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  1. I really shouldn't be playing this game and tempting fate until Ticket Day has passed - especially as our champion-ticket-getter of recent years will be away on holiday in Majorica and I'll be visiting friends in Chichester (though I have arranged to use their computers). But what the heck!
  2. How do you link to Sheeran? Then I thought about She Ran and realised that as well as running she can MOVE. This is Richard Thompson with an Irish traditional song that Fairport recorded in 68 and which he still often includes in sets. Lovely delicate guitar.
  3. Anyone remember Biggles Wartime Band, who were stalwarts on the Croissant Neuf Stage?
  4. CHARLES Another of Grumpy's Gonners but a magical memory for me. I was on holiday in France in 2,000 with Mrs GH and my daughters. I asked my elder daughter Charlie, who could write the definitive history of blues music without even looking at a reference book, if there was one person she'd still love to see and her instant answer was Ray Charles. That morning I went down to the bakery to get bread and croissants and saw an advert for the Cognac Blues Passions Festival and who was starring? Ray Charles! Cognac was 200 kms from where we were staying but it had to be. So a few days later we were in Cognac and saw a magnificent performance from Ray in a beautiful open air amphitheatre. Still one of my great musical moments.
  5. Made it, thanks to Yog. What a lovely little festival. A definite for next year.
  6. Can you SEE the light? Another great moment from one of my all-time favourite films.
  7. Just come back from Something Else in The Dean at Elton Maize Maizes. Nice small venue, friendly people and well worth contacting. Elton Mazes Elton Farm Littledean Road Newnham-on-Severn Gloucestershire GL14 1JU Our Phone numbers Brian 01594 827 007 Peter 01452 760 795 email Our email address
  8. Dobwalls (pl. n.): The now hard-boiled bits of nastiness which have to be prised off crockery by hand after it has been through a dishwasher. Not a real definition but taken from a great book The Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. Highly recommended. More examples found here
  9. I go with Thearg. For many years I went to a festival that was at a camping site near Bradford on Avon. The site was taken over for the whole festival and it worked well. If you Google either the Caravan Club or the Camping and Caravan Club (two different, rival organisations) they have a list of sites - some of which are club-owned sites and others are privately operated.
  10. Hard to SOFT. Roberta Flack, now in her late 70s and still doing the occasional gigs. Stunning voice.
  11. Should things turn muddy again this beast might be useful.
  12. Glad you've joined in but I can't see a piece of music OG.