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  1. HOME Some blues giants here
  2. Slade, one of the great live bands of their day, made a film Slade in Flame which included this track. So the link word is FAR.
  3. What a lovely festival. Sorry we didn't meet up kaip but I got a bit distracted with problems with my new caravan which sprang a major water leak on site - the last thing you want on top of a mountain with no water fill points. Stopped off on the way home and dropped it into the repair centre outside Pontypool to get things fixed. My first time at Steelhouse but won't be my last. The Darkness were smack on and loved The Dead Daisies. A few thoughts..... They could do with a lot more litter bins. The few they had were overflowing. More bins would have meant a lot less litterpicking needed. Food was OK but limited. The Coffee man was great but I was surprised there was no ice cream van. Got to have a 99 flake at a festival.
  4. No number so you'll have to trust me but this is a Rickenbacker 330 If you want a number here's a marker Not going to do this every day but having just got back from the excellent Steelhouse Festival in Ebbw Vale, I though I'd drop by and say hello. Som excellent bands. The Darkness were spot on and check out The Dead Daisies.
  5. All set for tomorrow - the only challenge is to tow my new twin axle caravan up the hill. If you're an EFestivaller do call round. The van is a Dethleffs Camper and there will probably be a Grumpyhack Lives Here sign in the window and, hopefully a big illuminated flagpole,.
  6. Off tomorrow afternoon to the Steelhouse Festival in Ebbw Vale. First festival with my new (well new but still second hand) caravan, which I only was able to collect and try towing for the first time today. It's a big twin axle Dethleffs with two full sized fixed beds as well as the usual singles/double at the front. Also got a new awning which I'll have to discover how to put up on my own as the rest of the gang aren't arriving till Friday night/Saturday. Here's hoping I'll manage to tow it up a bit of a mountain (Steelhouse claims to be the highest altitude festival in the UK).
  7. I had a Sunncamp 350XS for several years and loved it. Yours may be a slightly different model so my advice may not apply. Ours had a top made of traditional canvas, rather than polyester, which was brilliant in that it stayed cool in the heat and was warmer in the cold. But the important thing to remember is that canvas stored away wet will rot. So it's vital that it has really dried out before you pack it away for storage. Ours had two zip on awnings to make for a really big social and cooking area. We also bought a free-standing fridge that ran on calor and a separate toilet tent with a porta potti (nothing like your own lavvie for the middle of the night). It was also kitted out with full lighting that ran off the leisure battery and I installed a little safe just to store things like cash and credit cards. They are all little things that just make for a relaxed time away We only ever used it for festivals and it was brilliant. It also got me into camping porn (all the gear that you build up for a comfortable stay) and started me down the slippery slope to caravans. I moved up to a lightweight two berth, then a bigger two berth plus two bunk beds and have now finally arrived at a very big twin axle with two fixed full sized beds as well as the double at the front. Once you've experienced either trailer tenting or caravanning, you won't want to go back to camping. I wouldn't consider Glastonbury any more if I couldn't get a CV Field ticket. I've also joined both the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravan Club (which has a special trailer tent group where you can get lots of advice). Both clubs have their own members-only sites and also discounts at other sites and might be worth considering if you plan to use it for trips other than festivals.
  8. Sadly no. I'm still waiting to put a face to the name.
  9. Many women during labour say 'never again' but then go on to have more children.
  10. Make it easy for us Carlos why don't you? This is the closest I can get. Another grumpy gonner. And the link word is TULIPS
  11. Having been a regular T-minus contributor for the last year I think I need to take a break. It's hard to be part of something (the countdown) when you don't know if you're going to be part of the bigger something - i.e. getting a ticket. Once T Day has happened and I know I'll be going then I'll be back. That said, I might drop in occasionally, just to keep an eye on the rest of you. Meanwhile, why don't you consider contributing to the Word Association Game thread?
  12. Swings and roundabouts Feral. All the people I was working with in Swansea are unemployed and living in Communities First areas. It's shit having no money and few prospects. Mind you that's true for most of the people I work with in other areas like The Gurnos in Merthyr. Yet they've also been some of the most concerned and supportive people I've met and money can't buy that.
  13. I was in Swansea city centre at the weekend and it looked pretty sad with a lot of empty shops and charity shops.
  14. Calm down gang. I think we can all agree that leaving waste is not a good thing. Similarly tidying up after you is a positive thing to do. So the question is how to reduce waste and the amount of rubbish left behind. One way might be to ban alcohol and all drugs from the site so we don't have a load of wasted people on Monday who just want to go home. Another way would be to ban all rain from the site so people don't have to worry about wet and muddy things to take home. We could make everyone travels by car with only one or two people in each vehicle to make sure there's enough space to take rubbish home. The festival could be re-sited to a waste disposal dump so anything left behind is at least in the right place. Unfortunately shit happens but that shouldn't prevent us from trying to stop it hitting the fans. Seriously, I don't know what can be done to realistically cut the amount of waste and filth left behind. This year, in theory, we had Worthy Warriors but half the stewards didn't seem to know about them. We've had the Green Police, who were great fun, Giais Guardians, Leave No Trace appeals in the programme and on the big screens. It really saddens me to see the amount of rubbish left behind so any discussion about new approaches that might help has to be a good thing.
  15. A Hymer - I'm impressed. With a van like that you can Walk Like a MAN