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  1. Quite a few of the food traders who used to be regulars were telling me last year they might pack it in as the costs were becoming just too high - suggestions were between £12,000 and £18,000. That's a lot of veggie curries you have to shift before breaking even.
  2. FLASH (Well I've got to do something while not at Glastonbury)
  3. That's alright. My name is JACK
  4. Now manufactured in The Netherlands and imported into the UK. Dunno what impact Brexit will have on our breakfasts.
  5. First thing in the morning and last thing at night are the key times when you are at your tent. During the day you can get whatever you want on site. So I'd go for a decent coffee to start and some drinking chocolate to warm you up and settle before bed. As for food, go for bread and I strongly recommend a camping toaster, Lightweight and folds down to the size of a plate and cheap from Argos. It will go on a single gas burner. And toast has so many more possibilities than bread. Toast and marmalade for breakfast, toast and pate etc. etc.
  6. My sister-in-law is visiting from Australia where voting is compulsory. I wonder what difference that would make in the UK. I've never not voted and even arranged a postal vote for the EU referendum when I was at Glastonbury. I've maintained it since - it stays in place until you cancel it.
  7. It's the kids wot did it (plus a few old farts like me).
  8. Might be interesting to start a poll on here asking "Who do you think will be the next Prime Minister?" But not who do you want to be next PM as that would start endless arguments.;
  9. Don't we have to address two separate, but related, issues? How Brexit will be negotiated and how the UK will be governed over the next few years? With or without Brexit the UK government has a lot of UK issues to deal with and decisions to take, such as levels of taxation, health and social care. Interest rates, which impact on house purchase through mortgage rates and mortgage availability, tend to be fairly global these days. No country can manage for long with a national bank base rate that it wildly out of kilter with the rest of the world. Exchange rates are a different matter - the value of the pound against the Euro, Dollar or whatever will largely depend on how Britain's economy is viewed from both inside and outside the UK. I've just come back from a holiday in Italy and decided, as I wasn't planning another European holiday in the near future, to cash in my left over Euros which I did on the morning of the election. That night the value of the Pound fell, so at least I got a half-decent rate but still piss poor compared to a few years ago when we got almost two Euros to the Pound.
  10. I hope no festival goers this year get stuck in the MUD
  11. One of the few joys of not having a ticket this year is not having to fret about the weather. But I reckon no forecast can be relied on until about a week before. Most forecasts this far ahead are based on statistics about weather in previous years. As a general rule I reckon the critical days are arrival and departure as it's not much fun setting up of taking down in heavy rain. In between those days it's a case of "There's no such things as bad weather - just inappropriate clothing."
  12. What a turn up. I would never have guessed last Thursday morning that it would end up with May having to 'consider her position' as opposed to Jeremy. If she's not capable of running a decent election campaign what does it say about her competency to negotiate a decent Brexit?
  13. STICK I saw Ray Charles a good few years ago at the Cognac Blues Festival. Still great memories of a wonderful sunny afternoon in a open air Roman amphitheatre.
  14. SLIM Sadly another grumpy gonner thanks to MS but a man who was in some great bands and produced some good music.