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  1. Word Association Game

    The incomparable Annie Lennox and Aretha and SISTERS Are Doing it For Themselves.
  2. Beverage Of Choice

    Beverage of choice? Water, followed by fruit juice - I particularly enjoy elderflower on hot days. Later on in the day it becomes Red Bull to keep me going. Hot chocolate to go to bed and strong coffee in the morning. S-tt you might get mulled cider at the Cider Bus. If not I'm sure plenty of other places will offer it.
  3. Glastonbury and Politics

    Don't give up Matt. Your job as a journalist (assuming you become one following your studies) is to try to provide people with clear information that will, hopefully, help them make informed choices and decisions. As you say, there is a contradiction between us having greater opportunities than ever to be aware of what is happening around the world thanks to Internet news and websites and the increasing isolationist approaches being championed by some. Whether we like it or not we do now live in a global economy and cannot separate what happens in our country from what is happening on the other side of the world. A classic example would be the future of steel making and jobs in Port Talbot which is being determined by the world price of steel, heavily influenced by Chinese output and decisions taken by Tata in India.
  4. T Minus and Counting 2016

    A bit more utilitarian today And loads of trains for the kids
  5. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Another Aldi shop to stock up on more food. I now probably have enough to open a catering outlet in CV East.
  6. Word Association Game

    On the line up again this year is JAKE BUGG (Link to either word). Saw him there last time and was very impressed. The only person who's gone from the BBC Introducing Stage to The Pyramid in sucessive years. This is young Jake doing a cover of a Neil Young song.
  7. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Loaded my caravan today with tins of drink and and food ready for the start of the festival season. Even checked the use by dates and all OK till 2017. First try out in a fortnight at Wychwood and then a refining for Glastonbury.
  8. T Minus and Counting 2016

    There's a 2 and an 8 here (though not completely together - a bit like me this morning). But in 28 days at about this time (7.45am) the caravan should be hitched up and we'll be heading across the Severn Bridge. Woohoo!
  9. T Minus and Counting 2016

    Nice one Oneeye. Three points for the train plus a bonus for a Phillipa moment.
  10. What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2016?

    Started my food shopping list to begin stocking up on tins (baked beans etc) not cans, as in beer. Not really for Glasto but for Wychwood in two weeks time, which is my first festival of the season and the shake down for Glastonbury.
  11. Word Association Game

    I was reading some other thread that said there wasn't much heavy or metal stuff at Glastonbury. But the GUNS were out in 2010 (Before anyone corrects me, I appreciate that strictly speaking it was Slash rather than Guns 'n Roses).
  12. Confirmed Food Vendors 2016

    There used to be a great Indian Veggie Curry stall on the bridge as you go into West Holts run by Suresh and his family. They always used to have tables and chairs outside so you could actually sit and eat. Their Festival Special at £5.95 was an superb deal. This place
  13. T Minus and Counting 2016

    And I was going to get this for the grand kids but I seem to have missed the train.