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  1. T Minus and Counting 2016

    And a tin train
  2. Word Association Game

    HELLO A few Hellos.  Macca in Rio (seems an even bigger crowd than Glasto) The opening to my favourite performance of Comfortably Numb And, of course, Lionel I'm afraid I don't have a supply of shirts anymore Brandycoke.  But it's not a bad idea to have a polkadot theme for the group.  We could each sport a polkadot something - like a shirt or scarf or bandana.  I suggest something readily visible so polkadot pants may not be very helpful.
  3. T Minus and Counting 2016

    What's amazing to me is that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was loosely based on a novel by Ian Fleming (as in James Bond) and turned into a film script by Roald Dahl.  It was also produced by Albert Broccoli, who produced the Bond films. A far cry from 007.
  4. Done but I'm not sure what the questions are designed to elicit or what the answers will tell you.
  5. Word Association Game

    CANNIBALS I don't know where you get that suspicion about Carlos from. The Last Waltz has to be amongst the best concerts/collections of all time Whisty.  Not a duff track on it and some absolute standouts. Confession: Inspired by that Dylan shirt I embarked on collecting polka dot shirts for a while.  
  6. Random acts of kindness

    Sort of.  A club/music venue I go to in Cardiff often had a woman sitting on a stool near the front of the stage.  She always had a bottle of wine and by the end of the evening had drunk most of it.  One night I saw her stagger out at the end, seemingly well pissed, legs and arms all over the place. The next time I went I saw her arrive.  She staggered in with the same difficulty that I'd seen her depart.  A friend of hers helped her onto her stool and then I realised that actually she wasn't drunk but had cerebal palsy or some such condition.   I left about the same time as her and as we were going out the club manager, a mate of mine, wished her a good night and said he hoped she'd get home OK.  He then explained to me that because of her condition he let her in free of charge to any gig at the club and always made sure there was seat for her. It just goes to show that you shouldn't rush to judgement about people.
  7. Word Association Game

    One of my all time favourite albums is Forever CHANGES by Love. Arthur Lee (another Grumpy Gonner) did a great set at Glasto but I can't find this track at Glasto (though I'm sure he did it) so this is from Jools Holland.  A taste of old style US West Coast melodic rock. And this is a more energetic song from Glasto  
  8. General News Discussion

    I see Rolf is facing further charges.
  9. Word Association Game

    We've had Shirl before with Goldfinger etc so another Bond moment from Glastonbury.  And good fireworks too. LIVE    
  10. Contactless Payment

    And if you believe that you'll believe anything....
  11. Festival to be charged for sewage discharge breaches

    Come back the Green Police.  The festival needs you.
  12. Headliners 2016

    Happy memories of returning to our tent with everyone singing Nah, Nah, Nah Nana, Naa, Naa. It was a fine finish.
  13. Word Association Game

    A barrel is a type of TUBE Amazing that Mike Oldfield wrote this when he was only 19 and it formed the foundation of Ricard Branson's empires. And, yes I love Dave and Ansel Collins, so I'm not always grumpy Whisty. The name came about because I remember watching one of the Grumpy Old Men series on the TV and found myself agreeing with all their moans. So I declared myself a Grumpy.  And as I used to be a journalist the hack got added on at the end.
  14. T Minus and Counting 2016

    And a bit of vid to go with it