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  1. I actually prefer No Bones Jones - one of my favourite Glastonbury eateries.
  2. The whole Brexit thing has got to be good for the LibDems in terms of votes at present but how long it will last is another question. With so much up in the air, calling the date of the next election, let alone the outcome, must be a psephologist's nightmare.
  3. Agreed. Sad when you see people thinking that it will probably be the last time you'll probably get the chance but he nailed it for me and did all the stuff that Paul Simon should have done but didn't when he played.
  4. EYES Not a very good quality video but Art did a pretty good set. All the things Paul Simon should have done but didn't when he played.
  5. Had a great weekend in Dartmouth. Ate myself silly as I never normally do a big breakfast but I couldn't resist the hotel's Full English. One great discovery was the Riverford Field Kitchen where we had an excellent meal. Also sampled the delights/met old friends in Salcombe, Kingsbridge, Totnes, and Shaldon. Now to return to 'normality'.
  6. Coming from Wales this is a must Will be absent for a few days of birthday self-indulgence with Mrs GH in Dartmouth. Catch you next week.
  7. Pretty well all of their chocolate is excellent. What sort depends on your taste. I prefer dark with a high cocoa percentage.
  8. More than a one hit WONDER And Michael comes on to celebrate Glasto's 40th. Finishing off the Peter Sellers/Clouseau stories. When I was duty manager of a fairly big festival we had a series of codes to give out over the P.A. in case of emergencies. And the one for a Bomb scare was: "Would Mr Sellers please report to .......... (The area of concern)" - because everyone remembered the way Sellers/Clouseau would say: "It's a beoooumb!"
  9. Fond memories of sharing a few sherberts with him at various festivals including Croissant Neuf. I also remember Father Green conducting a "wedding service" where he renewed his vows with his partner. Biggles were always a must see for me. For the uninitiated Jock is in the check shirt.
  10. The original US TV version of MASH has a canned laughter track. But the UK release was without the electronically added giggles, which the cast and producers said they much preferred. BANGERS Sorry no performance video. We know Points mean prizes - what do points mean......? I don't know if I get a point for this bit of pop trivia but the Goon Show featuring Peter Sellers was originally produced by George Martin, who later went on to produce that little-known (at the time) band called The Beatles. My favourite Sellers film was There's a Girl in My Soup featuring the lovely Goldie Hawn and some stunning views of France.
  11. ALLEN Billy Joel captures the feeling of the 'forgotten' - so many of whom voted for Trump. Not because of Joel but because they think they were left behind.
  12. Went down to check my caravan at the storage site, just to make sure no leaks or problems. Also to bring home my waterproof, fur-lined boots as I have a feeling I might them over the next few weeks.
  13. I used to love The Goodies carlos, and also enjoy Graeme Garden when he's on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. (Still great Radio 4 comedy listening with Jack Dee now in the Humphrey Lyttleton chair). But, as you don't know the Saw Doctors I'll go back a step as well. This was the closest thing they had to a mainstream hit. It's about the N17, which is a motorway in Ireland that links Dublin Airport to Galway, which is where they come from. So it's a song about going home. They are one of the great sing-along, wave your arms in the air, festival bands and this tends to be a closer. I should have been seeing the Saw Doctors on Monday but their UK tour has been postponed as one of the band is still recovering from throat surgery. He's obviously been seeing a doctor and has been told to stay at home. So the link word is HOME
  14. Bourbon Street used to be excellent, but sadly I think it's no more. Look out for tours of Australian Pink Floyd, Brit Floyd and the Classic Rock Show (all part of the same team with slightly different line ups).