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  1. General News Discussion

    Yep - they may be Cornwall-based but they are the main sponsors of Plymouth Argyle. https://www.pafc.co.uk/news/2016/august/skys-the-limit-for-ginsters/
  2. The Gardening Thread

    Everything is so wet. Off for 10 days holiday to France this week. At present all I've got on my veg patch is two rows of potatoes and a great crop of Forget-me-Nots to be shifted. Hopefully will be better weather to make a start when I return.
  3. General News Discussion

    I wish I could feel so sure.
  4. Word Association Game

    ACID Just answered a survey on Glastonbury (even though she's never been) from an EFester doing an Events Management degree so I thought I'd do a celebratory post. Also demob happy as I'm off for 10 days in France this Thursday.
  5. Word Association Game

    VINEGAR Elkie Brooks - what a great singer.
  6. Word Association Game

    SEA Sadly another Grumpy Gonner. One of the most beautiful voices of all time in an early recording (pre-Fairport) with The Strawbs - I think in Denmark.
  7. Green Man Festival 2018

    Definitely will have to have an EFests meet at some time.
  8. Word Association Game

    SHIP A real blast from the past
  9. Word Association Game

  10. Word Association Game

    BIRD Sadly so many of my favourites are now Grumpy Gonners. Mr C was another standout at Glastonbury for me and I then went and saw one of his last full shows. In my youth LC was seen as music to commit suicide to but he also produced some great uplifting stuff. Stunning arrangements. Shame the financial issues prevented so much.
  11. Word Association Game

    AIRPLANE And to think that Grace was only 15 when she wrote this. It may be nearly 50 years ago but remains a classic. I saw them at Shepton Mallet in 1970 and despite the rain it remains a standout show for me.
  12. Word Association Game

  13. Things that annoy you ?

    Sadly no festival either. The antibiotics don't seem to be making much of a dent in the tooth pain, so I've decided to pass. The first time I've not gone to a festival when I've had tickets. As for your cooker, I use a mobile caravan/motorhome service engineer who's very good. An annual service is £150 but that's five hours work and is very thorough. You could just try Googling caravan service engineers locally. One thought, are you sure that the gas isn't coming through but just not lighting? Could be a piezo igniter problem. But a service engineer should sort that. Good luck. On other thought, not far from me is a caravan breakers yard where all sorts of spares can be bought. A breaker might be able to suggest someone or just ask a local caravan dealer.
  14. Word Association Game

    FORTUNE I saw JB do this at Glasto in 2008 and I had tears in my eyes. This isn't that set but she never fails.
  15. Things that annoy you ?

    Had my caravan serviced today prior to my first festival outing of the season tomorrow to the Something Else in the Dean Campfire Sessions. Unfortunately there is a gas leak in the water heater, which has been isolated until further work is done. So all hot water will have to be kettle boiled. I can live with that but the final repair bill may not be so good. Oh and I've got raging toothache so the dentist has prescribed antibiotics of a type which means no alcohol while taking them. So a sober fest too.

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