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  1. Not on the scale of Larner Tree but the Wychwood Festival has a fair few workshops doing crafts plus writing workshops and loads for kids to get involved in.
  2. I gave up counting when I reached 50
  3. It will be a disappointment not to meet up this year Ian as, unless I'm lucky in the resales, I won't be doing Glastonbury. However I do understand family holidays (I assume in the sun) have an attraction. Our gang are also doing Steelhouse in Ebbw Vale at the end of July and Green Man in August, so there could still be a meet.
  4. After the festival I'm Going HOME
  5. Line Up starting to look good.
  6. EIGHT I saw Roger McGuinn do a superb solo acoustic set at Glastonbury a couple of years ago where he explained the background to many of The Byrds songs. This clip (not from his Glasto show) tells the same story about how Mr Tambourine Man was given "a Beatles beat."
  7. The first two lines sum it all up.
  8. Say Boo and you might make me JUMP (At least it bumps it up above the kitchen spam)
  9. Not many days left now for this man
  10. I'm Grumpyhack because I used to be a journalist - hence the hack bit. I was watching one of the Grumpy Old Men series on the TV and found myself agreeing with everything they were saying, so realised that I'd become a Grumpy Old Man. The avatar is a photo of a cuddly toy I was given as a thank you at the end of a course I'd delivered. He stays in my teaching bag of equipment and comes with me and sits on my desk on all courses I teach to help people remember my name. I usually begin courses by telling his story. I was given him by a learner and I was really touched. He'd got the beard and even my name Pete. But the learner was a 'Del Boy' character who bought and sold things at markets. He then admitted he'd bought a box of 2,000 little men. When he got home and opened the box he discovered they all had the name Pete. So he was looking for 2,000 people called Pete to unload them on and I was the first to come along. When I became a grand dad my daughter asked what I'd like to be known as to her twins: gran dad, gramps, grampy or what? And the answer had to be 'Grumpy'.
  11. Doh!
  12. A touch of an Aussie flavour to it but the beer is ready.