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  1. Thank you Trevethin. I was going to go to Nine Inch Nails but that's a bit heavy and in your face so instead I'll add another nine and go for 99 Red Balloons and a bit of 1980s German Euro Pop
  2. What has determined my going or not is the failure so far to get a ticket this year. (Fingers crossed for the resales). I come away at the end of each year knackered saying it will be my last. But that's what a lot of women say after giving birth. Somehow the memories of the pain fade away and they go on to have more kids and we keep returning to Glastonbury. For many years the best bit has always been the company - the people I go with and the old friends we meet up with. The thing that has prolonged my festival going has been the purchase of a caravan. For those thinking of calling it a day I say get a caravan it might add a new lease of life. At 67 I couldn't go back to tenting and the lugging in or all of your gear. But driving right in, with everything on board, a comfortable bed, flush toilet and all the other facilities make it still pretty good for an old fart like me.
  3. FIRE I enjoy this game so much that sometimes I just have to play with myself (no smut intended). Also this song won't get out of my brain after seeing an excellent Doors tribute band, Doors Alive, a couple of weeks ago.
  4. There only one TUTU
  5. Time for a bit of a bump. From Dark to LIGHT Or if you want to go back a bit more in time.........
  6. Not been to Kendal, so I don't know how thorough they are but at other fests I've found that slipping a few cans inside a fold up chair and its carry bag can work.
  7. The time is one to four. Would have loved a frog eye sprite - worth a fortune there days Whisty.
  8. My first car and the most economical motoring I've ever had. Bought it for £50, ran it for 18 months, during which time I fitted a new exhaust and two rear tyres and then sold it for £45.
  9. Never had a motorbike but I once had a scooter. I was far from a Mod as it was 1966 and I had a 1954 Vespa 125, which was about as uncool and sad as you could get. But it gave me my first mobility and freed me from dependency on busses. It was great to visit friends in other parts of the city as otherwise it meant going into the centre of town and back out and about three bus route changes. My main memory was that you quickly learnt where all the manhole covers were because if you went round a bend and hit a wet manhole cover that was it, the scooter would just go from under you. I had a succession of dodgy means of transport as a teenager. The lights would occasional just fail on the scooter, usually as you were approaching a bend. I then had a 1954 Hillman Husky estate a bit like this. The problem was that the doors tended to fly open when you went round bends, so they were held shut with bits of rope. After that I got an Austin Healey Sprite, again ancient. The so called sports car was actually based on an Austin A35 running gear with a different body. It may have looked sporty but with a 948cc engine it still had performance that was little better than the Austin A35 or Morris Minor. Happy Days.
  10. Many, many years ago (late sixties) I shared a cottage with a guy who was a civil engineer working on the construction of the M5 motorway in Gloucestershire and he told me life was a constant battle between the poachers and the gamekeepers - the construction company agents, who worked for firms like Wimpey, who were trying to cut costs and the resident engineers whose job was to make sure the work was done properly. He was a gamekeeper particularly involved in bridge building and I'd like to think when driving over a high or long bridge that his side won the day.