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  1. General News Discussion

    I still can't separate UKIP in my head from previous far-right parties like the BNP so I feel ashamed that we now have a UKIP presence in the Welsh Assembly.
  2. Word Association Game

    WAY With lots of personnel changes this lot mutated into ELO. Like the Blackberries Oneeye. I suspect you and I will be spending a fair bit of time in Avalon this year.
  3. Word Association Game

    PIE Great Glastonbury sing along.
  4. Best Chocolate Bars

    Aldi and Lidl probably do the best ranges of quality chocolate of any UK supermarkets. For me it's anything with a decent % dark chocolate.
  5. Word Association Game

    The thought of just next month makes me feel quite CHIRPY This was a hit in the year of the first Glastonbury.
  6. Avalon announced

    Double chance or you can't have too much of a good thing. Either way superb band and highly recommended, whether you're a finger in the ear folkie or just someone who enjoys good entertainment and a sing song.
  7. Word Association Game

    SILENTLY You can see why Nils was the must have sideman for Springsteen and many others. He makes it all look so effortless and what a lovely tone from his guitar.
  8. T Minus and Counting 2016

    Oneeye's entry for the Glastonbury "Don't pee on the land" competition?
  9. Newbie with alcohol requirements

    There was a year, I can't remember when, where they had a hair-brained idea for people to leave their tents to be used for disaster relief. What they didn't make clear was that they expected the tents to be in good condition, complete and to be taken down, packed up and handed in. A lot of people just took the half story as the OK to just leave all their wreckage behind. Hopefully by now the story is clearer - please take everything home. I have never left so much as a tent peg - we always used to do a finger tip search of our camp area - and everything was taken home, if broken for repair. I'm horrified and a bit ashamed when I see what people leave behind. You wouldn't go to a party at someone's house and leave it in the state of Glastonbury.
  10. First timer! Help/ tips/ advice

    Unfortunately, stall by stall specific. But there are cashpoints around the site (some no charge, some a bit steep - so hunt around before withdrawing cash). The place where I bought art stuff last year was a cash only place, so I had to trek up the Hill of Death to CV East to get some cash from my caravan, back down to pay and then back up to take my purchases back to the van. Quite a lot will put stuff on one side for you to collect later and quite a few reduce prices towards the end of the fest, so they don't have to take a lot of unsold stuff home with them.