Liverpool Sound City 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 4th to Sunday 6th May 2018
various city centre venues, Liverpool, Merseyside, England
daily capacity: 25000
last updated: Wed 25th Apr 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 5th, District(C) 77/78
Sat 5th, On Air (C) Aadae
Sat 5th, On Air (C) ABQ
Sun 6th, unknown stage(C) Airways
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Alaskaalaska
Sun 6th, Kitchen Street(C) Ali Horn
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) Alice's Night Circus
Sat 5th, On Air (C) Amaroun
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Antropoloops
Sat 5th, On Air (C) Art School Girlfriend
Sun 6th, unknown stage(C) Artificial Pleasure
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) Astles
Sat 5th, Constellations(C) Asylums
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Avalanche Party
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) Aztex
Sun 6th, District(C) Baxter Dury
Sat 5th, Baltic Market(C) Beach Riot
Sat 5th, Hangar 34(C) Beja F O
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) Ben Taggart
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Benny Mails
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) Beyond Average
Sun 6th, Kitchen Street(C) Bill Nickson
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Billie Marten
Sun 6th, Constellations Garden(C) Billy Carter
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Billy Lockett
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) Black Honey
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Bloxx
Sun 6th, District(C) Brooke Bentham
Sat 5th, Baltic Market(C) Cabezudos
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) Cal Ruddy
Sat 5th, District(C) Calva Louise
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Carl North & The Lonely Hearts
Sun 6th, District(C) Carmody
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) Casey Lowry
Sun 6th, Hangar 34(C) Cassia
Sat 5th, District(C) Catholic Action
Sun 6th, Birdies Bar(C) Cattle
Sun 6th, Craft Minded(C) Cecil
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) Ceemax
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Chinchilla
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Connie Constance
Sun 6th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Cronicle
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Dama Scout
Sat 5th, District(C) Dan Stock
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Daniel Alexander
Sun 6th, Constellations Garden(C) Danny Boy And The Carriages
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) Darma
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) Dave Barnicle
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Dave C. Rupert
Sun 6th, Constellations Garden(C) Dead Buttons
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Dermot Kennedy
Sun 6th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Desert Mountain Tribe
Sun 6th, Baltic Market(C) Dishpit
Sat 5th, Craft Minded(C) DJ Ace's Record Box Pick
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) DMA's
Sun 6th, Birdies Bar(C) Elevant
Sun 6th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Eyesore & the Jinx
Sun 6th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Eyre Llew
Sat 5th, Brick Street (C) Falling Ghost
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Family Jools
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Fine Creatures
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Fontaines D.C.
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) Foxtrap
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Gaffa Tape Sandy
Sat 5th, Craft Minded(C) Gambimi
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Gathering of Strangers
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Gavin Martin
Sun 6th, District(C) Geowulf
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Ginger Snaps
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) Gonne Choi
Sun 6th, Constellations Garden(C) Gonne Choi
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) Grace Carter
Sun 6th, Birdies Bar(C) Gravves
Fri 4th, Baltic Market(C) Haarm
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) Hands Off Gretel
Sat 5th, Baltic Market(C) Hanover
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) Harry Miller
Sat 5th, District(C) Hatchie
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) HAWK
Sat 5th, Hangar 34(C) Hey Charlie
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Hockey Dad
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Holiday Oscar
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Holy Bouncer
Sun 6th, Tap and Still(C) Holy Bouncer
Sat 5th, Constellations(C) Honey Lung
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) Hot Soles
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Husky Loops
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) I Set The Sea On Fire
Sun 6th, C&F Blade (C) Idle Frets
Sat 5th, Constellations(C) IDLES
Sun 6th, Craft Minded(C) Indoor Pets
Sun 6th, District(C) Jalen N'Gonda
Sat 5th, Baltic Market(C) James Holt
Sun 6th, Camp & Furnace(C) Jaws
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) Juke
Sun 6th, C&F Blade (C) Katie Mac
Sun 6th, District(C) Kawala
Sat 5th, Hangar 34(C) King Hannah
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) King Nun
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) KingFast
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Laminate Pet Animal
Sun 6th, Kitchen Street(C) Laura Oakes
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) Lauran Hibberd
Sat 5th, Craft Minded(C) Lauren Ackie
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Le Parody
Sat 5th, Tap and Still(C) Lea Santee
Sun 6th, Baltic Market(C) Lennie Dies
Sat 5th, Brick Street (C) Little Thief
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Long Legged Creatures
Sat 5th, Craft Minded(C) Louis Jayy
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Love Ssega
Sun 6th, Hangar 34(C) Low Island
Sun 6th, District(C) LUCIA
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) Lucie Barat
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Lunablind
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) LUPA
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Luvia
Sun 6th, On Air (C) M.O.R.T.
Sun 6th, Brick Street (C) Mad Alice
Sun 6th, Brick Street (C) Make Friends
Sat 5th, On Air (C) Malena Zavela
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Maria Kelly
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) Marsicans
Sun 6th, C&F Blade (C) Mart Avi
Sat 5th, Constellations Garden(C) Marvin Powell
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Mathilda Homer
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) Matt Maltese
Sat 5th, Tap and Still(C) Meadows
Sat 5th, Constellations(C) Modern Strangers
Sat 5th, Baltic Market(C) Monks
Sun 6th, C&F Blade (C) Mynth
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Nala
Sun 6th, Baltic Market(C) Nathan Ball
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Nathan Harrison
Sun 6th, Constellations Garden(C) National Pigeon Unity
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) Neon Waltz
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Nick Ellis
Sun 6th, District(C) Night Flight
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) Nish Goyal
Sat 5th, District(C) No Hot Ashes
Sun 6th, C&F Blade (C) Oddity Road
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) Oli Flavell
Sun 6th, unknown stage(C) Olympia
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) Oranj Son
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Otzeki
Sat 5th, Hangar 34(C) Pale Rider
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Papercutz
Sun 6th, Camp & Furnace(C) Paris Youth Foundation
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) Park Hotel
Sun 6th, Camp & Furnace(C) Peace
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Peakes
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) Picture This
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Pining For Sunshine
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Pip Hall
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Plaza
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Polar States
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Puma Blue
Sun 6th, Baltic Market(C) Queen Zee & The Sasstones
Sun 6th, Baltic Market(C) Red Rum Club
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) RedFaces
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) REWS
Sat 5th, Craft Minded(C) Ricardo Williams
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) Rich Batty
Sun 6th, Baltic Social (C) Rival Bones
Sun 6th, Brick Street (C) RVBY
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) Saint PHNX
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) Sam Eagle & The Lemon Lizards
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Sam Fender
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Sam Frankl
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Samana
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Science of the Lamps
Sun 6th, Brick Street (C) Scott Lavene
Sun 6th, C&F Blade (C) Sea Girls
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Sean Christopher
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) Sean McGowan
Sun 6th, Kitchen Street(C) Seatbelts
Sat 5th, Constellations(C) Shadowlark
Sat 5th, Craft Minded(C) Shak Omar
Sun 6th, Kitchen Street(C) Shamona
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) ShaoDow
Sat 5th, Unit 51 (C) SheBeat
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Sinai
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Sorry
Sun 6th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Speaker First
Sat 5th, District(C) Spinn
Sun 6th, Birdies Bar(C) SPQR
Sun 6th, Camp & Furnace(C) Stereo Honey
Sun 6th, Hangar 34(C) Sunset Sons
Sun 6th, Hangar 34(C) Superorganism
Sun 6th, District(C) Swimming Tapes
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) Table Scraps
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Teischa
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Temple Keys
Sun 6th, Hangar 34(C) The Academic
Sat 5th, District(C) The Blinders
Sat 5th, Baltic Market(C) The Bohos
Sat 5th, C&F Blade (C) The Bongo Club
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) The Cheap Thrills
Sat 5th, Brick Street (C) The Desert
Sun 6th, Hangar 34(C) The Howl and The Hum
Sun 6th, Camp & Furnace(C) The Night Cafe
Sun 6th, District(C) The Ninth Wave
Sat 5th, District(C) The Orielles
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) The Protagonists
Sun 6th, District(C) The RPM's
Sun 6th, Baltic Market(C) The Seamonsters
Sat 5th, unknown stage(C) The Slow Readers Club
Sun 6th, Constellations Garden(C) The Unchained
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) The Villanovas
Sat 5th, Baltic Social (C) The Wired
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Thomas Harvey
Sun 6th, Unit 51 (C) Tori Cross
Sun 6th, Kitchen Street(C) Vain Male
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Venus
Sat 5th, Brick Street (C) Venus Tropicaux
Sun 6th, Baltic Market(C) Violet Youth
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Vistas
Sat 5th, Kitchen Street(C) Vital
Sat 5th, Birdies Bar(C) Vundabar
Sat 5th, On Air (C) Wild Front
Sat 5th, Red Brick Vintage (C) Working Men's Club
Sat 5th, On Air (C) Wye Oak
Sun 6th, Constellations(C) Yellow Days
Sun 6th, Camp & Furnace(C) Yungblud
Sun 6th, On Air (C) Zuzu

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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