than happy to work some shifts as we always said we would love to give something back to the place that has given us so many priceless memories. And if we could secure work before April, even better as it would leave more paid tickets for those who just want to be a punter at the fest.
  10. Afternoon fellow brethren and sisters of this club. I used to have am account a good ten years ago on here (can't even remember the email used for it) But stopped coming on as my appearances at festivals dissapeaewd due to having children and generally mot having the time in my life to attend anymore. Have been a lurker for the last couple of years since going back to Glastonbury in 2016 And on missing out this year decided to sign back up to add to the distribution of positive vibes in this unwanted club. Feeling the feels with you guys but also elated to see some regular names (which I still remember from 10/15 years ago) having great success. May karma and good fortune bestow us all in April Chunky.
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