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  1. Word Association Game

    FAR Far from the original or not? The dilemma of what a band should do without its original members. Slade, who were a great band live, lost Noddy, who was the main songwriter and lead singer when he decided to hang up his live performing boots. But what do the other guys do m- keep going with a replacement lead singer and earn some money or opt for unemployment? This is Slade with Noddy and then what's left without him.
  2. Old Music Thread

    We have q family friend who's very keen on steam railways so have done the Severn Valley Railway. I also went through it on the way to the Shrewsbury Folk Festival a couple of years ago. As for the Saw Doctors, their biggest hit was N17 about the motorway that runs across Ireland to Galway, where they come from. It was penned after a big tour and was one of those 'It's great to be back home' songs. They tend to do great anthem songs - cigarette lighter in the air, arms waving.
  3. Old Music Thread

    If you really want to look at catholic angst Yog you can't beat the Saw Doctors - a great festival band, magnificent live. By the way, what's the small town you've moved to?
  4. Things that ur happy about

    Former profession Yog - not burglar I trust! Today we did one wireless system removal, but I still had to climb up to remove the bell box and unscrew a few sensors in the house. And we also did a routine inspection call in the most lavish house I think I've ever visited in the Vale of Glamorgan. You get to see how the other half lives. But got a day off tomorrow
  5. Word Association Game

    AWAY Love this song, originally by the Left Banke and covered by so many including the Four Tops. This is Southside Johnny wigth a version much closer to the original and with a great sax solo. For those who don't know SJ, he ran a rival band in New Jersey to a young upstart called Bruce Springsteen. Many band members have flowed between the two bands and SJ has also done some good stuff with Bruce. Great live, though he's no spring chicken any more,.
  6. Things that ur happy about

    My next door neighbour and mate is just out of hospital after an op to remove the cancerous chunks of his bowel. All went well but he's not allowed to lift anything even slightly heavy or drive for six weeks while the stitches heal. He runs a one-man-band burglar alarm company so can't respond to call outs at present. So I've agreed to drive him and do the ladder work. Despite being shit-scared of heights, this morning I climbed the ladders up the side of a house and replaced a faulty bell box while he shouted instructions from down below. He said afterwards in Apprentice-style "You're hired." Not that I want to be. Tomorrow more ladder climbing as we remove a complete alarm system from a house, to be re-installed later at the house-owner's new home. And I'm still shit-scared of heights but pleased to be able to help a mate.
  7. Old Music Thread

    You can always try catholic contraception Yog. Put a stone in your shoe - it makes you limp.
  8. Old Music Thread

    Yog, not the slightest offence was taken. It was only because you mentioned Roman Catholic guilt that I even bothered to comment. And there was no courage or determination in me pressing on with life. In many ways it was a blessing (not of the catholic type). I had got to the point where I wasn't enjoying running the computer business but couldn't really think of a way forward. My head going bang helped decide things for me. I then had some great years as an adult ed tutor before finally deciding to call that a day too and retire properly. Luckily Mrs GH is still earning good money so, until she calls it quits next year, I can enjoy a life of leisure interspersed with helping care for an ailing 94 year old mother in law. Make the most of the magic few years between getting your kids off your hands and then finding that you have to cope with declining parents.
  9. Word Association Game

    SHOE I've done my Glastonburying. This coming year I'm starting with Wychwood at the beginning of June and then Green Man in August. Not sure what others yet but probably a couple of small ones to fill the gaps. After the delights of Green Man this year I can't see what Glasto has to offer that you can't get in other places with a lot less hassle.
  10. Old Music Thread

    I don't want to add to your guilt Yog but | really was affected by Hydrocephalus. As a result I had three lots of brain surgery, the last one of which 'wiped' my memory, leaving me not knowing who I was or even recognising my wife and kids. I was forced to give up work and my business went bust. But it all worked out well in the end. What actually happened was that the third lots of neurosurgery severed the neuropathways link between, in computing terms, my desktop (current memory) and my hard drive (stored memory). So, as a result I couldn't access all my stored memories. Over time the brain re-creates new neuropathways and over a six month period I gradually began to access my past memories. But by that time my business had gone down the tubes and I was left wondering what the heck I was going to do with my life. My wife and kids (who I knew by then) suggested I go to uni to train to be a teacher as, previously, I'd trained people as journalists and to use the computer systems my company had developed. So I went off and did a PGCE and ended having a third career as an adult ed tutor. All great fun and thanks to hydrocephalus.
  11. Word Association Game

    SHOOT Another Grumpy Gonner. Morty the lead singer who died of cancer a couple of years ago. This was the band's biggest single though they didn't really like at as it was quite unlike most of their stuff. This song gives a feel for the great guitar work of Graham Williams.
  12. Old Music Thread

    If we're talking about special songs and special people this one takes me back to one of the first great loves of my life a Dutch girlfriend who at the time lived in Amsterdam. She now lives in Delft and 45 years on we are still in touch. Still has to be one of the most beautiful love songs of all time.
  13. Do you want a festival experience just for you?

    Completed using Google Translate. Good luck. Please come back and let us know your findings.
  14. Word Association Game

    GLUE This one might be a bit sticky but it's a great performance by a valley girl
  15. Festival / Event entry Questionnaire

    Thanks for responding. A lot of people come on here as newbies, post a dissertation survey and we never hear from them again. Good luck with your studies and please come back and let us know your findings.