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  1. Yes Pear Cider, please go ahead and get me a CV ticket if you can. I've also PMd you about this. Assuming you get me a CV Ticket and I then get our four main festival tickets in the re-sale, we will need to meet up somewhere for Neil to get in our car for CV Field entry. At the same time one from our car could take Neil's place with you for the drive in. We will have four in our car, but could squeeze in a fifth, so we could also pick up Miesh somewhere. She won't need a CV ticket in her own right as on Wednesday she'll be going onto the main site to meet up and camp with her group.
  2. Only BLEEDING. Interesting to see if he can be bothered to turn up to collect his Nobel prize.
  3. The joys of spellcheckers that pick up mis-spelled words but not correctly spelled words that are the wrong words. I once knew someone who was wished good suck at their job interview.
  4. I'm still toying. Good luck with the bladder Guy. A song to help you along.
  5. Hi Miesh, This is possibly putting the cart before the horse as at present I don't have any tickets - CV or main festival as we have discussed in PMs. But should I be successful you'd be very welcome to come in with our gang on Tuesday to CV East. There will be four of us in the car but we should be able to squeeze in a fifth. You could pitch your little tent alongside us on Tuesday - or sleep in the caravan awning. Then on Wednesday when it suits you could take all your gear down to Ped Gate C to go in and pitch up in the main festival site.
  6. One of the great festival bands, seeing them again next month.
  7. The great thing about getting there on the Tuesday is that you can set up your caravan/camper/trailer tent, have a lovely evening and a bite to eat at your base, make friends with your neighbours and meet up with other old friends who are also in the CV Fields. Take a stroll to the top of the HoD and take in the vastness of Glastonbury from one of the best vantage points there is. Then on Wednesday morning after a good night's sleep and a decent breakfast when the campers are still lugging in their gear, racing for the best spots and setting up you can take a gentle stroll down the hill, get wristbanded and bimble around, already relaxed and chilled. It really seems to add more than a day to the festival and I wouldn't want to do it any other way now.
  8. One of the joys of being an oldie is that the first time I saw Santana was at Glastonbury Minus 1 in 1970. I'd kill to see pretty well any of that line up who are still alive today.
  9. The most knobs I've seen so far.
  10. Thanks all who have kindly offered to help. The most fitting (in terms of time and arrangements) so far has come from Pear Cider, who also plans to stay in CV East and aims to arrive around the same time as me. Once we've finalised arrangements I'll let the others who have offered know, as I don't want to end up with half a dozen CV tickets. The real problem is that I haven't got a main festival ticket yet, having failed on T Day, so I'll be banking on the re-sales, when I'll appreciate all the help I can get. Should I fail in the re-sales it would be embarrassing to have no main ticket but a caravan load of CV tickets to return.
  11. FATHER Cat Stevens, before he became Yusef, from his Tea for the Tillerman Days. A great father to son song. And forty years on.....
  12. I can't believe that someone would do that. But a good warning for all CV people to make sure they've got a good hitchlock/wheel clamp just in case.
  13. My normal aim is as soon as the CV Fields are open on Tuesday - usually around midday. But this year, because of the rain, at the last moment they asked CV people not to arrive before 6pm Tuesday. We then got stuck in the traffic gridlock and actually arrived about 2am on Wednesday. Assuming things go a bit better I'd still aim to arrive around Midday Tuesday. What are your arrival plans and where will you be staying?
  14. Hello anyone who knows me on these forums. A big request for help in the CV Field ticket sales on Thursday October 27th. For the first time in 10 years I failed to get a Glasto ticket this year. However I'm hoping for luck in the re-sales. The problem is that the CV Field tickets go on sale on October 27th, before the re-sales. And to book a CV Field ticket you have to have already booked a main ticket. (CV Tickets will be issued in the name of the main booker). I'm of an age where I couldn't go back to tenting and, anyway, I've invested in a decent caravan. So my plea is for anyone who has a ticket who'd be prepared to have a go at getting a CV East ticket for me. Somehow or other we'll have to arrange to either go in together (so the names match) and I'll obviously have to pay you. That could be done by bank transfer as soon as you have managed to get a CV East ticket. If I get a CV ticket and then still fail in the re-sales I could still cancel the CV ticket and pay the cancellation fee. I'll happily take that risk and hit. If anyone could or would be prepared to help please send me a PM. Thanks, Grumpyhack.