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  1. T Minus and Counting 2016

    One of the great guitarists at his best on a 206
  2. T Minus and Counting 2016

  3. Things that ur happy about

    Called in on my other daughter today to see how she's getting on with her twins born 10 weeks ago.  Helped bottle feed one while she fed the other.  Got mine settled and off to sleep in my arms when a visitor called. "Ooh, could I hold her?" she asked.  So I passed her over.  Two minutes later babe threw up big time.  Milk all over the visitor and not a splash on me!  Lucky escape - or it's the way I hold 'em..
  4. PJ Harvey

    PJ was taught to play guitar by Steve Knightley of Show of Hands, who have also championed her throughout her career.  Would be good to see SoH have a decent slot somewhere like the Acoustic too.
  5. Got any gigs coming up?

    Our new Glasto Gang for 2016 will all be meeting each other for the first time tomorrow night to see Who's Next at The Globe in Cardiff.  Three vets plus two newbies.
  6. Things that ur happy about

    Congrats Oneeye.  My daughter got her mental health nursing degree last year and is now happily working in Bristol after being offered all three jobs she interviewed for.  Things may change for the next generation after Gideon's announcement today that students studying to become nurses will no longer get grants, just loans.
  7. Word Association Game

    From Week to END I was going to put in The Doors and This is The End, but it's pretty gloomy so enjoy a sing along with the Wilburys.  Sadly Roy had gone by the time they made this vid and George is also now no more. It would be great to see any of the surviving Wilburys in any permutation at Glasto.
  8. T Minus and Counting 2016

    In case you can't read the small print, it's Issue 209 I thought the Website crashes in tickets scramble story had a Glasto feel to it
  9. General News Discussion

    Changing the subject: Coe to go?
  10. ME this evening

    Most festivals have to work hard to gain publicity.  The rumour mill does that perfectly well free of charge for Glastonbury.
  11. T Minus and Counting 2016

    No number but this was a great train tent a group pitched at Glasto last year. And a number  
  12. Word Association Game

    Reckon this needs a nudge so from tomorrow to WEEK  
  13. T Minus and Counting 2016

    An anorak and trains