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  1. If you get stung the dock leaf should take away the HURT. This was one of those great Glastonbury performances for me.
  2. I've been through my message box and deleted loads of stuff so there should now be room for new messages Oneeye. Please have another go as I'd love you and Brandy to help.
  3. I remember them well. Still have a cupboard full of them. Don't know why I've kept them. Do you remember these?
  4. Hi BC I've sent you a PM that should give you all of our details. Don't know why you couldn't PM me. Cheers, Grumpyhack.
  5. I can't imagine having to choose between Wednesday and Sunday. But if you've managed to get a ticket make the most of it and negotiate to extend your time off so you can do Wednesday - Monday. Luckily with a caravan we can pitch up on Tuesday (traffic permitting) which means Wednesday is no rush day. Just a gentle stroll down after a decent breakfast and a good night's sleep and then a chance for a glorious bimble. Also, luckily, the people I work for understand that Glastonbury is the one non-negotiable week in my calendar when, if I've got a ticket, they won't see me for mud - or dust.
  6. What part of France? My village in South Wales is twinned with Sautron, not far from Nantes and I've spent the last seven years visiting Nice at least once a year, though never done a real French Festival, just the Nice Carnival.
  7. Nice track Carlos. One way or another I'l be there. Thanks for your offer of help. This is another blast from my past and, sadly now two out of three are Grumpy Gonners. I first saw them as The Nice before they became ELP. This used to be one of their staples. It was originally a hit for B Bumble and The Stingers, so take as your like words either BUMBLE or STINGERS.
  8. QUEEN Still has to be one of the most outstanding concert performances of all time. I'd appreciate any help you could give BC. We're looking for four tickets. PM me and I'll give you the details. If you hit lucky I can do a same day bank transfer to cover the costs.
  9. Strawberries go with CREAM A bit long but a great concert.
  10. The 92 line up. The 'special guest' was Tom Jones.
  11. You can write and read on a WALL. Almost certainly posted this before but it's such a superb performance, particularly with the added passion of Van's vocals. Dolly has run very successful reading schemes in the US for many years. But I think the Rotherham scheme fell flat because she couldn't get match funding from the local council and local people. It would otherwise seem physically impossible for Dolly to fall flat on her face.
  12. I love the way S&G go into Maybelline in this concert.
  13. It's said that Chuck just toured solo with his guitar and worked with whatever local backing musicians were around. If they were any good he paid them. If not he kept all the cash. I hope he reckoned this 'local backing band' were worth a few dollars.