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  1. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    My favourite destination is Nice. Would be a great train trip down. Lots of places to visit. As for accommodation have a look at www.nicepebbles.com they are a letting agency for properties in Nice. Nice Old Town would be a good base. I won't bother to detail places to eat unless you decide to go for it. If you do, I've got plenty of recommendations and not too expensive.
  2. Word Association Game

    EYE Enjoyed Jonny Lang. This is my favourite young British blues guitarist Danny Bryant, who was mentored by Walter Trout, doing Walter's arrangement of Dylan's Girl From the North Country. The EYE connection is that Danny's band is called the Red Eye Band.
  3. Dissertation Questionnaire for traders and punters

    Done, but as we always ask please come back with a summary of your findings. Good luck.
  4. Glasto chat

    I was bought for Christmas last year a pack of Oddsocks that were just that, socks that complimented each other but didn't match. But I felt so uncomfortable wearing odd socks that I bought another pack online so now have sets of matching pairs.
  5. Word Association Game

    SEE Every time I've seen The Who at Glastonbury they've been superb. Here young Zac proves that he's probably a finer drummer than his old man. And a double SEE. Great anthem.
  6. General News Discussion

    Boris does seem to like dreaming up grand schemes - Boris Island, another channel tunnel and now a channel bridge - even though he can't even manage to get backing for a Garden Bridge across the Thames in London. I'm torn on 'visionary' projects. Part of me thinks of them as vanity but without visionaries we wouldn't have half the things we now take as everyday like cars, planes or even the Internet.
  7. Word Association Game

    It was a toss up between rain and haze but as we don't really want rain at festivals I've settled on HAZE. One of the consequences of being retired is that I have too much time to spend on places like this. But I do appreciate you guys playing along when you have a moment. Incidentally Carlosj, Gogol Bordello was one of my pleasant surprise Glastonbury discoveries a good few years ago. I'd not heard of them and was idly walking past, probably in a haze, when I came across them and was hooked. Anyway, 'work' today - four apple trees to winter prune and a veg plot that badly needs some weeding.
  8. Word Association Game

    OVERTURE I saw this Bill Bailey show at Wychwood a couple of years ago. The Overture bit doesn't start till 6'00" but the whole thing is worth a watch and if you ever get a chance to catch him Mr B is superb.
  9. Something Else in the Dean 2018

    Great news Yog. You can show me yours and I'll show you mine (motorhomes and caravans that is). If you've got a couple of spare tickets in your pot Gail might allow you to swap them for her Campfire Sessions or Hobofest earlier in the year.
  10. Something Else in the Dean 2018

    Go for it Yog. You'll be welcome to call round to my caravan for a glass or two.
  11. Something Else in the Dean 2018

    Huge shame. Lovely festival in a good location and close to home for me. Already got my tickets for the Campfire, Hobofest and SEITD. Is there anything that can be done to keep things going?
  12. Word Association Game

    TIMES or ROLL (take your pick) BB King, well into his seventies, playing benefits and still enjoying life. And in the same concert duetting with Pavarotti - now a pair of Grumpy's Gonners.
  13. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Having done Glastonbury on and off for the past 50 years I've done my last one. Last year I discovered, rather belatedly, Green Man which has all the best features of Glasto without the hassle. So that will be my main fest from now on. I also have Wychwood (I bought into their 'Ticket for Life' scheme a few years ago). Wrapped round those I've got three Something Else in the Dean-run fests (Campfire in March, Hobofest in June - over what would normally be Glasto weekend - and finally SE in the Dean proper in September). Between those I've got to fit in two holidays in France with Mrs GH so I think those will keep me occupied.
  14. Word Association Game

    GOOD Blue October have a really hectic touring schedule I hope you enjoy the Bristol show. Although the link GOOD is I've opted for a clip of one of the original members of Dr Feelgood, Wilko Johnson, in his collaborative project with Roger Daltry. Intersting mix of then and now clips of Wilko in action. The stuff he's done about his cancer battle is well worth reading or watching.